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2013 and earlier Honda Odyssey Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • lyaolyao Posts: 71
    It's in Northern Virginia (Tysons Corner Honda Dealer with Salesperson Greg Marlowski).
    I think the price is still high.
    The 2009 Honda Odyssey EXL with Navi/DVD OTD: $32,846.70
    The 2009 Honda Odyssey Touring without PAX OTD: $36156.40
    The above prices included: $495 appearance packages (accessories, wheel locks, mud guards), 3.17% taxes for Va residents, $66.50 tags, $299 processing fees, $670 Destination.

    I wish to get the deal at least down to $30,000 OTD for EXL with Navi/dvd, still haven't try it yet though! I would also like to get the extended warranty either thru the local dealer or (due to the poor rating reviews for reliabilities compared to Toyota Sienna).

  • girl007girl007 Posts: 4
    I'm in CALIFORNIA so sales tax is high. no dvd. can't find anyone to beat that price,,,
  • bikash007bikash007 Posts: 10
    I am divided between LX or EX. I am looking to spend just the right amount for a van with just enough features. I am leaning to a LX. I am trying to figure out what incremental value you get for an EX, for which you need to shell out 3K more. I have gone through the list of additional features. The only feature that seems to deliver additional value is the "power sliding doors". Other features are ok to have, but can live without them. I would like to hear from people who bought a LX or EX, as to what they think one should buy an EX paying another 3K more.
  • jaaronsjaarons Posts: 2
    09 Odyssey EX-L from Mike Patton Honda, LaGrange, GA
    RES+DVD Leather Seating, Rear Backup Camera, NO PAX
    MSRP was $37,000.00 or $38,000 (I can't recall)
    "No-Haggle" price on Windshield was $31,180.00, does not include TTL, or 7% GA Sales Tax. I think a good deal means I'm going to haggle and go lower!
    I estimate the OTD would be 33,362.60 if I paid the "No-Haggle" price.

    I thought I saw others posting stating they paid OTD $27-28k for same model. Please correct me if I'm wrong.

    Driving Northbound I-85 just south of Atlanta I passed the largest Honda Mnf parking lot. Most of been at least 2,000 Odyssey vans parked along with with everything else. - -hondas/2">link title
  • bosmikebosmike Posts: 9
    I just recently did the same thing to figure out if the extra features in the EX vs LX was for me. In the end I did go with an EX. Some of the key features (for me) that I found in the EX that are not in the LX:

    - 8th seat (middle 2nd row/removable or fold-down when not needed)
    - Tri-zone Heat/AC controls
    - HomeLink system
    - Sunglass Holder + Conversation Mirror
    - 6 Disc CD changer
    - Power Doors
    - Heated Mirrors
    - Auto OFF headlamps
    - Power Driver Seat

    There are some other features (i.e. radio controls on steering wheel) that were more minor to me. To me the power doors, power driver seat were the 2 major factors in going to the EX.

    Also a followup to my purchase. I got the EX for $24,361 + TTL. I still don't have it in my driveway though! Dealer is being super cautious over the credit union draft I used last Wednesday to pay. Even though I've had numerous documents faxed and 3-way phone calls between my credit union and the dealership they are still convinced they need to hold onto the vehicle for a full 10 business days to ensure the check is good. This was NOT a personal check either... but a pre-approved draft check good for up to $27k for purchase of a new vehicle.
  • dad2bedad2be Posts: 57
    I agree with bosmike, with the addition of the exterior appearance. The EX has the alloy wheels and the body-colored side mirrors, door handles, and side mouldings - these are black on the LX. The EX looks much cleaner and upscale in my opinion. The must have for the wife was the 6CD changer. I priced out just adding alloys and a 6CD changer as accessories to the LX, but then it was within $1k of the EX price. For $1k, all the extras described by bosmike seemed like a great value so we went with the EX. The power side doors and climate control are already turning into "must haves" if we ever need to buy another van down the line.
  • dad2bedad2be Posts: 57
    I believe $23999 (including destination) is the lowest East-Coast post I've seen for an EX this month, so you're right in line with that. The 2008 Odyssey that your friend got was likely $1k cheaper because the dealer marketing incentive was $3500 at the end of 2008. It's at $2500 now on the 2009s - it's been getting slightly better every month, so it may change again in May.
  • chereyachereya Posts: 11
    "I thought I saw others posting stating they paid OTD $27-28k for same model. Please correct me if I'm wrong."

    You're way off. Check prior posts #22257, 22258, 22270, 22285, 22289, 22304. Just check through the past few pages of this thread and you may find info that's more relevant to your location.
  • dad2bedad2be Posts: 57
    Hi jaarons. I don't think I've seen anything that low posted here for EXL with RES and NAV. The MSRP for that is $37625 and the invoice is ~$34139 including destination. Take invoice and subtract the $2500 dealer incentive and $739 holdback and you're at $30900. Folks here have been reporting even further discounts down to ~$30k (including destination) plus TTL. You won't get to $27-28k OTD for this model (as least not this month...)
  • Just purchased a 2009 EX-L from Inver Grove Honda. Price was $27600 before ttl. They beat all other Twin Cities dealer quotes. Next best price was from a dealer in Eau Claire, WI at $27900. Very happy with the transaction.
  • tc2009tc2009 Posts: 7
    Anyone out there in San Francisco Bay area shopping shopping for 2009 Odyssey EX-L?
    Can you please post the prices you have obtained from the dealers?
    Anyone purchased this vehicle recently also please post the dealership and best price.
    So far I have received one quote from Anderson Honda for $27988 + tax

  • Ok, since I'm not in a hurry need of a van, I'll wait another couple of months and see how much cheaper I can get, I'm sure the best incentives will come after summer.
  • udahmanudahman Posts: 4
    EX-L Prices:
    $27,750 from Livermore
    $27,842 from Dublin and Berkeley.

    Let me know what you decide to do.
  • girl007girl007 Posts: 4
    i fought tooth and nail amoung san diego dealers to get a price below 27,799 before tax and license. Also, included mud guards, trunk tray, wheel locks. ( worth 300.00 total)Really there was no one wanting to touch it for less. the best I could get thrown in was a couple free oil changes... So, I assume for the area it was a great deal.
  • radkeksradkeks Posts: 6
    We're trying to resist pressure to buy tomorrow, when dealer says cash back will go away. Since we're only $900 under invoice, I don't think our current deal is that great. Makes me want to take our chances for next month. But don't want to get @#$%%^!

    BTW - We've been offered lease payment based on $31,250 for an EX-L RES. What do you think?
  • advenadven Posts: 1
    Not lowest yet. I got mine $23,770 out the door. With 6% NJ tax and $200 doc fees, my total was $25,400. Tried to ask for free trunk tray and wheel locks but failed. After driving it two weeks, and comparing it with my friends' sienna LE AWD, I kind of like the AWD feeling of toyota ... I wish Honda could've also added this AWD feature.
  • bikash007bikash007 Posts: 10
    After much deliberation I decided to go with LX. I am going to use it as a commuting car and will put a lot of miles. So just stuck to basic model. I am very happy I got the color, Mocha, I was looking for. Got it from Liberty Honda at Hartford, CT.

    Price: 21,500
    Dealer Conveyance: 399
    Sales Tax: 1313
    Registration: 173
    OTD: 23,385

    I got two free oil changes with this. What do you guys think about the price? Sounds like an ok price? Not many dealers had the color I was looking for. So did not bother bargaining too much.
  • dad2bedad2be Posts: 57
    Yep, that's the winner so far. Looks like invoice minus the $2500 incentive minus the $589 holdback minus an additional $500. Unless you had a trade-in, this indicates the dealers must be getting additional incentives to make these deals happen - perhaps if their volumes are high enough? Just speculating. Congrats on your great deal!
  • chuquechuque Posts: 6
    We just bought an EX-L on Tuesday from San Leandro Honda. Sales price was $27,500. Car was on the lot two weeks, and had 7 miles on it (both important to me). Stevens Creek Honda were also offering the same price. We went with San Leandro at the end of the day because it was about 20 miles closer for us (we live in Stockton).

    If you are willing to travel to Sac, Mel Rapton was offering me $27,000. Nobody could touch that. The offer was initially for $27,3XX in email, and then I worked it to $27,000 if we went that day (this was Sunday). This was before we finalized on a color, which was even more attractive. We drove there and realized the one we wanted had been on the lot for 9 months, although it only had ~20 miles. The biggest reason we ended up not getting it was because my wife ended up not liking the color (white). And they didn't have our new color choice (dark cherry) in a plain EXL. I wonder if all of their Odys have been there a while, and thus the unbeatable price.

    At the end of the day for us, a few hundred dollors was worth our top color pick and an (almost) brand-new, fresh van.

    FYI: I first looked up every dealer's inventory online to see if they had white or red, and then called each one. I got quotes from Serramonte, Dublin, Larry Hopkins, Vacaville, Redwood City, and Mike Harvey. (In that order of best offer to worst)

    I'd be glad to share contacts at any of these places if you want.

    Hope this helps.
  • atxodysatxodys Posts: 1

    Congratulations! That sounds like a good deal. What's your final drive out price? I am in Austin, TX and the lowest price I got quoted so far is $28615; Drive Out $30639.

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