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2013 and earlier Honda Odyssey Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • xncq,

    can you please provide the delar and sales rep name? also did you car have any addtional add ons?

  • skbasuskbasu Posts: 1
    Hi XNCG

    Can you please provide the dealer & sales reps.

    What does the OTD price include ?
  • cleverstarcleverstar Posts: 23
    "They swapped all four wheels and tires with a new EX-L on the lot and we went out again"
    So the next person to buy the EX-L will be a victim...
  • ckraheckrahe Posts: 10
    They were motivated to make this sale, so swapping wheels was their choice. I would have been happy picking up a new tire in a few days. So what to do. I suggested they replace the tire for the next customer, and I posted here in hopes others would be aware, not only for themselves but to pass the word.
  • mkellypcmkellypc Posts: 3
    Just got an 09 touring model for 35,500 otd in FL. How's this seem?
  • dreamgirldreamgirl Posts: 2
    Just got a new 2009 Odyssey EX-L for $27000 + $400 in doc & registration fees in Boston area. They threw in the wheel locks and an oil change for free.
    Do you think this is a good deal?
  • cleverstarcleverstar Posts: 23
    Looks like Maryland gets all good prices for 09 Ody, or the market price drastically dropped in the past couple of days? I fight so hard just to get the before-TTL price down to 24,000 in NY, and that's even at month end.
  • tpavantpavan Posts: 12
    Hi bosmike

    Can you share the OTD price with breakdown? Also which dealer & city. This seems to be the best price. I live in Tampa area and so far i have got 27129 OTD for a EX as the best price. Any folks from TPA who had better luck?
  • mynuacctmynuacct Posts: 21
    Congrats xncg, sounds like a great deal. Can you give us the dealer and rep name? Also, if you can give the price breakup and tell us whether you got any dealer installed package too?
  • xncgxncg Posts: 5
    The dealer is sports honda. they give me this quote directly through their internet department. I actually didn't negotiate at all. There is no dealer installed package though. I'm not sure whether the price can go further down through negotiate. Since I definitely need it yesterday for some reason, I settled with the price.
  • xncgxncg Posts: 5
    about the pirce break down:
    it's 29,150.80 (include destination charge and without all other fee and tax)
  • ckraheckrahe Posts: 10
    Consider coming to Maryland to buy and drive back to NY. There's a bit more coordination, but my friend did this for the last generation Odyssey when prices high in Maryland (he flew to Ohio to get it).
  • msa33msa33 Posts: 5
    I have a quote of 27094 for ex-l. I do not need the car until july. Will I be able to do better than this in the next couple of months? Does anyone I have an idea if the dealer incentives will continue past May 4?
  • lyaolyao Posts: 71
    Hi XNCG,

    Could you pls. mail me the price quotes you got from Sport Honda to my email:
    I wish to buy one too with that price!

    Lorraine Yao :P
  • cleverstarcleverstar Posts: 23
    " Consider coming to Maryland to buy and drive back to NY. There's a bit more coordination, but my friend did this for the last generation Odyssey when prices high in Maryland (he flew to Ohio to get it). "

    No. If NY dealers didn't sell enough odys in April because of overpricing, they have to hurry up with better deals in later months of 2009:)
    So the deals vary months by months for different regions, due to dynamics of these years sliding market.
  • ckrahe ,

    can you email the quote you got. My quote is much higher than that.

  • XNCG,

    My quote from sport honda is much higher at least 2 grand. Can you forward the quote you got from them please?

  • rekflarekfla Posts: 3
    In Tampa area of FL, I have a quote of $460 OTD on an EX and $550 OTD on an EXL. Both of these are with zero down and 15k miles per year. I haven't reached the point of finalizing the deal yet but was wondering if posters thought these quotes were reasonable. Incentives may or may not go away after 5/4. Thanks.
  • rekflarekfla Posts: 3
    Based on my research in the Venice, FL area, your quote of $27129 OTD is right on the money.
  • lyaolyao Posts: 71
    Hi Xncg,

    I wonder whether you'd any trade in with this offer? :confuse:
    Pls do forward your best price quotes to me if possible.
    Thanks! ;)
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