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2013 and earlier Honda Odyssey Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • john2009john2009 Posts: 5
    Last month, the best quote I got was from an internet sales manager, of $23,800 plus tax and title (so long as it was a color he already had in stock). I've been waiting for a better deal somewhere, since some posts from other regions seem to be $400 - $800 less. Sometimes it's tough to tell, because people quote an out the door price, without saying how much is the state's sales tax.

    Any recent news of deals, within a couple hundred miles (Ohio, DC, MD, PA, WVa)? Thanks! == John
  • davidnewtdavidnewt Posts: 5
    It is Goodson Honda North. This is about $800 from their quote. Another dealer is Gillman Honda with similar quote. I don't know if I get the best deal. It seems that people from other area (NJ, PA, FL etc.) could get the same thing for $800-1000 less.
  • cleverstarcleverstar Posts: 23
    around 24,000 inlcuding all dealer fees
    2,000 8.37% NY tax
    250 title/registration
    50 to reimburse myself for research, effort and time:)
    standard EX, no free gifts except the wheel locknuts (I think it's default)...

    the only regret is my sticker says everything made in USA,
    assembled in USA, engine in USA, transmission in USA.
    any comments on this? did any one get something made in Japan instead?

    also, does anyone know how to check the manufacturing date once I got this baby in my own garage? as I want to make sure my car doesn't fall in some recalls (like break line etc).
  • familyguy9familyguy9 Posts: 17
    Picked up the van on Friday 5/8.
    Brand new, had 15 miles on it.
  • pray4allpray4all Posts: 11
    I think every ody has major parts (engine, trany etc) from USA now
  • lyaolyao Posts: 71
    Finally, the Homelink System is now connected to my Garage!
    Btw, the minivan I got just had 1 mile when purchased. Very lucky! By the time we came out from the dealership, it's just 2 miles. The salesperson said he had been saving and hiding that particular minivan for me (just came in 1 or 2 days ago).
    Very nice!

    Do highly recommended for buying the extended warranty (with $0 deductible/ 8 years/ 120K miles). Due to unreliability of Honda ratings compared to Toyota, esp. if you'd so many electronic features with this (it will sure cost you $$$$ in the future if you didn't buy it while you can).

  • sami71290sami71290 Posts: 1
    After reading your post here, we went as well and only after confirming that they would agree on a subtotal price ($25,000) for an EX with the mud guard, wheel locks, etc. They were awful. At first, they were all nice and told us that the person that was supposed to deal with us left because of a death in the family, which was understandable. Then they said that they did not have any EX in the parking lot, only LX and EXL and that to have one brought to us would cost an extra one grand. The money wasn't the problem -it was the fact that we had agreed on a price through email and we even had it with us. They flat out lied to us about having an EX because we saw them in the lot, then they spent an hour arguing with us on the price and were talking down to us because we weren't white Americans and thought they could cheat us out of the deal. They were talking so sweetly and nicely to us before and sugar-coating everything and then they became plain rude. They refused to even include the mud guards and stuff at the new price of $26,000.

    So I went to a different dealer and paid $300 more including taxes/processing/dealer fees. I couldn't believe that the people at Jim Coleman would do such a thing. I HATED my experience there. I'm never going there again. If they agreed on an online price, why can't they keep their promise? I brought in the email and everything and showed it to them and they were like sorry we can't do such a thing. It was so frustrating. The best part? They asked us for a $500 deposit before we even got there. What a bunch of cheating losers. I got a better deal somewhere else. Bottom line: DON'T GO THERE.
  • decondecon Posts: 56
    I didn't bother with Jim Coleman either. They would only deal if I came in. They would not committ to matching an internet quote from another dealer either. Sounded like they did a bait and switch on you.

    I'm going with Hersons.
  • Just bought a brand new Odyssey Touring with NO PAX from Holler Honda in Winter Park, FL. Optional Equip was a Protection package which included Wheel Locks, Cargo Tray, Splash Guards, Paint Protection.

    Great experience. Price as follows

    MSRP: $41,575.00
    DISCOUNT: -$7,848.00
    Vehicle Price: $33,727.00
    DMV Fees: $275.50
    Dealer Fee: $599.00
    Tax: $2,084.56
    Delivered Price: $36,686.06

    I thought it was an awesome deal.
  • gopalangopalan Posts: 6
    30 K OTD was offered by curyhonda
    30.8 OTD was offered by hondacarland (gwinnet)

    can I know which city your are living. I am in Norcross.

    If possible if we go together we may get low price.
  • redrxredrx Posts: 3
    Does anyone know if the $2500 marketing support is included in the TMV Pricing Report, or can I subtract from it. I was considering CRV, Escape or Mazda5, but with $2500 off, the Oddy LX may become an option.
  • lyaolyao Posts: 71
    Hi sami71290,

    Sorry to hear that! Here's what you can do to report:
    (1) go to BBB to report this(by writing is better)
    (2) write to American Honda's VP, so that they can documented this, hopefully they'll do something and prevent ...
    (3) write a review on this particular dealership in edmunds

    We got some bait and switch too before at other dealership, so we reported to American Honda by writing. Yesterday, we got a phone call from American Honda stated that they'd documented this issue.... We even rated that dealership (sales experiences) in edmunds.

  • rim936rim936 Posts: 3
    I got a quote for a 2009 EX-L (no RES or NAV) in the Chicagoland, IL area. Has anyone had any better luck?

    Base (incl dest & after rebate) Price - $ 27,112
    ERT - 25
    Doc Fee - 151
    Sales Tax - (7.25%) $2,159
    County Tax - 15
    Lic and Title Fee - 80 transfer

    OTD $29,542

    Also trying to get accessories such as mud flaps, all season floor mates, and trailer hitch (not the package, just the hitch receiver). All the dealers quote the website price + installation (even on floor mats!) I know these are high margin items, any thoughts on typical discount dealers might give?

    Trying to close a deal by end of the week.

  • hondavan2hondavan2 Posts: 5
    I'm also looking for EXL model in Atlanta area. I am in Alpharetta.

    Would you all like to go together to do a group buy?
    So far the quote I got is near 30K OTD w/o RN.
  • buyvan1buyvan1 Posts: 5
    I changed my mind to buy an EX. Purchased it from hondacarland over the weekend for 26,250 OTD over the weekend. (23.8K + 599 + 7% tax + 30 + 18 or so).

    I took extended warranty from them 7 Yrs/ 75K miles for $1600 (zurich is the warranty company). Does any know about this. Debating whether it is value to take it or not or to take some where else. Dealer said: They offer only on the day of purchase, with an option of canceling with in two months.
  • fillykonkfillykonk Posts: 17
    We bought our 09 EX-L R&N from Rick Case back in February and not only didn't overpay but did $500 below the next best deal we could get from several other dealers.
  • Hi, I am also trying to buy the same EXL but the quote I got is for 31,000 in WA state. Could you pl. fwd me the quote: krushi at gmail dot com?

    thanks in advance,
  • Just finalized the deal and am on my way to pick it up. We have been looking for a while and my wife is thrilled.. I think we got a great deal overall.

    $32,551 OTD

  • lyaolyao Posts: 71
    The extended warranty was expensive!
    I got mine from Ourisman Honda by price matching from web printout (B&W) for
    $0 deductible/8 years/120K miles for $1495

    Since you already purchased the contract from dealership, ($1235 for $0 dedcutible/8 years/120K miles) will charge you $165 for cancelling the contract with dealership! I don't know if it's worth to do that!

    Or, you could try the (currently got lawsuits from American Honda).

    Or, if your auto insurance is Geico, you can get the Mechanical Breakdown Program (7 years/ 100K miles/ $250 deductible) .

    I don't think online purchase would be safe (afraid later in the future, American Honda won't honor any online purchase). Therefore, I go ahead and purchase from dealership instead ($260 extra).

    Good Luck!
  • thetruth1thetruth1 Posts: 4
    Just bought a 2009 EX-L. Price was $29,745 OTD (everything). No trade in. No financing. Checked around a lot. Felt this was about the best I could do in this area.

    The dealership is professional and low key. This is the 2nd Ody I've purchased from them. In and out in 1 hour. Everything was as agreed to over the Internet and phone. Southeastern Honda in Palm Bay, FL.
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