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2013 and earlier Honda Odyssey Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • 10128624631012862463 Posts: 3
    I also live in Phoenix and look for 09 Odyssey EXL-RES model.

    Can I ask how much you paid for that Honda Care warranty? What's included?
    Your deal (difference to invoice price) sounded a lot better than the quote I got from local dealer in my area...
  • Purchased an Odyssey EX in Grey today from Hillside Honda.

    Costs as follows

    $24,000 base
    $670 destination
    $200 pre inspection (It was $395 and although I tried to get rid of it all together, the sales guy managed to split it)

    + taxes ($2,145 since it is registered in Suffolk co) and DMV/registration fees ($250)

    I'd never heard about the pre inspection charge, and strongly suspect it is a scam of some sort, but I'd had enough. I'd gotten better pricing but in less convenient locations.

    Honda of Freehold quoted $23,161 -- which someone else had posted on this forum
    Tarrytown Honda $24,000 + $670 destination fees etc
    Bayridge Honda was slightly higher

    Wanted to share this with anyone else who had been following the posts. Good luck!
  • new_beenew_bee Posts: 6
    Hi all,

    just get EX with no add on through internet for 24100
    Dealer located in Orange county, southern california
    the sales rep really nice and pleasant (I can def refer him)
    The Finance is open with the cost too

  • hondavan2hondavan2 Posts: 5
    paint protection was included but I didn't ask for it when we made the purchase. Window etching, I don't think so.
  • oneputzoneputz Posts: 6

    I live in CA which has different sales tax rates. Can you please tell me the price of your EXL + RES before taxes, title, reg., and destination charges?

  • jeremyazjeremyaz Posts: 15
    Email me to jerfrance at yahoo dot com I just went through this circus and also live in Phoenix AZ. Through lots of diligence and the work of several forums and people, I was able to save $2000+ than the comparable deals offered in Phoenix. I am happy to help as I found myself a little upset that everyone was able to find amazing deals except for us in Arizona.

    This is my payback--if anyone else is in the Southwest or California, email me and I'll also get you the information that I gathered. I just received my 09 Odyssey EXL (no NAV/no RES) on Saturday and love it.
  • I bought the 2009 Honda Odyssey EX from Capitol Honda. Cost breakdown
    24128 (including destination)
    180 (wheel locks + mud guards, they were already on the vehicle, so I didn't bother having them removed)
    + tax (9.25%) + license.

    This was the best quote I got from 6/7 that sent their quotes to me.
    Must also say that I almost made a deal at Dublin Honda - but had a terrible experience with them. In the end, I went elsewhere and got the color/model I wanted cheaper.

    I was quoted over $2k for the Honda Warranty so I skipped it, plan to buy online. Any have experience buying over the internet and at what cost?

    Overall, the internet sales rep was very patient, and very easy to work with. If any one is interested, ping me and I will give you the details.
  • ifly3difly3d Posts: 4
    MSRP 37,625
    My Price 31,774 + tax,lic,fees

    Good price? Nearly $6k off MSRP.
    /edit spelling
  • cjdalcjdal Posts: 9
    Thanks to another user on this discussion board, we bought our Odyssey yesterday. We got a white, EXL (no RES no NAV--we'll do after market) for $26,094 which included destination. Taxes and fees were $1800 (we live in No. Cal and have the highest tax rate at 9.75%).

    Dealer was Spreen Honda in Loma Linda, CA. Very happy with the transaction. Lowest price we could find in the bay area was $27,790 (or so) so we saved quite a bit of money.
  • Kirstie@EdmundsKirstie@Edmunds Posts: 10,676
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  • erntrisherntrish Posts: 4
    I just paid 29,825 for EX-L RES NAV (+670 desination, so 30,495 before tax/title). Dealer in Freehold, NJ.
  • truthhurtstruthhurts Posts: 1
    Think there's more to this story. At your numbers the dealer lost 2000 to sell you this van. Been damaged? demo?
  • fxguyfxguy Posts: 132
    Lowest rate i have seen so far for an EX-L. This is brand new and not a dealer demo right?
  • dy88dy88 Posts: 2
    I got some quotes in S. California. The lowest one is $31,400 + Tax & License. I think the price is still high. What do you guys think?
  • cshondacshonda Posts: 12
    a word of caution on asking for quotes less tax/tag/title:

    My lowest quote on a vehicle from several internet depts ended up being a scam. The sales woman proceded to include an additional $300 in the price of the car by overstating the registration fee and the tax. She got my interest initially with the lowest quote, but then proceded not to answer my questions about the incorrect tax and reg fee and instead tried switching to an OTD quote. The OTD quote was not the lowest quote after she messed with the tax and reg fees. After that experience, I am converted to negotiationg OTD costs rather than less tax/tag/title.
  • cjdalcjdal Posts: 9
    That's right, it was brand new. 18 miles on it.
  • delguydelguy Posts: 43
    San Marcos Honda in Texas.

    EX-L w/ Nav and DVD.
    Invoice $34,139

    Offer is $31,839 + TTL for an OTD price of $34,074. Also includes front window tint and "free lifetime powertrain warranty." It's supposed to simply be an extension of Honda's powertrain warranty with similar features/requirements. I'm still trying to figure out the value of the warranty, but given that they just matched my lowest price so far, I think I should go w/ them. Thoughts?
  • Mamak8,

    Did you purchase a your car yet, if so can you please provide the price break down?

    What was the best quote you got on EX odyssey? Can you provide the price break down and email the quote to me at

    I am planning purchase one by end of months. Hagertown honda in md stated that they can sell one for $25,150 OTD.

    Anyone else purchased EX in md recently did better than $25,150 OTD?

    thank you
  • jeremyazjeremyaz Posts: 15
    The Spreen deal is legit as I have helped several CA and AZ people attain this incredible price. I worked with people from other forums in an attempt to find a great deal out West and I am still upset at my local AZ dealers for not wanting to sell the vehicle for less than $28k. The $26,100 price is legit and about 5 of us have already capitalized on it.

    Not sure how much longer they want to deal, but I am happy to get you in touch with my sales person and ask him to give you the same deal. I had previously posted that I paid $27,150 because I wasn't sure if I was going to get the promised $250 + $500...and I didn't get LoJack (and didn't get credit for it). Anyway, if you want the easiest transaction ever, and have all the haggling done for you, then this is the place.

    I'm checking my email jerfrance at yahoo dot com a bunch and am happy to help anyone who wants to get the best price out there.
  • john2009john2009 Posts: 5
    The quote I got last month was the same as this month, about $24,900, after the dealer clarified the "miscommunication."
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