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2013 and earlier Honda Odyssey Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • Wow, I took your last message to the dealer, and they laughed and said that there was no way. Thanks, oh well. the best we got was $24,961 for a 2009 Honda Odyssey EX. We're hoping to buy soon.
  • tony119tony119 Posts: 2
    "Taxes and fees were $1800", is it right amount for 9.75% tax rate? I thought you need to pay tax on $26,094. I got the lowest quote for EXL with RES was $28,900 here in NY.
  • cjdalcjdal Posts: 9
    The EXL cost $26,094. Please note I did not get RES or NAV. Sorry, I typed in the wrong taxes and fees. It was actually $2800. California has a dmv fee calculator which includes sales tax here (your state probably has something equivalent):

    Total CA fees: $257
    Total use/tax fees: $2544 (that's Alameda county where I live at 9.75%)
  • oneputzoneputz Posts: 6
    Do you have to drive to orange county to pick the car up, or will they deliver it to a local dealer? I'm curious because we live in the east bay.
  • tony119tony119 Posts: 2
    Thanks a lot for your quick reply! Your purchase price is really good.
  • tonypark68tonypark68 Posts: 3
    I live in Souther Cal and looking for purchasing EX-L with DVD and Nav.
    I am sending email with asking OTD price $32,000 (8.75% sales tax).
    Do you think my asking price is reasonable?
  • spamnotspamnot Posts: 7
    Best I got is $31500, so your $31400 is not a bad deal. That said, I also got a $31000 from Moss Bros but I never felt they were sincere as they avoided answering questions w/r to color and model availability.

    Frankly I don't know how folks out in the East got quotes at $1k plus below that.
  • spamnotspamnot Posts: 7
    I sincerely wish you get that price... I also reside in southern CA.

    I was in the mkt for the same model, and best I got is $31500. As said in my other posting I don't know how folks in the East got theirs for $29700-$30500 (all prices incl destination but exclude TTL).

    Picture this: invoice incl destination is $34139. Deduct $2500 incentive reduces price to $31639. Deduct $1129 dealer holdback (assume max 3% holdback at full MSRP of $37625) gets you $30510.

    So how on earth can the dealer sell at below that price? They have cost of doing business too.

    If you aim at $32k OTD, at 8.75% tax rate (add TTL will bump the total to approx 9.95%), it means you are getting the price incl destination but before TTL at $29104.

    I don't know how that is possible. Hondas are not Chryslers or GM, they don't need to sell dollar bill at 90 cents. The math simply doesn't work unless:

    1) there are other dealer profits outside of holdbacks that we the general public are not aware of.
    2) they lowball you on trade in
    3) they bump up the cost of financing

    For a clean deal w/o trade-in, good luck. As said, I surely hope you get that price.
  • ifly3difly3d Posts: 4
    Just got revised quote on cash purchase:
    30,589 + tax + $500 in fees (title, license, doc) on a red one
    29,789 + tax + $500 in fees on silver one sitting on the lot for a few weeks.

  • ifly3d, sorry I can not answer the question for you. But have a new question for you and the rest.

    Wondering why would they discount so much for a car just for sitting in the lot for few weeks. Obvious answer is it may have been test driven more, sitting outside in the harsh weather more. Are there any other reasons?

    How do you find out how long it has been sitting on the lot.

  • Oh boy! what a price. Best I have seen in many days! $26,094 OTD. How did you strike this deal?


    Thanks to another user on this discussion board, we bought our Odyssey yesterday. We got a white, EXL (no RES no NAV--we'll do after market) for $26,094 which included destination. Taxes and fees were $1800 (we live in No. Cal and have the highest tax rate at 9.75%).

    Dealer was Spreen Honda in Loma Linda, CA. Very happy with the transaction. Lowest price we could find in the bay area was $27,790 (or so) so we saved quite a bit of money.
  • mynuacctmynuacct Posts: 21
    To get around this non-standardized way of representing costs, I always asked for an itemized OTD cost in the emails I sent with the following template -
    price = ?
    freight = ?
    proc/doc fee = ?
    accesories = ? (what are the aalready installed = ?)
    any other fee = ?
    licensing = ?
    tax = ?

    This worked fine for me. If your area has some other additional well known charges/expenses you can add these. I also maintained a spreadsheet where I entered all the info from the dealers and sorted it based on the price.
  • mynuacctmynuacct Posts: 21
    manufacturing date is on the drivers side door that may give you an idea.
  • mynuacctmynuacct Posts: 21
    $30,500-$30,800 quotes I got from quite a few dealers in MD. Some of them did not even have a big inventory (e.g. one had 2 and another 3). Maybe they get some money back from Honda if the vehicle sits on the lot for more than sometime. In my case, they did not make any other money because I did not trade in, nor did dealer financing. They even matched the Honda Care warranty (8 yrs/120k mile) online price of $1235 from Saccucci Honda. They said they had to show a profit of atleast $1 as $1235 was the cost price (which it is). So, gave it for $1236.
    I too do not understand the economics of it :)
  • decondecon Posts: 56
    They offered me $1235 +$100 over. I said no thanks and got it from Berandi instead.
  • lyaolyao Posts: 71
    Hi Spamnot,

    You're absolutely right! I got a feedback like this from Honda of Tysons:
    No one! Honda definitely won't sell you this cheap! You might wanna consider..a used one instead! In fact, we sold out for this particular model: EXL RN. It's in limited stocks now!

    So what? I still be able to get it OTD for $31880 including installed pinstripe, wheel locks! Including free lifetime oil changes and 15% off lifetime schedule maintenance wtih that! I even emailed them: I'm going to buy the minivan now......

    So, did you buy the EXL RN yet? I love the car so much that I drive everyday now with my kids! :D
  • cjdal ,

    $26094 includes only destination and not tax/fees correct? Or $26,094 is OTD price includes everything for your 09 EXL?

  • spamnotspamnot Posts: 7
    ... $35000 plus TTL. Granted the dealer didn't pad the fees so OTD is around $38450 (Orange Cty Southern CA tax rate 8.75%, ouch).

    No one among the 12 dealerships I contacted had a white EXL Nav RES if you can believe it, so ended up getting a Touring instead.

    After deal, another dealer came thru' w/ a $34900 plus TTL but too late.

    Car was manufactured 3/09. New.

    I like it a lot.
  • strtgng1strtgng1 Posts: 1
    EX-L - no nav or RES for $27,300 + TT&L. Good?
  • lyaolyao Posts: 71
    Hi Spamnot,

    Congratulations to you! Sorry to hear that! I got some quotes for Touring without Pax (I believe the cheapest I got was around $35K to $36K OTD for 3% Tax, VA residents).

    Wow! Just couldn't believe 12 dealerships did not even have the color you wanted!
    Poor Spamnot!

    Hey! At least you're driving it now with Touring instead! Got fog lights, backup sensors, lots more features than EXL RN!

    It's my dream minivan too! I even decorated some pillows (Japanese) that I got from Asia or so.

    :shades: ---> Might have to drive the minivan for another 15 years from now (it's my 10th anniversary, so hopefully the minivan can last until my 25th anniversary)! Hehehe...
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