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2013 and earlier Honda Odyssey Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • pp_ng2pp_ng2 Posts: 4
    Thanks for your info. I still have MD license. Maybe I can postpone my purchase and change my license to VA first - to pay less tax and proc fees.

    My previous post 22821 had the quote info for EXL RES NAV
    $29,580 before any fees, and OTD price of $32,565. No trade in.

    Did you negotiate for anything additional to come with your van? (appearance package, maintenance ..?) did they throw in anything?

  • lyaolyao Posts: 71
    Hi pp ng2,

    Give me your email instead.
    By purchasing in Bethesda, MD, you get free lifetime oil changes for your minivan.
  • lyaolyao Posts: 71
    Hi md09,

    The model I bought 2009 Odyssey EXL RN (sterling grey/grey). Only 1 mile at dealership, when stepped out the dealership, only got 2 miles on it!

    Tell me your OTD price (including taxes, fees, options if any) for EXL RN or Touring without PAX.
    Give me your email and I'll tell you more detail info. Thanks!
  • pp_ng2pp_ng2 Posts: 4
    My email is pp_ng at hotmail dot com
  • lyaolyao Posts: 71
    Hi pp ng2,

    Forgot to mention my OTD price: ~$31880.
  • Hi All,

    Thanks to everyone on this board for the invaluable information! I had been shopping for my new Odyssey for over a month, but had run into inventory problems here in Texas for the Touring models without PAX. I wanted a Black/Black Touring and there ended up only being 3 in the entire state with only one dealer that had one on order. I contacted (via email) dealers all over the entire state, but concentrated mostly in the DFW, Austin, San Antonio, and Houston areas.

    I had a lot of difficulty negotiating to get anywhere near the prices that many of you have gotten back East, but in the end was very happy with the deal I got. Like I said it took me over a month of going back and forth with multiple dealers to find somebody that was willing to negotiate. I even considered getting a different color, but the dealers wouldn't budge on the prices and I didn't want to settle for a color that wasn't my first choice. The EXL + NAV/RES is a great vehicle as well, but the memory seats and black leather interior were a must have for us, so that only left us the Touring model.

    We ended up buying from Fernandez Honda in San Antonio and had a smooth buying process. We live in Austin, so it wasn't a far drive. Before we agreed to drive down over Memorial weekend, I asked for a buyers order (signed by the manager) that stated the agreed upon sales price and the breakdown of all fees and TT&L with a total OTD price. Also got the loan application completed and faxed back to them ahead of time. Doing all of this saved us a good bit of time once we got to the dealer. Total time took us a little over an hour - not too bad!

    The business manager who handled our financing actually got us a slightly better rate than the 3.9% that AHFC was offering through a local Texas credit union - 3.5%. Not a huge difference, but we saw no reason not to take advantage of it. We declined all the extra coverages including the Honda Care (their price for the 6year/80,000 was $1200), but we may still look at purchasing an extended warranty through one of the dealers online that have been mentioned in this forum...

    Here's the numbers:

    Sales Price = $34,700
    Sales Tax (6.25%) = $2168.75
    Inventory Tax = $76.34
    Title/Licensing/Inspection = $136.91
    Doc Fee = $50
    OTD = $37132.00

    Thanks again and best of luck to those of you still searching for the best deal (especially if you are in Texas!). :)
  • md09md09 Posts: 2
    thks for your quick reply. my email is
    i am asking 30500 and 35 out the door
  • chegpricechegprice Posts: 3
    Great deal. What is the name of the credit union that gave 3.5%?
  • expoguide1expoguide1 Posts: 15
    Hi Lyao, if you don't mind sharing info on where you got this excellent deal you can reach me at siennaorodyssey @ gmail dot com . I also live in MD and am looking at the EXL with NAV and RES best price I have so far is ~32,800 OTD, so your price is quite a bit of savings!

  • bornintxbornintx Posts: 2
    I am also a Texas shopper and VERY VERY envious of the deals being found on the East and West coasts!!!! No deals like that around here (at least that I could find at the 9 dealerships I talked to!). Also, I had a trade, so I needed to do it all as local as possible so we just shopped San Antonio, Austin, San Marcos, etc.

    Final deal:

    Gillman Honda on IH35 in Selma (I also spoke with Fernandez Honda and they seemed nice, honest and ready to deal, but they did not have the color I wanted).

    EXL in Black, with window tint (value of tint I'm guessing was 200-ish???)

    $28,600 sales price including destination
    +$50 doc fee
    +$55.16 dealer inventory tax
    +$132.55 title/licensing/inspection

    I had a trade so my tax was only based on the difference between it and the new vehicle.

    Short of driving to New Jersey or California, I think this is the best I could do - and I love my new van! :)
  • y2kbugme4uy2kbugme4u Posts: 2
    Couldn't find reasonable deals here in Vegas area. Lowest quoted price for 2009 new Honda Odyssey EX-L RES is $29700 (includes dest charge/internet price) + taxes, title, etc. I have seen as low as $28100 (Dest charge included) posted here mostly in the East Coast. One CA dealer quoted me for $29200 (Internet price). Any advise, tips etc...ius highly appreciated. :
  • Security Service FCU - was the credit union that we financed through.
  • dqluudqluu Posts: 1

    Hi, I am very interested in getting the name of you sale person and dealership.
    Hopefully, I can strike the same deal.

    please email me ducluu at

  • mkn4mkn4 Posts: 2
    Thanks poster. Got the exact same deal and drove EX in slate green today.

    It wasn't easy to find a dealer to match the deal. Jim Coleman; straight no - not even close. They knew immediately that I am talking about the deal posted on "edmunds". They said that was one time april deal; they cannot do it again.
    Heritage Honda - straight No.
    Norrish; they agreed for $100 more, $25349 OTD. Later on they started pulling all the BS. They adv. the service plan of 9.99 oil change for life; they wanted $150 more for that. I refused the plan and said ok, give me without plan, then they said that the color we want doesn't have mud gurad and they won't put it. We said then give different color with mud guard; then they wanted $150 more. Bottom line they wanted $150 more on the top of $100. I will never deal with them; I used to do all my service at Norris, but they didn't behave right.
    Then tried Brown - over the internet; but they refused to do any dealer exchange and I have to pick from there in stock. I didn't find the color I wanted; so I took the same rate to ODonnel - Nope. Tried another one is Bel Air - Nope....went back and got from Brown.

    Thanks poster.
  • odynubyodynuby Posts: 7
    Picked up my Ody yesterday. Slate Green Metallic. The dealer was straight forward, non-aggressive, and spent 1.5 hours time with them. Overall I had recv'd quotes from four dealers, but could not get the same pricing as I have read on the west coast and north east. The best quote was at $29,610 (including delivery & accessory installation).

    Breakdown as follows:
    Sale Price $29,610.00
    8.75% Tax $ 2,590.88
    Doc Fee $ 15.00
    Temp Tag $ 4.00
    Title/Reg. $ 212.50
    OTD Price $32,432.38

    Put $5K down and with 3.9% APR, my notes are $504 for 60 months.

    The other three dealers did not consider going below $29,650 + TTL and a $295 on up Customer Service Fee.

    I thought this was a fair deal, even though I was told they lost money on the sale. . . yea right.
  • chegpricechegprice Posts: 3
    Thank you for sharing the info! I had actually called the dealership & asked them the same. They said they didn't know anything about a 3.5% rate. These forums keep those car dealers honest. Oops, can you say "car dealer" and "honest" in the same sentence? Thanks again!
  • bigdadi118bigdadi118 Posts: 1,207
    HFS 3.9% saw on local Honda dealer today (Civic, Accord and Odyssey)

    imageSee more Car Pictures at
  • dsam2dsam2 Posts: 6
    Hi Everyone

    Im in the market for one of these cars. Im in the northeast (NY) and I am willing to drive to NJ NY OH DE MD or wherever else to get a good deal.

    Has anyone bought one in the last few days? I would appreciate knowing what you paid for it, and if the deals are still on.

  • Try Spreen Honda,Loma Linda, CA. You may find the deal of your interest. Thanks to the one member of this forum I bought my Odyssey EX-L at 26594 including destination + TTL. The dealer told me that I will get upto $500 check after my 1st payment.
  • cwsjmmcwsjmm Posts: 6
    Does anyone out there have a recommended dealer in Philly or NJ area (am willing to travel ~100 mi) for best price on these vehicles? Would you please share your price and experience? Thanks!
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