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2013 and earlier Honda Odyssey Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • lyaolyao Posts: 71
    Hi sder1,

    What other options did you added to the base price that you'd got?
    Any trade in?
    The price seems high to me though.
    I bought mine in DC Metro early May.
  • ohbobohbob Posts: 1
    I have shopped the Columbus dealers for a while - which dealer is this? Seems pretty good to me.
  • rizvimdrizvimd Posts: 6
    After much search and time spent online, phone and with dealers, we are planning to pick-up the EXL-R&N OTD 33400.
    This forum helped us a lot in understanding the prices, though I was not able to get the prices mentioned by some of folks.
  • mosbournemosbourne Posts: 11
    Thats a great price! I thought I had a great price; you're $1,300 under my $34,588 quote for Touring w/o pax, and that's before factoring in the $500 gas card.
  • mosbournemosbourne Posts: 11
    Thank You!!! Just called Spreen; their current offer is same price you stated, but with with the Lojack but without the gas card. I asked if I could have the gas card instead of the lojack, and he said yes. Waiting for email confirmation, but once received, will probably drive the 90 minutes we are from their dealership and buy the car. Their price is $1,300 under the best of five quotes I got from SD County dealers - before the value of the gas card. Salesman said they're losing money at this price, which doesn't make sense. But they set the pricing, we don't! Thanks again!!!
  • Techfu,

    Thanks for the great info! Sounds like you did very well. Just wanted to confirm, did yours come with RES or not?

  • green2009green2009 Posts: 2
    houston area one dealership quoted me $ 33600.00 Drive out price for odyssi ,09, EX_L R&N , Is any body can help me finding a better deal & share their experiences,
  • sder1sder1 Posts: 3
    Here's the breakdown:

    2009 Odyssey EX-L RES & NAV [with no dealer extras]
    Sales price $30864.00
    Doc fee $55.00
    Sales Tax 9.25% $2860.01
    License, reg, etc. $450.75
    Total OTD $34229.76

    There was no trade in. Local tax rates are high maybe that's why it seems high? (or maybe I could have done better ....)
  • dofastdofast Posts: 6
    Hi, Could you give me more detail information about your price and which dealership? I am looking for exact same car in the same area of NNJ. Thanks.
  • sbblue05sbblue05 Posts: 1
    I went to Goodman - West in Houston and got the following deal

    29650 EX-L with RES + 850 (dealer options) = 30500
    299 for some leather/paint protection deal that I couldnt get them to remove.
    + TTL

    I was able to get the extended warrenty 7year 100k and 5 year tire road hazard for 1599.

    I had a trade-in as well. Didnt get as much as I had hoped from my Edmunds estimator but I ended up getting enough to make me happy.

    At the end of the day, I guess I could have pushed real hard to get 100-300 off somewhere but I think it was a fair enough deal for me to pull the trigger.

    Go talk with Hee Kim there. He treated us real well. Wasn't giving the car away or anything but at least made it a pleasant experience which couldnt be said for some salesmen in the Houston area.
  • bs1bs1 Posts: 2
    On May 30th we picked up a Slate Green Honda odyssey EX from Honda of Freehold, NJ for 25995 (OTD) inclusive of all taxes etc.etc. I got the quote over the phone and the vehicle was ready when I visited the dealership. It was hassle free from beginning to end. Everyone involved was very professional and courteous in the dealership.

    This forum helped me to understand the actual prices and negotiate with some other dealerships but Honda of Freehold, NJ offered the lowest price.

    Thanks to all.
  • oneputzoneputz Posts: 6
    Hi All,

    I found this forum very helpful in buying our new car & wanted to share my experience. We just bought a 2009 EXL-RES Odyssey last weekend (5/31/09) from Larry Hopkins Honda in Sunnyvale. It was a pleasure to work with Thomas Ho their internet/fleet sales rep. The price he quoted me by email was the same price I received when I showed up at the dealership! Their was NO pressure to buy a bunch of options, and I was out of there in 50 minutes with my new car that only had 11 miles it. I have to say it was my best car buying experience ever!

    His original quote was $28,700 (including destination) but since it was the last day of the month he quickly accepted my counter offer of $28,450, and this was all done by email. All the other dealers in the Bay Area seamed to price fix and all quoted me $29,300 for the same van.

    Here is the breakdown:

    EXL-RES (including destination) - $28,450
    Title Fees - $55
    Sales Tax (9.25%) - $2,637
    DMV Registration - $424
    Final OTD price - $31,566

    Hope this helps others looking for the same van.
  • First time ODY buyer also. Can't wait to pick it up tomorrow. We purchased a 2009 EXL (no RES or NAV) yesterday for $27300. It wasn't in NYC, but about 25 minutes north. Price includes destination, but not tax and reg, as these vary from location to location. Got a very good quote through email and tested it throughout the region. It was the best. In the showroom the dealer came down a little more. If you get a quote online, continue to push in the showroom. There are a lot of 2009 EXL's to get off the lot before the 2010 arrive. Didn't purchase any options or accessories.
  • kcatkcat Posts: 3
    I just purchased a 2009 Ody EX (white, no extras) for $24,061 + TT&L. The dealer gave me $14,000 for my 2005 Ody EX w/ 56k miles (about $1,600 more than KBB and $2,000 more than CarMax.) So, OTD, the deal was my 2005 EX plus $10,952 financed at 2.9% for 36 months. I'm happy with the deal.
  • kayfabe75kayfabe75 Posts: 10
    congrats! you did about $900 better than we did on long island.

    what color did you get? the dealer would only come down in price on green or bronze but wife was dead set on bali blue or black.
  • cleverstarcleverstar Posts: 23
    After one month driving, I felt I should have gone with the Touring instead of an EX. Chose EX mainly due to budget and compromise of good-enough features. Now I regretted and would have waited for a couple more month to get a Touring... Anyone with same experience and know how to upgrade at a good price?
  • vee927vee927 Posts: 11
    hello dofast
    give me you email and i will send you all the info
    or send me email at chor69 yahoo com
  • mrthnmanmrthnman Posts: 20
    which dealer did you go to , how did the pickup go ?
  • lyaolyao Posts: 71
    Hi Cleverstar,

    Which EX model did you referring to? Did you talk about EXL RN?
    I did not regret for what I bought for my 09 Odyssey EXL DVD/Navi so far.
    This is the best car we'd bought so far. I love it just like my 3rd child!

    The Navi is great, it tells you when you turn in advance, ex. 'turn right in the 2nd traffic light or 2nd exit to...', it never dies when detour. The portable GPS is sucks! Sometimes when detour, the portable GPS suddenly stopped for telling directions (only showed on the screen without voicing out directions) esp. when I needed it when driving on the highway and crossing over different states.
    The color I chose: Sterling gray exterior/gray interior.

    My kids get their DVD playing and I get my CDs on while driving long distances! The speaker is great! Sometimes, I just feel like I'm sitting in a concert!
    I get to control 3 zone temperatures, esp helpful when I need to lower the rear temp for my sleepy kids while driving or I get too cold while driving/sitting but my hub get too warm sitting in the car. The leather seats are so comfortable.

    Few weeks ago, I wish to get the backup sensor for my brand new minivan. Now, I felt lucky by not buying the Touring without PAX after I found out ----> with the backup sensor, you can't use the brush for car washing (it's gonna destroy the sensor). For backup, all you need to do is get use to it. Don't backup too much since the backup camera isn't good for judging distances!

    With several $$$$ spending, you get just a few more features than EXL RN. For fog lights, I rarely need them since my vision is still great for now. If there's fog, all I need to do is drive slowly and safely and be alert!

    Like always my dad saying, if you have a lot of electronics, there'll be a good chance of getting more repairs later on (my dad is a certified ASE auto mechanics).
    So, the more basic you have, the better you'll save your money!

    As a matter of fact, we just went to a VA State Park in Westmoreland. Did take a look at their cabins. After taking a look at the cabins, I told my hub I'd rather stay overnight in our minivan then spending for $150/night for 2 beds/1 bath cabin (outdated kitchen, dirty, no TV, compact spaces, etc). My kids did take a look at the cabin, with <1 minute, they're out of that cabin! They quickly went back to our minivan. You can tell...

    It all depends on what you need! ;)
  • lyaolyao Posts: 71
    Hi sder1,

    It's not a bad deal though. Possibly, you should ask them for free wheel locks or so. I bought mine for OTD $31880 for EXL RN since VA residents only need to pay 3% tax with free wheel locks & free pinstripes. In addition, I got free lifetime oil changes too. :shades:
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