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2013 and earlier Honda Odyssey Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • I want to buy either LX, EX or EX-L but I am looking for people to send me a copy of their order so I can use it to get the same deal. Please eMail me at

    Your help will be greatly appreciated.
  • Hi, I am in the Market for an Odyssey. can you share your details/research/quotes with me. Appreciate your help. You can email me at :

  • Interesting on this really. My 'official' sale price on my car is $37,000 & change. It's listed that I actually received over $9000 on my trade in.

    So, I really don't know how much the car cost me. My trade in kinda threw a lot of things off and I can't tell. Just happy that my bottom line price is what it was.
  • sk2009sk2009 Posts: 8
    Wow!! you got a great deal. Could you please send me the dealer name and can you brerak down the price.

    Thanks in advance..
  • WHOOPS...

    After re-reading my notes, I must have been tired when I typed out my pricing. I apologize for any was very unintended. Here's the real numbers I was quoted.

    Including my trade, I was quoted the following pricing (I was off by a mere $2000 in my previous entry):
    EXL with RES: $26410
    EXL with RES & NAV: $28600

    Figuring my car in at the mid point on trade in offers (low was $1400, high was $3000, mid point was $2200), my best guess for the Odyssey's real price is:
    EXL with RES: $28610
    EXL with RES & NAV: $30800

    I did have several offers all within a few $$$ of each other and I did get the Honda Care for the price I previously listed.

    Again, sorry for throwing off all you bargain hunters...I know if I had read that a few days ago, it would have sent me into a frenzy!!!

    Good luck to all with your search.
  • medmdmdmedmdmd Posts: 41
    I'd be impressed if the dealer went much below his offer for that model but let us know how low do he go.
  • medmdmdmedmdmd Posts: 41
    Agreed, a fair price.
  • medmdmdmedmdmd Posts: 41
    Has anyone used their Warehouse membership like Costco or Sam's Club Auto program to purchase an Ody?
  • mynuacctmynuacct Posts: 21
    Lyao's price is with VA Tag (3% tax) while your is probably with MD tag (6% tax). The tax difference (6% -3% = 3%) on $30k ~ $900.
  • lyaolyao Posts: 71
    Hi morrisonmuzk,

    Is this the OTD prices for EXL with RES/NAV?
    If it is the OTD prices then, it's a great deal for $28600.
    What's the TTL fees?
    But with trade-in, you always can get a better deal though!
  • Here is my contribution:

    Just closed a deal for a 2009 Odyssey Touring without Pax for $33750 +TTL. Color: silver/grey with 4miles on it. I got quotes from several dealers and this is the lowest. One of them refused to give a quote on line. Asked the other ones to match or beat but none could go lower than this. So we went with this one. Will pick up vehicle Friday.

    What do you think about this price. It sees to be the best around here.
  • technoztechnoz Posts: 34
    I just got a quote for Touring NO pax of $32,740 +TTL includes 1 accessory..Seems like prices are coming down..I want to trade in my 08 ody ex-l with 18K miles was in a front end collision with it and is listed in carfax..Anybody know the best was to trade in and get the most out of it? Thanks!
  • which dealer gave you that quote? It's not a demo one, is it? I had a hard time getting any one to go down below 33750. It was just a few days ago.
  • technoztechnoz Posts: 34
    No demo O'hare honda in Des Plaines IL.
  • OIC. That is cheaper in St Louis then. Do you live in the MO or IL side? The reason I didn't go across the river b/c it looks like you have to pay sale tax twice.
  • technoztechnoz Posts: 34
    Im on the Illinois side..
  • evarunuvuevarunuvu Posts: 1
    Congrats. Great Deal Boss. Who is the Salesmen for Ohare Auto Group. I am also in the same line to buy Odyssey Touring from Ohare. Could you please forward your quote to me. I will use your reference for my Odyssey Touring. My Email Id:

    Appreciate your Help.
  • apatel2apatel2 Posts: 7

    I was wondering if you can email me the quote as well. I'm looking for an EX-L with Nav and RES. No one has come below $29,999. patelanupam at gmail dot com.

  • That 28600 was my OTD price for the EX-L & RES & NAV, included dealer admin fee and splash guards.

    Haven't gone to get/pay the taxes/titles yet. Waiting on info from Honda, as I financed with them, but our tax here is 7.5%, so it won't be pretty.
  • vee927vee927 Posts: 11
    dude that is a great price
    let me know when you get the car whats the final # is
    my out the door price was 32,700 with NJ 7% tax

    Congrats if you get this price
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