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2013 and earlier Honda Odyssey Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • olaholah Posts: 3
    date Wed, June 10th
    2009 EXL & RES --> 27,700
    5% tax --> 1,385
    doc fee --> 298
    reg --> 100

    OTD $29,483
  • m_em_e Posts: 4
    Great price - was this Boch Honda? No trade involved? I assume adding the Nav would be just under $30k.
  • Great price Olah! Where did you get it at? What colors?
  • For an EX-L Res & Nav, $27,700 plus TTL is roughly $1,000 better than the best deals I've been seeing till now.

    Wondering if maybe Honda has upped the hidden cash incentive to dealers from $2,500 to $3,500?

    olah, could you mention anything about the process you went through to get that price in the middle of the month? did you negotiate via email first?

    thanks & good for you!
  • olaholah Posts: 3
    The dealer is on the Norword auto mile and they still have many 2009 odysseys on their lots in all colors.
    I started following this forum about 1 month ago.
    I used edmunds "get dealer quotes" as a starting point with about 6-8 dealers, about a week ago.
    The lowest price I recieved by email was 28.8K, everything else was by phone. I was happy with one dealers price and planned on going down, after the weekend to close the deal. I was waiting for the money that I was moving around to clear. I called the rest of the dealers as a courtesy call about my plans. The above dealer called over the weekend with 27.7K price, I quickly put down a deposit on my credit card. I suspect?? Honda must have some other dealer incentives for large volume dealers to clear out the 2009 inventory. This deal wasn't about my negotiating skills, it was about 2 dealers interesting in moving product. I suspect others, in this area, should be getting similar prices over the near future?? I had no trade-in and it was a cash deal.
  • ssanjussanju Posts: 24
    I am in WI - got a quote for 28,000 for 2009 Honda odyssey EX-L with DVD. it is all on phone. I am sure if i go there I may get for 27.5K or 27.7.

    ( In fact - Dealer called me and asked me for an appointment)

    Definteily you had good deal.
  • m_em_e Posts: 4
    I don't think the $27.7 included NAV, just RES
  • gollsgolls Posts: 21
    I have been following this forum for a couple of days. sder1 recently posted a price paid of roughly $30800 at a Palo Alto dealership for an EX-L+NAV/RES. I am in the market for the same trim, and contacted several dealers yesterday. The best quote I have gotten via email is roughly $31400. I am wondering what I should keep my target price as. Looking at the most recent posts, people are getting EX/L+RES (no NAV) for as low as $27.7k, which means, with NAV, it should still be under $30k. Any suggestions on what price I should target and how to go about the negotiations? Thanks!
  • You're right! Apologies for the typos -- understand it was for Res but not Nav. Still, $27,700 is an awesome price compared to most others on here.

    Thanks for pointing that out
  • ssanjussanju Posts: 24
    I would say 29.3 to 29.7 may be good price looking at current scenarios..
  • tdestintdestin Posts: 1
    I saw an earlier post for OTD EX-L with RES & NAV for $28,600.
  • ldissaldissa Posts: 7
    could you give me the name of the dealer, I am in CT , and the best I could get is 28451 plus 299 Fees + tax (6%)
  • olaholah Posts: 3
    Try Boch Honda, Norword
  • ldissaldissa Posts: 7
    What about their service, because their rating on the web is no good.
  • gollsgolls Posts: 21
    The $28.6k OTD figure for EX-L with RES+NAV is based on math which involves several variables. There was a trade-in involved and the poster added the average expected trade-in value to the price they paid to arrive at the $28.6k figure. Given the other prices paid for EX-L RES+NAV recently, $28.6k OTD sounds too good to be true. What if the trade-in was actually valued at the high-end of the expected range, making the OTD price more like ~30k?
  • ldissaldissa Posts: 7
    Ola, could you please email me you quote of 27700 to my email:

    I just finished talking with one salesman from Boch Honda, the quote for EX-L RES is 27998 plus 298 doc fees,,
  • ldissaldissa Posts: 7
    I just got a quote for EX-L RES NAV for 29998
  • ssanjussanju Posts: 24
    You should try ti bring 29.5 or to 29.7 for EX-L DVD and Nav. Good luck!!!

    I am going for On Tuesday - hopefullly may come down for few more hunderds...
  • sashesashe Posts: 6
    If you have any quotes in this range could you please forward to sashemailid at yahoo com The best so far I have in the south bay is 30590 + dest + tax + doc($55)
  • apatel2apatel2 Posts: 7
    I was wondering what you guys think of $29840 + TTL for the van. So fat this is the best I've been able to get.

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