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2013 and earlier Honda Odyssey Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • phil_nphil_n Posts: 1
    Mike, I've gotten $30,000 and $30,125 on an EX-L with RES from two different dealers in the NoCo area, all fees except TTL. If yours included RES, I'd say you're at a good starting point.
  • 2009 Honda Odyssey Touring

    That's best price I've seen -- congrats & good luck.
  • raycollraycoll Posts: 1
    Mind sharing with me which dealership you used? I am visiting atlantic in bay shore. Not sure if I should look elsewhere. I too am looking for an 09. I don't need the power sliding doors so I am leaning twords the LX just to keep my monthly payment down.
  • habsonehabsone Posts: 38
    Congrats,That's a very good price.Does the price incl. the Destination fee?Can you please tell me if it came with any accessories. (like wheel locks,splash guards etc.) Also how much was the DOC.fee.Thank You, Good Luck
  • naimbegnaimbeg Posts: 1
    Can you email me and let me know who you dealt with?
    naimbeg at

  • beemboybeemboy Posts: 1
    Hello all,

    Thanks to this forum which gave me an idea what price should I expect from the dealer when I go for the new car purchasing. I like to share my purchase details here this may be helpful for some one.

    Honda-Odyssey-2009-Touring -With flat tire run-Mist blue-Tan leather interior-RES(rear entertainment system) -6CD changer-seat memory for 2 drivers- with all standard features- Navigation-blue tooth.

    38K out the door including tax at Folsom lake Honda ( tax is 8.75% in CA it sucks)

    This is happened on June-14-2009
  • lulephotolulephoto Posts: 1
    Hi Everyone,

    Postings here have helped me with getting average for prices offered, below are some quotes we got for 2009 Nighthawk Black/Ivory Leather EX-L w/o R & N (mud guards, wheel locks, cargo liner included) on 6/13/09:

    San Diego Offers
    Poway Honda: $27,350+TTL
    Fuller Honda (Chula Vista) quoted $27,442+TTL

    Orange County Offers
    Honda World (Huntington Beach) - $27,942+TTL
    Power Honda (Costa Mesa) - $28,500+TTL

    Anyone got similar or better quotes than above in these areas?
  • apatel2apatel2 Posts: 7
    I may be able to get a 2009 LX for $20,000 + TTL, I was wondering if some of you Master Negotiators let me know if this is a good price?
  • m603m603 Posts: 5
    Thanks for the reply, Phil. That quote is NOT including RES. With the accessories I want (Fog lights, Running Boards, Tow pkg, and allweather mats), I was quoted 29,947+TTL. Still seems a little high. But maybe that's the average in our area.
  • promokspromoks Posts: 7
    Did you contact them through their internet sales department? I talked to Clay O. when I was looking at the Odyssey. The only other dealership that might have a good price is the one in Rochester. Good luck.
  • john2009john2009 Posts: 5
    Today I purchased an Odyssey EX for $23,961, plus tax, title and license, from South Hills Honda.

    The prices of this dealership, and most others around here, were $1000 more than that, and none would budge. I found cheaper prices in New Jersey (Honda of Freehold and DCH Kay Honda), and was ready to buy the car there. However, I used the "price match guarentee" of South Hills Honda to bring their offer down close to the email offers I received from the NJ dealers. I avoided the hassle of getting to/fro NJ, and purchased locally.

    - John
  • suppandysuppandy Posts: 5
    Patel bhai
    I think $20,000 is a very good price. The lowest dealer has quoted me for LX was 21,400 + TTL. Do you mind sharing the dealer information with me ?
  • apatel2apatel2 Posts: 7
    I finalized the deal. It wound up being 20,500 + TTL, will pickup tomorrow. It was at Honda of Lisle. Salesperson told me this was their last 2009 LX, and they are not ordering anymore as they are going to be getting the 2010 model soon.
  • zweizwei Posts: 1
    Hi, I got a quote from a local dealer. 30500$ OTD. Is this too high?

    Edit: another deal just beat the price to 30k OTD.

  • apatel2apatel2 Posts: 7
    My final OTD price for a 2009 Odyssey LX was $22,498 in IL with a tax rate of 7.25%.

    Good Deal, IMO :)
  • zero_1zero_1 Posts: 1
    Is it a good deal in St Louis, Missouri? That also includes splash guards etc.
  • good deal. which dealer did you work with? Thanks.
  • Just purchased at $30800 +TTL included wheel locks, extra headphones and cargo insert. Love the car.
  • sk2009sk2009 Posts: 8
    Yes, it includes destination fee

    OTD = 32750+143 docfee+tax 7.25
    I didn't get any accessories
  • merk850merk850 Posts: 14

    I am also looking 25 minutes north of NYC. Could you tell me your deatails of where you purchased?
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