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2013 and earlier Honda Odyssey Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • rbaconrbacon Posts: 4
    vsaxena, i am looking for a similar deal...can you share which dealer you worked with?

  • onetwo34onetwo34 Posts: 2
    Thanks to this site, I purchased a 2009 EX-L last Thursday. I knew what the was a good price. I paid $26488 which included destination and document fees. I needed to pay sales tax (9.25%) and DMV title in addition. They didn't include any of the freebies I've seen listed on here like wheel locks or mud guards -- although they were on the car already, I told them they could include them or remove them. They removed them. Are Odyssey tires a hot commodity? I thought they were an odd size that rarely fits on other cars. Anyways, I don't have them. Despite getting the price nailed down by email, the process still took 3 hours.
  • rbaconrbacon Posts: 4
    Where? I want to buy today and i will if i can get a similar price.
  • userliteuserlite Posts: 16
    That is a great deal . Congrats !
    What was your OTD ?
    Can you please post the dealer and contact name . Thanks.
  • tampa1312tampa1312 Posts: 6
    Just bought 2009 LX at Honda of Port Richey, Tampa Bay area.
    Purchase price $ 19,400/=
    Dealer Fee $599/=
    Sales Tax $1225.33
    + tag/ tittle / tire & batt fee
    OTD - $ 21508.43 .... With choice of color
    3.9% financing for 60 months.
    No trade In, No down payment.
    Monthly Payment $ 395.14 for 60 months.
    Got price over email, finalized the deal in 30 minutes. Very friendly service. No pushing for extended warranties.
  • suw_odysuw_ody Posts: 6
    It is curry honda.
  • Congrats...very good price for LX model. Please forward me the contact name and/or email address of the sales person at mujib48 at hotmail dot com.
  • onetwo34onetwo34 Posts: 2
    Let's see.
    Anderson Honda in Palo Alto
    price: 26488
    sales tax: 2455.23
    doc fee: 55
    license fee: 400.75
  • This site has helped me, time to give back....

    Pauly Honda
    EXL R&N 29750 including destination
    + plates/title 80
    + sales tax 2150
    + Doc fee 150
    + ERT 25.
    3.9% 60months

    Traded in old van for 1700, which without their knowing it was the same price carmax offered.

    No extras on van.

    Brilliance honda in crystal lake had same offer but wanted/required the protection package (flaps/locks/tray) for an addl 400 (all of that stuff is on Ebay from honda dealers for half price). Brilliance had many vans left.

    Set up in advance over phone. In/out of dealer in 45mintues including test drive.

    Other interesting thing to me. I saw the car being unwrapped from shipping - it had just arrived. The date of manufacture on the label was 12/08.

    Very Happy.
  • maytalmaytal Posts: 12
    Since I didn't get to close on a car by the end of June I am wondering what the incentives would be in July and if there are good deals this weekend with the fourth of July.

    I live in SoCal and want an EX-L with RES, if you have good buying experience in the SoCal area please let me know what sort of deal you get.

  • How did things go? I called them & they told me that I have to buy by June 30. I can't make it till July 4th. I know the incentive is there at least till 6th. I am sure you are enjoying the car & the deal. BTW, can you list the fees?
  • dalindalin Posts: 7
    I am in TX,Houston area and looking for the basic LX model. I was told that the inventory might be low and I may never expect to see a deal like Tampa 1312 for 2009 LX $19400. Check all big dealer's website, they have average 6~7 LX in inventory.But the web information might not be accurate.

    I have been given as low as $23100 OTD, is this a reasonable deal in TX, or, I should still hold for the end-of-summer clearance when 2010 models are out?
  • glengarryglengarry Posts: 6
    I just closed on an EX-L RES last night. But confused by a couple of things- I live in Kentucky. Wanted to compare fee's, Tax Title, etc. They came to me with an out the door price that was $200 over agreed to OTD. I told them OTD had to be what we agreed to - so adjust the price. They came back and said they did that- I signed since I was focused on the OTD price which matched. But now I realize they did NOT adjust the purchase price- so wondering where they changed from the original!

    I don't want to get stung by additional Kentucky fees. The other thing that confuses me- they said something about getting an OHIO title- and then I'd have to transfer to Kentucky?!?!

  • wiscokidwiscokid Posts: 4
    Sale price $22,883.54 + $1,283.61 Sales tax + $93.00 registration fee.

    Original MSRP - $30,125.00
  • suw_odysuw_ody Posts: 6
    What is your OTD?
  • wiscokidwiscokid Posts: 4
    OTD = $24,260.15
  • suw_odysuw_ody Posts: 6
    You got a good deal.
  • userliteuserlite Posts: 16
    Thank you .
    Congrats once again ! 29.3 is a great price for EX-L .
  • userliteuserlite Posts: 16

    Any suggestions about how much max mileage a new car should have ?
  • Can you please provide the dealer/sales rep name, what state are you in, what color did you get and if the car had any addtional things (splash guard, ect) and what was the milage on the car?

    Also, was there a tradin?

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