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2013 and earlier Honda Odyssey Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • mohanpmohanp Posts: 26
    These are very very base prices from CReprts.. Dealer wil not go below this price withiout the hidden incentive they have of 1000 1500 whihc got over in June 30.
  • mohanpmohanp Posts: 26
    Locked in a EX at 24250...Bay Area
  • Heading over today to pick up a new Slate Green/Olive EX-L (no RES, no Nav). The dealer had to trade with a dealer over 300 miles away to get my color choice. We agreed on a OTD price of $28,045 plus Oklahoma tax which i think is pretty good given the transport cost. This is without any duscussion of a trade-in. I will let the dealer look over my trade and make me an offer, if i dont like it i will just sell it on craigslist or autotrader or the paper, technology makes it too easy.

    So, how did I do? Please give me some feedback since this is the first "new" car i have ever purchased. I will post agian after we sign the documents so i can let the board know how everything went.
  • khanectionkhanection Posts: 12
    i was quoted $28,170 which includes destination but not documentation, tax and dmv from a dealer in NJ. i then had Hillside Honda in Queens price match. They took a deposit and i'll meet with the finance manager today. i hope he doesn't play games because i'm not going to pay $1 more - i already feel a lil bad since people have posted about $26,500 including destination...

    Also - i'm buying the APR so i'll pay the entire APR up front and have 0% - religious restrictions against interest.

    i'll post when i pick up the EX-L Ocean Mist.
  • Found out 2010s due out this month. I saw last year on this board that when the '09s came out the '08 EX-L Odysseys went for only $1000 more than the EXs.

    I was hoping to get this same deal. Has anyone had any luck yet getting such a deal or am I just dreaming?

    What about price cuts in general given may have to get rid of '09s to make room for 2010 stock?
  • I was wondering about anyone in the NY areas experience with particular dealers. I did some price shopping so far and came up with the best prices at Nardy in Smithtown and Huntington Honda. Anyone have a horrible experience with either one? Are there any better ones to deal with? Where are you getting your best prices?

  • caligirl7caligirl7 Posts: 1
    Do you mind telling me which dealership you went to?
  • jbakker11jbakker11 Posts: 1
    I am looking for 09 Odyssey EX-L R+N model and the sticker price was $37,525 and Manager gave me $31000 without tax is this good deal I am in NJ.
  • JJamiJJami Posts: 6
    Got '09 Honda Odyssey LX for $20,300+TTL (Jun 30th '09) in Connecticut
    14 Miles on it..
    Total came to $22,002

  • mohanpmohanp Posts: 26
    It is not a dream really, this year but before June 30 people got this for .. 26600...the lowest I saw in these forums. Tommorrow if Honda announces 3500 rebate instead of the 2500(which expires today) than it may be possible to get it at 26750 I believe,

    The problem is that Most of the dealers have run out of EX Odys , the next ones are the EX-L to go..
  • mohanpmohanp Posts: 26
    That is an Incredible Price... Congratultions...!!!
  • mohanpmohanp Posts: 26
    That is an Incredible Price... Congratulations...!!!

    Mind telling us when u got this before June 30? or after ?
  • My husband and I are about to purchase our first Odyssey EX-L, Res & Nav and added running boards, this evening for $35,000 OTD. Does this seem like a good deal? We live in South Flroida. I am trying to gauge against others that have recently purchased. Please help. Thank you!
  • tc2009tc2009 Posts: 7
    Hi mohanp,
    Can you share which dealership did you lock this price with?
  • tc2009tc2009 Posts: 7
    Honda was to issue new prices today. Does anyone know what new incentives are?
  • tpavantpavan Posts: 12
    What do you mean by " i'm buying the APR so i'll pay the entire APR up front and have 0% "? Is this like a cash payment?
  • yodarfyodarf Posts: 1
    I just pick up an EXL without R&N from Maroone Honda of Hollywood on June 26. Here is what I paid:

    $27,400 base price
    $1,650 sales tax(6%)
    $315 reg/tag/title/batt/tire fees
    $29,365 total price

    I installed an aftermarket dvd for the kids and they love it. We are very happy with the van and had a great buying experience with the dealer.
  • khanectionkhanection Posts: 12
    If the cost of interest is $1,000 over the course of the loan, i will prepay that $1,000 and my agreement will reflect 0% APR.
  • JJamiJJami Posts: 6
    Got it on Jun 30th... New Britain's Schaller Honda.
  • rbaconrbacon Posts: 4
    I bought yesterday at Concord Honda an EX-L for $27,500 +TTL, OTD was $30,515. Process was smooth - no games. Feels like i might of gotten a better price but ran out of time and am satisified.

    Apprecaite this forum, found it very helpful. Thanks all for sharing.
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