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2013 and earlier Honda Odyssey Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • jmwa2305jmwa2305 Posts: 1
    I am looking in the Pittsburgh area also and wonder if you wouldn't mind telling me which dealers played ball and not- who gave you the lowest and was willing to negotiate- so when I come at them with similar sounding demands- Monday I will have all the info I can...
    Much appreciated
  • hogan773hogan773 Posts: 255
    You must be the judge, but if you've only gone to 2 dealers, you really don't have a great sample size re: quotes. It all depends on how much time you want to put in this, but you can probably save $1000 if you took a little time to read this board and apply the Hogan Method to a wider group of dealers.
  • Did they stop making the 2010 Honda Odyssey's yet? I was just thinking if inventory may start getting reduced (or already is) for the 2011. Summer release I think?
  • All,

    This is my first post in this forum.

    I'm looking for a minivan and I came across this advertisement. Please advice me, what would be the best price for 2006 Odyssey Ex minivan .
    I'm looking around 15k-16k.

    2006 Honda Odyssey Standard EX 8 pass - $19000
    46k mileage. Clean Title, no accidents. Well maintained. Single Owner.
    New tires, New break discs and breaks pads.
    Extended Warrenty of 80k miles or 7 years.
    All service done by Honda dealer.

    Here are KBB prices.

    KBB Private Party Value:
    Excellent $19,605
    Good $18,655
    Fair $17,405

    KBB Retail Value: $22,205

    KBB Trade-in Values:
    Excellent $16,775
    Good $15,925
    Fair $14,475

    I really appreciate your help.

    Thank you.
  • ardentaznardentazn Posts: 14
    I am not sure what is the market rate for your area. But here's what I do usually:

    -go to some classifieds ( craigslist, yahoo, local newspapers, etc..)
    -from there, you can get a sense of waht the going rate is
    -make your judgement from that...
    -KBB is a good starting pt but generally does not reflect the market conditions (as some cars will sell better in certain region/weather.. such as a convertible in CA)
  • rmg7rmg7 Posts: 4
    Thank you everyone for the posts. I just bought my Odyssey today:

    EX-L w/RES in Bali Blue

    $31,586 OTD (including all fees, taxes, transfer of titles, dealer add-ons - EVERYTHING).

    Dealer said he couldn't do 2.9% with the $1250 incentive, so he called Bank of America. He got me 2.79%!! (he called me and said "Guess what - I saved you $2 per month - pretty cool huh?).

    Anyway, I would have paid $32,100 - but once I read these posts - no way!

  • rmg7rmg7 Posts: 4
    Call just about every dealership in SC. They will all quote you between 31,400 and 32,000. Hilton Head Honda guy is still calling me with 31,400 - and that includes delivering the beast into my driveway!!!
  • sunnygosunnygo Posts: 2
    Signed a deal for an EX-L Nav and RES for $32400 + TTL......Some info for you guys out there looking for deals on Odysseys.....My dealer mentioned that he has another batch of 2010s on Order being delivered to him May 22nd so looks like the 2010s are still in production at the factory....Hope that helps you make your decision to wait or buy now....Thanks for all the great info in this thread,
  • ardentaznardentazn Posts: 14
    edited April 2010
    Thanks for the info.

    I am most likely going to pick up the car tomorrow. Narrowed it down to 2 dealers (pretty local)... There's one about 50 mi away that told me to bring in best quote and they will beat it by $500... But I am not sure how reliable they are, so I rather not drive 100mi for nothing....

    I did take your advice and looked into alternative loan deals... Best I found is the 3.99% Penfed loan... now I have a back up... Thanks!

    I will report back once I get the car...

    (P.S. my intuition was correct.. I read some reviews on this "SOLID" Honda in the Inland Empire... NOT ONE of the sales reviews are favorable... All complaint of deception and lies....Man, I love the internet... =)
  • alangpalangp Posts: 13
    I just copy your method and got my local dealer agree to sell me EX-L at 28,800 (destinations included). That's basically smooth exchange of emails. I guess I might have a chance to go as low as 28,500. Those dealer may have some special holdback support from Honda other than the 3% of MSRP. Well I am satisfied with my price and going to sign my deal tomorrow (OTD 30900 with 6% sales tax). Thank your guys for the help. This forum is great for price and other information.
    The internet sales manager told me they sold 15-20 in the past two weeks and the remaining 25 will be gone in 2-3 weeks. They are going to wait for 2- 3 months for new model, NO MORE 2010 coming!
    Boys and Girls, happy shopping. If you just like the current Odyssey mode and did your research, you can do better on price, but you may need to be hurry to find the color you like.
  • pmpatelpmpatel Posts: 23
    Hi All,

    After reading so many post messages (new user to this community), I requested e-quote from 8-10 dealers around midwest area. Here's the breakdown on 2010 EX-L with Navi and RES that i found from one dealer that I have signed.

    $32155 with destination fee included.
    $419 fog lights installed.
    $299 for Prot Pkg (splash guard, wheel lock, cargo tray)
    $150 doc fee
    $25 Elect Filing Fee.
    $194 New plates.
    OTD: around 35643.
    Extended Warrenty 7 yr/75000 miles with 0 deductible at $900.

    I wasn't sure If I should go with extended warranty but I believe it's a good safety to have, especially I don't put too many miles.

    THANKS for so many of you that provided very useful information.
  • pmpatelpmpatel Posts: 23
    Hi Harkmon,

    Did you pay OTD $36877 with sales tax included? Or sales tax extra on top of $36877. If you paid 36877 with TTL then you got the best deal.
  • alangpalangp Posts: 13
    rmg7, how much is your tax? Anyway, it's a great price. My wife dropped idea of having RES over the weekend, so I guess we will go with IPAD in our Odyssey. But the 115v and AV outlet are really handy, and the integrated sound system too. My guess is that one can pay 700-1000 more than EXL to get the RES before TTL.
  • The RES will be approximately $1000-$1400 more than the non-RES. Sounds like you might regret not getting it if the factory integration and power outlets are important to you.
  • krishkrish Posts: 18
    //Signed a deal for an EX-L Nav and RES for $32400 + TTL.....//

    Could you pl post the dealer and city ? TIA.
  • hogan773hogan773 Posts: 255
    Everyone needs to make their own decision re: RES or no RES (or aftermarket RES). I posted a while back on how I came to decide on getting Honda RES. I do not regret the decision, and over the life of the vehicle, I don't think I'll care about the extra 800 bucks I spent to have the RES (assuming I paid about 1300 more than a regular EXL, and when I sell the car I might get 500 more than an EXL at that time).

    Key things to consider:

    1) the factory RES is a slick install and its fully integrated into the sound system, plus the DVD load is on the dashboard and not up in the unit like in some aftermarket systems
    2) WARRANTY WARRANTY WARRANTY - the factory system is under Honda warranty, and when I buy my Hondacare warranty then I'll have 7 or 8 years of warranty on this touchy electronics item. When you pay $800 or whatever to get your BestBuy installed DVD player, and it breaks after 2 years, what happens then? Do you have to spend another $800 to get a new one installed?
  • wcj41978wcj41978 Posts: 3
    I'm looking to purchase in the next couple weeks. I live in the Dallas Fort Worth area and we have 12 dealerships. One of the best offers I have yet is $35,715 which is MSRP down to $30,716.71 + tax title and license fees. Not bad at all but I am looking to finance about this amount so we're still in the process. I'll update any progress.
  • monimoni Posts: 8
    I sent emails to 17 dealerships in the North Texas area (around DFW), but I only got a quote from one of them. I was asking for a quote for a EX-L with NAV and RES in Polished Metal Metallic.
    I am really surprised by the lack of response. I am planning to buy by the end of this week before th 1250 dealer cash expires.
    One reason I am suspecting is that dealers dont have the color I am asking for.
  • wcj41978wcj41978 Posts: 3
    That's crazy, I have emailed about 7 or 8 of them and heard back by either phone or email from them all. You might be right, that may be an odd color with the options you want but it still seems like they are ready to pounce on any one email. Some of them have tried to offer me a lower trim level or color, I'm surprised they haven't done the same to you.
  • monimoni Posts: 8
    edited April 2010
    If need be, I will get a little more flexible with the color.

    Who are you getting the best quote from?
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