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2013 and earlier Honda Odyssey Prices Paid and Buying Experience



    RETAIL PRICE: $37,135.00

    35,291.00 + 382.75 + 2916.05 = DRIVE OUT 38,589.80

    The quote is from stevens creek honda in San Jose. Right now They only have one color model (metalic something). I ask the same trim with another color for the same price and have not got back a quote yet. I think they would give the same. What do you guys think of the quote above?
  • tartarytartary Posts: 4

    Got Honda Odyssey EX L with no RES Or NAV
    Smoky Topaz with truffle interior
    33261 plus TTL with free mats and cargo tray

    Thanks for replying!
  • sww2sww2 Posts: 9
    The Routan may be a rebadged Dodge, but I will bet it doesn;t have the transmissions issues that the ODY has.
  • :confuse: Folks please let me know if I got a OK deal :confuse:

    Finally was able to purchase(waiting to pickup next week to be eligible for 0.9% APR) an Honda Odyssey EX-L (Smoky Topaz, No Nav, No DVD) I live in Chicago South suburbs(NW Indiana).

    $32,164.00= Bargain price including destination charge

    $380 = Protection Pack Type-A (Could not get away from this crap)
    $256 = VIN Ecthing (Could not get away from this crap)

    $220 = Accessories Installed(Slash Gaurds, Wheel Locks)
    $200.00 = Doc process fee
    $2200.00 = IN taxes 7%, new title and tags
  • nobonobo Posts: 305
    Honda Odyssey transmission problems occur on only a small amount of Odyssey builds. If you want less depreciation, buy the Odyssey. If you want to try to sell the Routan, it will not be a quick sale, unless you are willing to sell at a big discount.
  • ltr2ltr2 Posts: 5
    Will be picking it up next week. No dealer add - on.

    32,885 + 810 (Destination) = 33,695

    + fee + TTL (6.47%) = 36,138.

    Smoky Topaz with truffle interior.

    How did I do?
  • marvsvmarvsv Posts: 15
    Hi! How much is your monthly payment for that price? is 575 monthly for the touring elite, a good price already? We are going to trade in our 2008 honda crv with 24000 miles on it for $17,000 and we are going to pay down paymetn of $2,500. So basically, when I was negotiating, I told the manager that I want to have a $575 as my monthly payment..

    They are willing to give the touring elite

    Do you think it is a good deal...?
  • marvsvmarvsv Posts: 15
    How much is your monthly for this deal? is 575 monthly a good deal for a touring elite?
  • potamuspotamus Posts: 2
    I paid $34,900 for EXL w/RES less than a month ago. My lowest quote was for $34,400 but they didn't have my model & color choice on the lot.

    Good Luck!
  • kadoosbuzzkadoosbuzz Posts: 10
    edited August 2011
    Thanks for the reply! We went and talked to the dealers. They lowballed us bad on our 2007 Nissan Quest SE trade in. Wanted to give us 11,000 for it. KBB and Black book both put it in FAIR condition (and ours is in good rather than fair condition) at a minimum of 13,000 with our mileage and features. Their excuse was that "if we can't sell it at our dealership, then all auction will give us is 11,000." We said no thank you and walked away. They stuck to their 35,261.00 price for the EX-l res.

    I would've paid that for the van if our trade in had been better quoted. Am I being unreasonable???

    We are disappointed but our current van is lovely and truth is as much as we'd love the Odyssey, we won't go up in payments to get it. Ugh! :(
  • That's exactly the number I just got to on an EXL -RES $34,900! It'll arrive in 1-2 days so I'll get the 0.9% APR for 60 months!
    I was going to get an EXL we agreed on $33,500 with FREE all weather mats, FREE cargo tray, and FREE (4) splash guards and installation.
    It was going to be in possibly as late as 9-02 (being made) so not to the dealership for another week; so I could still get 1.9% ... that can be extended if yours is not in yet; however, the .9% it has to be on the lot and delivered by 9-06-11.
    So I had the saleswoman check; they have my same color (white) w/ truffle (hard to find) coming in 1 to 2 days! I bid $34,700 they ok'd that but said not w/ the 3 free accessories they'd agreed upon for the EXL (all weather mats, cargo tray, and splash guards) I wanted all that and so I bid $34,900 and they ok'd it!!!
    So I got $34,900 for an EXL RES 2011 with .9% APR for 60 months AND free all weather mats, cargo tray, and splash guards!!!
    The only fee the dealership charges is $199. This includes admin work, prep, etc.. not bad! :)
    I"m thrilled! I get it tomorrow or the next day! Color of choice, interior of choice and all! :) :) :)
  • Hi armywife2cpt,
    that seems to be a good deal for you! where is your dealership? I got the same model for $35,291 without any free stuff. If the $199 is included then mine is about $290 more. So enjoy yours.
  • Hey Mike!
    I don't think we are allowed to list the dealer name on here... years back they would delete any post; cause sales man would come on here and advertise. URGH.
    It's a dealer outside St. Louis.
    No, the $199 is not included in the 34,900. I didn't include dealer fees in price.. that is the only fee they charge for prep, admin paperwork, etc...
    They do the $495 paint sealant at NO charge and 2 years of free service (4 oil changes and 2 tire rotations) free. All those are free and with each Honda they sell.

    I listed the price for the van since fees, sales tax, etc. very so much per state. I did list it so that people knew. That's the only fee I paid though and there is no way around that fee. I don't feel bad about it knowing the service for 2 years is free, and they have to do the paperwork etc... prep..

    I'm getting the three "parts" that I really wanted all for FREE: all weather mats (retail: 199), free cargo tray (retail 99), free splash guards (retail w/ install 120) all included in the 34,900.
    So I think that's a great deal.

    Plus the EXL I was going to wait for (it comes in just when the 0.9% will expire) I will save $500 in interest from 1.9% to 0.9% so I really got a good deal...

    Most oddy's in this area are pre sold..... I got really lucky getting the EXL RES for only a littler more than the EXL I'd been waiting for. I get this one sooner and the same free things.

    Considering that no more 11's can be ordered and very few are on lots, yet it was exactly the color choices I would have picked, I'm super happy. I get it tomorrow
  • viperz4viperz4 Posts: 20
    $34,900 for EXL-RES is an excellent price. I closed our deal on a lease for ex-l at end of July and lowest I could get was 34,200. And this was after talking to 5 dealerships in 200 miles radius. The inventory level was non existent and no one was willing to sell below msrp. I closed the deal when I got 34,200 to take advantage of Honda promise. Still waiting for our van to arrive from Alabama. Now I wish I had waited to get more discount like you guys.
  • kyfdx@Edmundskyfdx@Edmunds Posts: 25,881
    You may include the dealership name, city and state in your post. Please do not post names of salespeople, telephone numbers, email addresses, or other contact information.

    Moderator - Prices Paid, Lease Questions, SUVs

  • fl1fl1 Posts: 1
    edited August 2011
    On 8/24 We purchased an EX-L, no options, Mocha Metallic, at John Hall Honda in Daytona Beach, Fl.

    32,864.00 Purchase price (includes delivery)
    6.50 Tire/Battery disposal
    2,027.17 6.5% Sales tax
    241.45 Registration, Doc stamps,etc.
    499.00 Dealer fee

    35,638.12 Total

    Financed at .9%

    5,000.00 down - 522.56 @ 60 months

    Total interest charge: 715.48

    We've driven about 100 miles so far. It rides and drives great, very similar to a 2006 Pilot we had in ride and features.

    Hope this helps...

  • I am trying to decide if I want to buy a 2011 or wait for the 2012. Any idea how high the incentive aprs might go by Christmas? Have they ever offered the .9% before during Thansgiving or Christmas? I just don't think I can swing getting the .9 apr by Sept 6 expiration date because we are still trying to sell our current van. I'm thinking a month or so might be better but hate not getting that great incentive.

    Also, I just finished my masters degree so I do qualify for the graduate program. Does that apr go down to .9 and is it offered year around?

    Thanks for any advice!!
  • dca4dca4 Posts: 5
    I closed the deal this weekend after a few weeks of waiting on an EX-L w/RES:

    Base + Destination: $34,200
    Title Fees: ~$150 (whatever the IL requirement) is
    No other fees or dealer add-ons
    got the 0.9 APR as well

    I started the process in late June and had to wait for about six weeks to get the car I wanted at what I perceived as a good price. The inventory was very low in Chicago area then and dealers were not looking to negotiate. YMMV

    I had a great experience at Motorwerks with the salesperson who helped me out. I'd recommend the dealership and him. Too bad I can't name him on the forum
  • pallapalla Posts: 2
    I got the price quote from the internet sales person. Visited the dealership on the same day (27th Aug) and picked up the van the same day. No negotiation on the quoted prices. In metallic gray.

    Price: $34000
    Only add on were: wheel locks and splash guards. They wanted me to pay $300 for these two on top of the quoted price. I paid $130, to make it a total of $34k.
    20K down, rest is 0.9% apr. Took the extended honda warranty for 6years or 75kmiles.

    Very nice dealership& good experience. Recommend this dealership to anyone.
    Good deal while the inventory is low and no other dealers are looking to negotiate. I was looking for this vehicle since March. In July I got the quote for 36K for this vehicle. I am super happy, I got this deal.
  • herro91herro91 Posts: 10

    Can anyone recommend a dealership in Maryland who offers fair and reasonable prices. I'm running into the low inventory + not much negotiation room trying to find a good price on an Odyssey EX-L w/ RES which I want to pick up by labor day.

    All the dealers want to tack on the destination + their dealer fees which really jacks it up.

    Appreciate any help - including a recent price quote that I can use to negotiate.

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