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2013 and earlier Honda Odyssey Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • dpftcdpftc Posts: 1
    edited July 2012
    last month, I purchased Celestial blue Odyssey Touring for $36950 (includes dest. + d/h+clear nose mask)+ tax.
    base MSRP: 41180
    destination : 810
    clear nose mask : 199
    dealer handling: $399

    got 0.9% APR for 60 month.

    Thanks to all of you to give me all required information prior to negotiate with dealers.
  • wasabeewasabee Posts: 31
    Nope, I got it through Curry Honda of Atlanta. Very straight forward, although I bought my Honda Odyssey Touring elite from Gwinnette Place Honda. So I shopped around for the warranty.

    I think my deal is not the best there is out there, but it is decent I believe.
  • vnktvnkt Posts: 2
    Got the following quotes from a Bay area dealer. How are these, appreciate any feedback.
    EX OTD is $ 31969.68 , EX-L RES OTD price is $ 36188.80

    Thanks in advance.
  • tanstans Posts: 2
    Hi, Thanks everyone who contributes to this forum. I have been looking at Touring and touring elite and got this quote over the internet for 38500 for a new Touring elite from a Milwaukee, Wi dealer. This sounds too good to be true. What am I missing?

  • racer__x_9racer__x_9 Posts: 16
    It seems high. It was last month, but I got an EX-L for 30,900 (car + dest).
    It was an old invoice unit. Honda raised prices in mid April by abt 300.

    Is that price with tax or not?
  • zoniczonic Posts: 9
    Yes, they do chance invoice per season, prefer is the mid year reason try to reduce inventory before end of the year, tax purpose, they will try to sell limited number of car before receiving upcoming new models. So don't wait if you get good qoute better grad it before to late.
  • kagedudekagedude Posts: 407
    edited July 2012
    Got the following quotes from a Bay area dealer. How are these, appreciate any feedback.
    EX OTD is $ 31969.68 , EX-L RES OTD price is $ 36188.80

    I got my my EX last week for $28350 plus tax and registration/doc fee. My OTD with NY tax, $200 registration (I get a refund) and $97.50 doc fee was $31021.81.
  • csriram45csriram45 Posts: 53
    I am being offered the 2012 Touring for $36,500 with destination. Tax title etc. Is this a good pricing or can I do better? This is in Northern California. Please let me know
  • zoniczonic Posts: 9
    You can do much better, i got mine for $35.99 including destination and have to pay only tax and license. Got queted in Sheen honda @ loma linda ca, and got price match @ Robertoon Honda @north hollywood ca for honda touring 2012 @$35.995
  • gardnr01gardnr01 Posts: 5
    edited July 2012
    Pickup up a new Odyssey TE this weekend.

    Price broke down as follows:
    Base incl. delivery $38,450
    Dealer Fee $ 600
    Title, tag, and processing $ 246
    Tax $ 2,352

    OTD $41,637
    w/ mud guards, sunroof visor, door guards, cargo tray and tint (at no additional cost).

    Financed most at .9% for 5 years.

    Emailed ~15 dealers requesting quotes. Then followed up with one round of additional emails to the top 3. Closed the deal via email and went in next day to pick up the car. No surprises. In and out of the dealer in just over 2 hours. Very happy with deal and vehicle.
  • rkothaparkothapa Posts: 4
    I have been trying to get some quotes for 2012 Odyssey EXL in the DFW area. The best I have been getting is around $31500 including d&h and dealer added options. Wanted to get some opinions on this forum. Is this Good price or over priced?
  • lpaternolpaterno Posts: 2
    gardnr01, What's the dealer name and location?
  • kps1234kps1234 Posts: 1
    what would be best deal to buy odyssey EX-L in va/md/dc area?
  • dp_crvdp_crv Posts: 23
    I purchased my odyssey 2012 3 months ago for 31800. You shd be able to get it close to 30k to 30.5k
    Please try Fenton Honda of Ardmore Oklahoma. Ardmore city is 90 mi from dfw. I am sure you will get good deal.
  • lmcjcaolmcjcao Posts: 16
    Got EX-L with RES for $32,000 from McDavid Honda Frisco, probably could do better on price, but I was in a hurry to use the car. So for EX-L, below $30,500 should be possible in DFW.
  • rkothaparkothapa Posts: 4
    Thank you dp_crv. I will send a quote request to Fenton Honda. Can you recommend any sales person at Fenton?
  • rkothaparkothapa Posts: 4
    Thank you lmcjcao. When did you purchase your vehicle? Can you share the salesperson's name. you can email me at danieldotgenryatyahoodotcom
  • jwooijwooi Posts: 1
    Were you able to get the Touring Elite for $38500? Which dealership was this at?

  • whacky1whacky1 Posts: 2
    We recently bought our Honda EX-L (destination included) with no other options and no trade in for $29,900 in MA.

    Thank you everyone for sharing their experience and price.

    Good luck!
  • Can you pls tell the dealer name? Also was this OTD price?
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