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2013 and earlier Honda Odyssey Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • gr2012gr2012 Posts: 4
    Any ideas what is a good deal? I got following quotes (includes destination)

    1) Touring : $36,750 - $37,250
    2) Touring Elite : $38,750-$39,250

    Do I buy now or wait for 2013 model to come in?

  • trabatraba Posts: 9
    I just purchased and paid $35098 for a touring in NJ. It was $34798 but they didnt have the color combo I wanted. I paid $300 to get it. The 2013's won't be as discounted. I purchased August 6th.
  • tominohtominoh Posts: 3
    Hello everyone - I am new to this site and am hoping for some help. My wife and I are looking for the best price on a 2012 Honda Odyssey EXL. We live in OH. Can anyone share specific details about where they bought this car, the price they paid, and the salesperson's name? I'd like to provide a quote to a sales guy here in OH to match the price. It seems several on this board have paid around $31K.. what a great deal!

    Thank you in advance for helping!
  • ahmom2ahmom2 Posts: 1
    edited August 2012
    Looking @ buying new 2012 Odyssey Touring or EXL. Here are the quotes I received...OTD on Exl Res including taxes, destination, fees is 35,212 and OTD on Touring including taxes, destination, fees is 39679. All weather mats, cargo tray and mud flaps additional $790. This was an Internet quote and I was told this is the best they could do. Does anyone know if there is a way to get a better price or is this a good deal?
  • I live in Los Angeles area and would like to share quote I received today.
    MFP is $37455.00. Lowest quote I got was $31995.00 + Tax & License.
    The methods to get the quote was through and requesting quote.
    Is this good price? It seems like cost is a way below than dealer invoice price.
  • psomupsomu Posts: 3
    Bought a new ex-l dark cherry pearl today from pohanka of fredericksburg. Paid 29,851 + 399 + tags & tax. OTD is $31,225. Got the 0.9% & total process took 1 hr. No cross selling & crap. No dealer in DC area was willing to match this price.
  • csr2csr2 Posts: 1
    Did you include the tax&tags in the OTD price 31,225 ? or did you have any trade in?
  • x5savx5sav Posts: 44
    Yes. I just bought a Odyssey EX. OTD price is $29K. I am also in the Los Angeles area. :)
  • psomupsomu Posts: 3
    31,225 includes everything. I did not have a trade in.
    Base price:29,851
    Proc fee:399
    Title & Tags: 55

    Total:31,225. (Financed at 0.9% for 60 mo)
  • Hi! I live in san diego county. Where in LA is this dealership?
    Im looking for Exl and Spreen Honda so far has given me the lowest
  • Long time follower of the forum but first time posting. Looking to buy Odyssey EXL with RES

    I've emailed with all the dealers in Cincinnati and the best OTD including taxes(6.5%) I am getting is $33,500. No dealer installed options.

    Has anyone seen or received a better offer?
  • x5savx5sav Posts: 44
    Try Sierra Honda in Monrovia, good luck. :)
  • I live in Columbus, but I am in Cincinnati all the time and am not opposed to buying a car down there. Which dealer were you able to get the price from 37455 to 33,500 OTD and how did you go about getting these prices from your dealers. I can always try that here in Columbus first. I am looking for the EX-L RES. Let me know. Thanks!!
  • samt2samt2 Posts: 4
    Just purchased EX-L from Planet Honda in NJ. The Sales Guy Steven is nice and easy to deal with.

    Base $28,900
    Destination $830
    Doc Fee $399
    ProPack and Etching $371( This is a ripoff, not even worth $50)
  • Which dealer gave you the best offer In Cincinnati?
  • I just purchased 2012 Odyssey Touring Elite MSRP 44,655 + dealers optional price 46,600 for 38800 in Los Angeles.
  • sridevsridev Posts: 1
    This forum is verymuch helpful for my purchase of Touring. I am in Bentonville, AR area and getting great deal is bit difficult.

    I just bought yesterday from Fayettville Honda Dealer for below price.

    Base Price: $36,000 (including Destination fee $830)
    Gap Insurance: $550
    Taxes : $2160
    $38,710 (OTD) I might have pay for Title and Registration.

    I hope this is helpful.
  • morfysmorfys Posts: 2
    didn't get any extra accessories
  • Can you please share your quote with me? I am in the process of negotiating price of odyssey with a local dealer in dallas area.

    highly appreciated!
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 27,692
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