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2013 and earlier Honda Odyssey Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • I agree, I want to close this before the end of next week. How can we connect? Not sure if I can leave my email id here.
  • 2012 EXL no nav no res, base including dest chrg 29,975. Doc fee 239, no prep fee, no added acc, plus tax, title @ Weymouth Honda, near Boston. Best deal I think, I couldn't do it as I was lazy to drive from NJ. Trust me, my laziness was punished, read below.

    I bought mine yesterday at garden state honda, nj for 30,365, 299 doc fee plus tax & title. My guy is very bad, he wanted me to buy the accessories he had on the car, the ones I didn't need. Eventually discounted the acc. The price I gave you is without accs. It took 6.5 hrs for completing the process. Not at all organized, not knowledgeable of the products, just worst. All in in addition to being the usual cheating, lying, tricking associated with car salesman, I guess, never had this experience with all the other cars we bought over the years. If you HAVE to go there, be strong. Avoid if possible.

    Weymouth guys are great, I was there in summer when my sister got her accord. Very pleasant. Simply put, polar opposites. I should have driven 6 hrs instead of spending 6.5hrs with these guys. Well, it's done now. Just wanted to help fellow buyers on this forum. Great forum, invaluable help for me. Thanks guys.
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  • Hello!
    Picked up a 2012 Odyssey Touring (Smoky Topaz ) at Miller Honda in Van Nuys, CA last evening. Did most of the initial shopping online, and sent a few emails around. A few other dealers gave fairly low numbers. Took the lower numbers to Miller, as this is the dealership that I take our existing 2005 Odyssey EX-L to for all the services and repairs. The service department has treated us well. Even though they quoted higher before, they matched the price. They quoted $695 for the Protection Package (wheel locks, splash guards and cargo tray). No way was I going to pay that much. They came back with $376 for it, which I thought was reasonable, considering it would have cost me about $250 buying online, and then installing.
    Trim: Touring
    MSRP: 42,160
    Vehicle Price: $35,772 (includes destination)
    Destination: $830
    Accessories: $376
    Doc Fees: $80
    Taxes: $3,169.95 (8.75% in CA)
    Tags: $335
    Total OTD: $39,759.30

    We decided to do a lease, so those numbers below.
    Lease info: Honda Finance
    Drive Off: 1,000 (includes 1st month payment, registration, doc fee and a couple of small fees).
    Term: 36 Months with 12K miles per year
    Money Factor: 0.00032
    Residual: 50% ($21,080)
    MSRP: 42,160
    Cap Cost: 36,687.77 (includes the $595 Bank Fee)

    Payments: $491.59 (including tax)

    Ask if you have any questions.
  • Dd you wind up purchasing with mall of ga? I am negotiating an exl w/res now. Latest quote 32,999 plus dealer fee, tax, and title. How much lowr can I get?
  • Not yet. But the quote that I received from them was $34,999 OTD, and that was all over emails, trying to negotiate with the internet sales manager. This included the protection package accessories as well. I thought I could do better than that, but I didn't try at the time. This was couple of weeks ago.
  • Where are you in the negotiations? Did you end up buying. Latest quote is 32,999 plus tax, title, dealer fee. How much lower can I go?
  • tschwartz1tschwartz1 Posts: 4
    edited September 2012
    Correction 32,999
  • I meant to say 32,999. What is your tax rate? I think they can still come down a good bit! I am 7% and that would put me approx $1k higher OTD than you.
  • Ditto on the 7%. I live in DeKalb.
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  • Okay, I was trying to get all three of us to do some sort of group buy this weekend, and get a decent deal for our trims. I am looking at ex-ls. It looks likey they won't let us leave email ids here, and they don't have a mechanism to send PMs. I personally don't care about sharing this email since I just created it for our connecting purposes, but they removed that too. Lets connect at My userid there is: Pakola. Please send me a PM there when you see this message.
  • I agree with the group buy approach if we can. The latest quote I have is $34897 for EX-L with Nav. Let me get on the ODY club wesite.
  • That's a pretty good OTD. Is it with accessories? All my OTD quotes, I have made sure I am including the protection package: body side mouldings, mats, splash guards, cargo tray and wheel locks. I have also created a temporary google email account for this purpose, and my id is: 'odyssey.purchase3'. Hope you know the domain it ends with :) You can email me there, if you don't feel like joining By the way, they have a pretty extensive pricing paid thread there as well.

    I don't want to write the whoe address here as they might be flagging post for some keywords or who knows what else to remove this post again.
  • Yesterday I got the Silver one Ex-L at Odonnel in Ellicott City for this below deal:

    Base Selling price - $29071
    Vehicle Freight charge - $830
    MD State Sales Tax - 6%
    Dealer processing charge - $200
    Tags/Titling for new Tags w/2 year registration - $336

    On the road price - $32,231.06
  • Sent you email.
  • harshvedaharshveda Posts: 17
    edited September 2012
    Hey, This is Jay. Please count me in. I live in Duluth, GA and I am ready to buy anytime. We can negotiate better if we all get to a dealer together.
  • I want to buy this weekend. Are you also looking for EX-L with Nav?
  • Yes, I am looking to buy this week end and I too need EX-L.
  • Coolbuyer, that seems like a great price. How did you get it, lots of negotiation or did they quote it to you easily? It's on my list to go this weekend to O'Donnell.
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