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2013 and earlier Honda Odyssey Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • sjjohnnysjjohnny Posts: 4
    41 is too much for a 2014 touring. I am also looking for one and I already have quotes ranging from 800 to 300 dollars UNDER invoice.
  • I see Touring offered at 39,704 on truecar near me in Philly
  • kingmeatkingmeat Posts: 8
    About the same figure in Charlotte, 39,649. $40052 in Atlanta
  • nautilus1nautilus1 Posts: 4
    Thank you for all your response.
    I'll continue to negotiate and search.
  • benjaminhbenjaminh Posts: 1,621
    2014 Honda Odyssey Touring Passenger Van in 40201
    Target Price: $39,904
    Pricing as of 7/27/13 in zip code 40201
  • I found the information here helpful, so I thought I would share the stats from my purchase today. The 2013 Odysseys seem to be in short supply, many dealers within a 100 mile radius had 1-2 EX-L (without RES or Nav), there was one dealer in Roseville with 6 EX-L.

    Here's what I got:
    28721.61 Cash Price (Including Destination Fee)
    $500 for the interior/exterior fabric protection
    $600 for 3 years maintenance package
    $3075 for TTL + $80 dealer doc fee

    Total came to $33887 out the door

    The dealer invoice was about $31000 (Maybe 33000, don't remember) on this car, MSRP of 36055. Vehicle also came with wheel locks and door guards.

    I sent out an email last night to about 13 dealers, and got 5 offers before noon the next day. I used the lowest offer to get an almost price match at a local dealer with the color I wanted ($250 more than the online offer) This price beat the lowest "TrueCar" price of 30054.

    Hope this information helps someone.
  • rangsrangs Posts: 3
    edited July 2013
    HI lornlyturtle ,

    Can you tell us if $28721 included the Miltary & graduation incentive of $500 each? also were there any other incentive which was included to get it down to $28721?

    Were you able to get it down to $30000 OTD?

  • nautilus1nautilus1 Posts: 4
    Thanks to all for responding to my thread.
    Just thought I'll give you an update on 2014 Odyssey Touring pricing for the Houston area. Talked to about 6 dealers at length (via email, phone, and also in-person at the showroom) in this area. Even though True Car target pricing for 2014 Odyssey Touring for the Houston area (77002 - 77494) is $39,900 with MSRP of $42,760, no dealer as of now is honoring True Car/Consumer Reports target pricing certificate as of now. Looks like there are only a few Touring models available in inventory and/or en route, demand is high and so Touring models are getting pre-sold at only $500-$700 below MSRP. Maybe these early buyers aren't good negotiators or are not doing their pricing research/homework with true car & consumer reports, etc and making this a dealers market. C'mon Houstonians, wake up ;-)!
  • 28721 did not include either military or college incentives. It didn't include any incentives at all. I got that price by following the process outlined in my original post- emailing many dealers and asking for an offer.

    With California TTL fees at about 3000 it would have been difficult to get the car at 30000 OTD.
  • mk2013mk2013 Posts: 2
    edited July 2013
    It's nice forum. Let me give details about my recent purchase

    Bought: 2013 Honda Odyssey EX-L RES
    Base: $30000
    Accessories: $165
    Total OTD: 33905
    Bought Extended warranty $100 ded 8y/100K miles for $1300 + tax 91 ( this can be refunded later if i don't like it)

    Got the financing for 0.9% for 5y/60m

    Purchased dealer in NJ
  • which nj dealer?
  • mk2013mk2013 Posts: 2
    Garden state honda clifton
  • didureloaddidureload Posts: 9
    edited July 2013
    Bought new 2013 EX-L in NJ last evening.
    32k OTD
    probably paid 500$ more than i would have liked; but the dealer wont budge; didn't wanted to wait anymore.
    includes mud flaps, wheellocks, trunk tray.
  • bu96bu96 Posts: 19
    edited July 2013
    I hope someone can help advise if the quote I received is a good deal? I could hold out a few more months if absolutely necessary if it would make a significant difference, but would rather just pull the trigger if savings likely to be marginal. Delivery is in 2 wks.

    Break down as follows:

    Van: $41,447.00
    documentation fee: $250
    title: 33.50

    Total before taxes: $41,500.50

    tax: 6.75%

    Thank you so much in advance for any help!!
  • lucasqlucasq Posts: 20
    Thanks for sharing your experiences here. May I know from whom you bought this odyssey?

  • lucasqlucasq Posts: 20
    This is a really good price! May I know where did you buy it? I will appreciate it very much if more information regarding the person you dealt with can be provided. Thanks
  • vtoomuvtoomu Posts: 3
    Purchased on 7/20/2013
    Price paid out the door( including mud-flaps and NC taxes) $30,300.
    Took Honda Financing at 0.9% for 60 months.

    Dealers in Raleigh area were unwilling to go below $31,700 out the door.

    Very easy guy to work with. Sales guy was pretty much a straight shooter. Negotiated on the phone from Raleigh, NC over two days for a couple of times back and forth.

    By the time I got there to pick up the van, he had it washed, full tank of gas and ready to go. The van had 8 miles on it. Definitely recommend. I was in and out of the dealership in under 45 minutes.
  • uma5uma5 Posts: 4
    I'm in the market for a honda odyssey EX-L with RES. What should be the price i should be looking at. Which website do folks here use to get quotes from multiple dealers? Need some guidance please.
  • uma5uma5 Posts: 4
    30,000 sounds like a great price. I dont get any quotes below 31,800+ Is it safe for me to get it delivered from another location. In case of transmission issues or any other major issues, how do we deal with it.
  • EX-L w/RES
    I would suggest to shoot for 30,500 sale price
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