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2013 and earlier Honda Odyssey Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • I'm pricing 2014s in the Bay Area, the lowest I've gotten on the Ex-L so far is $33,299 including destination. Hoping to get lower, am interested to hear what others in the area are being quoted. I did get a sub-$29k quote on an EX, but most were around $30,200.
  • Hello all,
    I'm looking for Honda odyssey Exl with RES, I got the lowest price as 33909 + destination, processing,tax,tags. Also it says inclusive of all incentives. I have not started the negotiation yet with them. What is the best price for this model. This would be in northern Virginia.

    Thanks in advance.
  • Just purchased the new EX from Westport Honda in CT for 30200 plus CT tax plus 111 transfer of plates plus 350 doc fee. I traded in my 2008 Sienna LE 8 passenger and got low balled on trade but I did not want to deal with hassle of private party sale. The dealership probably made a good profit due to trade.
  • stankalstankal Posts: 5

    Just wanted to see what people are paying for 2014 EX-L w/ Navigation around Chicago land. I'm looking for Black with Gary interior and don't mind driving a few miles for a good deal.

    I got a good deal on our previous Odyssey (2006) by getting excellent advice on these forums. Looking to do it again.

    Thanks everyone and happy negotiating!
  • Was that with or without RES package?
  • BLeGBLeG Posts: 1
    Hello Icek,

    You got very good deal on this car. My question is how much to pay for fee ? doc fee. (not registration fee). Also, will you get $500 money back or you signed the benefit to dealer ?

  • kg32kg32 Posts: 7
    Does this include destination, tax, title and license?

    With an invoice price of $41, 262 (including $890 destination), the math leads to a pretty impressive incentive hold back.

    I'm guessing that this is before destination and reflects roughly $2,500 inincentives.
  • buddeypbuddeyp Posts: 2
    Hi sara9999, I'm sure you can get lower, as I just got multiple quotes at $33k or slightly below, before any further negotiation.
  • rdworski1rdworski1 Posts: 19
    edited August 2013
    Anyone with buying experience near Howard County, MD? I am leaning towards an EX. For either trim level, please let me know your costs including price, destination, and any processing fees. Thank you
  • Anyone knows of a place in Texas that's offering the EX-L for $33k?
  • pbunzpbunz Posts: 3
    Got quotes for 2014 Touring Elite ranging from $40991 to $41200 in Houston area. Don't think this is a great quote as it's too early for 2014 model. When would be the good time of the year for better price? Sometime in Oct/Nov? Or maybe end of the year around Xmas time?
  • senmunsenmun Posts: 9
    Recently bought 2013 odyssey for a friend at Northwest Honda at Owings Mills. Heard good things about Pohanka Honda from a friend and in this forum.
  • clifford09clifford09 Posts: 1
    edited August 2013
    Just purchased 8/30/13
    EX-L with RES
    Vehicle $33,768
    Doc $398
    Tax $1029

    OTD price $35,225

    Raleigh dealers were hard at first. Both local dealers let me walk out, one ultimately called me back. Technically on the documentation the vehicle price was 34268, but they gave me $500 of dealer cash that shows up in the deposit section. No trade in. financed through honda at .9% 36 months. I have not seen a better deal in North Carolina EX-L with RES. But who knows... I am happy with the transaction
  • vk_vanvk_van Posts: 8
    Hi clifford09, did you get any free accessories in that price - like Roof rails, wheel locks etc... ?
  • That's a great price! Do you mind sharing the name of the dealership.
  • alpha0alpha0 Posts: 3
    What is your tax rate? Isn't it 6+% in that region?
  • vk_vanvk_van Posts: 8
    Yes, it is 6.35% in CT. Even if I add an extra $1000 for tax....your price is much lower. All the dealers in CT are quoting around 38K for EX-L with RES and EX-L without any accessories, the best price I got is around 35.5K out the door. So, you got an awesome deal....
  • Hi odyssesy owners,

    I am looking to purchase a 2014 Honda Odyssesy Ex between Sept and early of Oct.
    Can anyone help me find a dealership in or near Tampa, Fl that will give me
    an OTD price online?

    Just want to a final price on the car and test drive it. Do not want to spent more than an
    hour at the dealership.

    Thank you in advance
  • golfwiggolfwig Posts: 1 a77bf13cae.htm

    28 miles with added dealer luggage rack, mud flaps and pinstripe add 2k = adj stocker 45k
    Alibaster Silver with Truffle Leather interior

    negotiated 3k down, 399 mo for 36mo 12k mile yr, with residual to purchase of $20k As I only put down $250 to hold the car to Monday, can you please tell me if this is a good deal!
  • my328xomy328xo Posts: 5
    edited September 2013
    Just bought one in Virginia.
    Had 2004 Odys with 150K.
    2014 Honda Odys with 7 mi on: just came to dealer 10 days ago.

    2014 EX-L-RES

    MSRP: $38055
    Purchase: $32898 + Tax + Tag
    Honda finance: 1.9%
    Trade-in: $3000
    Actual price including everything (tax and whatever else): $33420 (out the door)

    So surprised that the dealer was able to come up with this. The sales manager personally came and discussed throughout the time, very professional and personal. Now have a very happy wife.
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