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2013 and earlier Honda Odyssey Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • nlaunlau Posts: 2
    I paid 26,000 with Roof rack, keyless, CD, and mudguards and splash guards in an LX dark emerald green. Can someone let me know if I got ripped? write me at

    if I got ripped, boycott that damn grand honda in Elmhurst, IL.
  • It would seem that asking if you got "ripped" after the fact is rather like closing the barn door after the horse has departed...what's the point?
  • As mentioned in an earlier post, I declined the dealer's offer for the Honda warranty on the 01 EX purchased last week. After reading many of the Town Hall discussions, I decided it wasn't such a bad deal after all. Sooooooo, called the dealer (he's about 70 miles away) and got the Honda Care 7/100K/$0 ded warranty for $890, plus tax. While I had him on the phone, I talked him into tossing in the cargo tray, since I had to pay MSRP + freight. Thought it was a nice thing for the dealer to do!

    Richardson Honda in Dubuque, Iowa. Very laid back selling philosophy. As I told the manager, almost too laid back! It was a change from what I'm used to, that's for sure!
  • me_2me_2 Posts: 3
    Brian Martin at is a good, straight salesman. I buy my LX from him at MSRP without any bargaining. Contact him by email at I drive 90 miles (from the Seattle area) to buy from him. Good luck.
  • Are you talking about Albany City in NY or GA
    If you are talking about NY I bought a 1996 Civic from Albany City and vowed to never buy again from this dealership. Very bad experience. I purchased my 2000 Odyssey in June from Keeler Honda in Latham, NY and would strongly recommend. At the time I bought my van Keeler charged MSRP and included floor mats and mud guards. They only asked for $100.00 refundable deposit and no hidden costs and add-ons. I also received the van in about 2 months. I would check with Keeler first before committing to Albany City. Just my 2K cents.
  • rvsv5rvsv5 Posts: 8
    Just bought EX, asked to pay $1,200 for a warranty. Went ahead and bought, but told I can cancel w/in 90 days. Is this the going price for the warranty? Can I get just a good as warranty over the net? The warranty is for 5/100k mi. BTW 6 wk wait and MRSP + destin. please reply, thanks
  • chip30chip30 Posts: 11
    My guess is that you paid little attention to this forum over the last 3-4 months. In many posts, the Hondacare 7yr./$0 ded./100k mile wty. has been bought for $885-$895. My dealer quoted me their cost ($810).
    Yours is 5 yrs? May not be a Hondacare which is considered the best type to purchase.
    Use the 90 days return policy, and read this forum more often. Don't be taken by these guys!!
  • I just wanted to mention a salesman I dealt with on the Internet. He sold me a 2001 EX in Dark Green for $200 off MSRP and had the car in stock.
    He said if I wanted any other color besides Beige he would have it by the middle of December at the same discount price. I guess he gets more Odysseys then other dealers. His name is Dennis and you can email him at I am picking mine up this weekend, Dennis was wonderful.
  • mojo66mojo66 Posts: 83
    That's great news. No wait....under sticker? Hey, maybe you've started a trend!!! Enjoy your new Ody.
  • Let us know how it goes!!!!
  • Bought my ody on tuesday for msrp from bellevue. renton honda called me today and said through the month of december the Sales Manager is ALLOWING them to sell for msrp plus whatever they have added on. Alos on the warranty you should not be paying tax. Some one a few respnse previous said they paid tax on the warranty and several dealers told me ther is NO TAX on the warranty.

    I beginning to think the price of the odyis going to come down over the next few months.
  • Has anyone bought an Odyssey in the Central Florida area recently? What dealership did you user and what did you pay?

    I'm looking to get a 2001 LX.
  • For Oddy owners that bought but to wait months on a waiting list for their cars- Did you negotiate the price on your trade in when you put your deposit down? Or did you just put your deposit down and just hoped to get what you expected on your trade when your odyssey arrived?
  • Jans4 - WE bought our 2001 EX\SS from Penske Honda in Ontario. Dealt with Mark Henry from fleet dept. Avoid general sales department we heard them on the phone quoting MSRP plus mandatory 1000+ of options and a 3 month wait.

    I sent e-mail to all the dealers within 100 miles of us (using Honda web site/dealer locator) saying that I would pay MSRP and wanted SS or TW.

    The van we got was ordered for someone else who backed out that morning.

    We did get a lot of calls from other dealers who said we'd have to pay over or pay for options we didn't want.

    Use the internet & don't pay over!
  • I got a call today that an EX model was available at MSRP. However, the dealer mentioned paying additional dollars for Vinedge ? ($159) and dealers handling fee ($199?). This is in addition to cost for vehicle delivery, tax and registration fee. Has anyone paid for these kind of cost? I live in CT.
  • Did you pick up your Odyssey this weekend? I've been in touch with Dennis and would like to know if everything went smooth; did Dennis come through. You can email me at

  • Thanks for the info about Albany Honda. If it goes well I will try to get you the "bird dog" or referal fee.
  • ocuihsocuihs Posts: 138
    What is the ongoing price for dealer's installed entertainment system for '01 Odyssey? What brand and the warranty about the system?
    We know that there are few after-market options, but just wanted to know about dealers' prices.
  • Does anyone have information regarding dealers in NC that have '01 Odyssey's in stock or have positive experiences they can pass along? We're turning in an Accord at lease end in a couple of months and want to get an Odyssey. The two dealers I've spoken with in the Raleigh area say there's a waiting list. I haven't even talked price yet. Are NC dealers getting at or above MSRP? Should I place an order and hope it arrives by mid-March. I'm told there's up to a 3-month wait. Thanks in advance for responses!
  • We ordered our Ody last week. Was told it will take 6 months. Ordered the EX model without the navigation system. We test drove an LX with leather. The local dealer has someone install the leather for $1800. Is this a good deal? Since it is not a standard will it help or hurt resale? Also, anyone know of dealers in the midwest who have a waiting list shorter than 6 mos? Also, we are paying MSRP on this unit.
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