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2013 and earlier Honda Odyssey Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • One dealer in Chicago want to sell us the following options for an LX:
    mudguards for $148
    pinstripe for $129
    environmental protection package A, which is a 7 year unlimited mile warranty on the paint, rust, interior and exterior on your van. That is $995.
    And he said he will sell all three to us for $698 total.

    Does anyone know the fair price for these options?

    Thank you very much for your help!
  • scottybscottyb Posts: 83
    Any opinions from the East Coast experts out there?

    JL Freed - Lansdale, PA
    Martin Honda - Newark, DE
    Metro Honda - Jersey City, NJ
    Classic Honda - Streetsboro, OH

    Other Ohio and Northern NJ dealers have been mentioned (Joyce, Honda of Essex).

    Should be able to get at invoice, maybe less.

    Good luck
  • annakrannakr Posts: 1
    I am located in the New York City area and have visited and talked over the phone to several dealerships that have claimed that the invoice price listed on edmunds and on kelly blue book are not correct. Several of these dealerships showed me notices from Honda itself as proof that these are the prices they paid. Two dealerships said something about exchange rates having changed. Does anyone know if there is any truth to this? What is the invoice price for the Odyssey EX with leather and DVD?
  • oly44011oly44011 Posts: 11
    We picked up our EX-L-RES @ Jack Matia Honda in Elyria OH for $8 over invoice. The total was $28995. the price included the destination fee. Only add on were tax, doc and title. The internet sales manager was great to work with.
  • Pulled the trigger on an EX-L at Voss Honda in Tipp City, Ohio. I had been casually talking to their Sales Mananger (I get through there on business regularly) since the then new generation came out in the late 90's. His demeanor was always low key and the price offered was always very good and the first offer. I called him on the phone from Cincy and his price on a pre-increase stock van was actually below invoice. I'm also surprised at the lack of response to my request for internet quotes, I must of emailed 20 dealers and only got 3 or 4 replies. If you're looking in Ohio call Voss Honda. Thanks again for this forum.....Mark.
  • dulnevdulnev Posts: 652
    Invoice prices have changed about a month ago, but the differences are trivial: about $200.
  • Thanks to everyone for your replies to my first message.

    I have a question about the Odyssey Extended Warranty. I've read a little about the Honda Care, and what it offers. For a big investment like this car, it is something that my wife and I want to consider.

    I wanted to know about your experiences with purchasing an extended warranty contract, whether these prices they offer are negotiable (and how much!), whether it is better to purchase one indepedent of Honda, etc....anything on the issue that you think may help. Thanks again.
  • 217901217901 Posts: 2
    None of these is necessary. Theses options should cost less than $50.
  • I completely agree on the warranty, especially since the Displacement on Demand feature is new. A local dealer gave me a sheet quoting the 7yr/100k mile 0 deduct at $2050, I've read their cost on this is about $1050. I paid $1250 for it and probably could of beat on them more but the overall deal was so good I didn't have the heart to.
  • dulnevdulnev Posts: 652
    DO NOT buy extended warranty from your dealer unless he can offer it to you near cost. There are several Internet dealers that will sell you the same Honda Care policy for $20-25 over its cost. I paid $1,070 for 7 yr/100K miles zero deductible policy from Pohanka Honda of Salisbury Maryland.

    It is important for buyers to know that they don't have to buy the warranty from the same dealer where they get the car or soon after the purchase. Of course, if your dealer offer it to you for $1,100 and you'd rather roll it into your car loan, it makes perfect sense to do so.
  • sportymonksportymonk Posts: 258
    The mudguards you can buy from H&A and install yourself for far less than $148.
    Only you can decide what a pinstripe that will come off in the car wash in three years is worth but the dealer only paid about $5 max for the pinstripes.
    The Environmental Pkg usually has so many loopholes and requirements that in 6.5 years, you will be lucky to get any "damages" handled to your satisfaction. This is a very high profit item. Regular washing, waxing, and cleaning will do just as well. If you really want it, have a lawyer look at it and have him give you an opinion on the fine print.

    $700 will buy a lot of car waxes and cleaning.
  • oly44011oly44011 Posts: 11
    Dicker back and forth on the price, they will come down. Use the "entire warranty" as your ammunitation.
    Does you new van have NAV system? If not, tell them you should not have to pay for it. Does your new van have the power lift gate? 4x4? Etc...Etc...
    We bought the warranty on our 01 odyessey, it paid for itself when the air compressor needed replaced twice and the alternator went once.
    We just bought an 05 odyessey, 2 weeks ago. needless to say i bought another warranty.
    good luck.
  • dsrtrat2dsrtrat2 Posts: 223
    Couldn't have said it better myself. In the future a really good detailing shop can make it all (inside/out) look and smell like new for a lot less money.
  • haic18haic18 Posts: 1
    We just drove our Ody EXL (slate w/ olive leather) home last evening... It fast, painless, no negotiation needed, and courteus staff.

    After after doing much research and reading this board, we went in with with a bottom line price in mind, and ended up buying it for even less!

    Honda of El Cerrito (just north of Berkeley, CA)

    Sell price: $28.1k + tax and lincense. (Includes 2 accessories)
    Out the door: $30.4k

    They have about 10 EXLs in stock.

    Contact me if directly if you want details.

  • dcdubdcdub Posts: 1
    My wife and I have been searching for a black odyssey ex-l but they seem to be in short supply. I have not seen but 2-3 black ones around town, it is almost always the silver.
    Also, the lowest price I have been quoted here in the DFW area is $28600. I think it can go lower. Does anybody in the Dallas area have any ideas?
  • As a Honda Odyssey buyer in Northern California, I found some of the best pricing in Reno NV area (Michael Hohl Honda). Buying from outside of the CA, one doesn't pay any sales tax to the dealer but to DMV upon registration. Tradeoffs are a few hours drive and a trip to DMV vs. the savings.
  • cherylbcherylb Posts: 1
    Started our search months ago, and mostly were told MSRP or $500 less than MSRP. Two best dealerships were David McDavid (Southwest Freeway) and where we finally purchased from the internet/fleet manager - Honda of Clear Lake. All very above board and quick. Drive out on EX-L with RES and NAVI was $34,743. Additions included Vin etching, mud guards, cross bars, full tinting, rubber mats, cargo liner, and wheel locks. So far no problems and no rattles!
  • Are there any significant pros or cons to buying a car from a different state? I found an EX-L at invoice in Ohio (we live in IL).

    Two of my concerns/questions:
    1) How does the taxing work?
    2) If I need to have a warantee repair done, can I do it at any Honda dealer?
    3) I won't get lifetime free car washes, right?

    Any other thoughts?
  • robr2robr2 BostonPosts: 7,600
    You will most likely pay the tax when you register it in IL. Warrantee repairs can be done at any Honda dealership but don't be suprised that they give preference to customers who bought at the dealership.

    As for the lifetime free car washes, I would decline them anyway.
  • daddyddaddyd Posts: 22
    I just bought exactly the van that you are looking for and paid $300 BELOW invoice.

    1) you must be willing to travel a little for a good price. I did the e-mail game for 3 weeks befor I arrived at my price.

    2) You can do anything you want! At some point a dealer will tell you he is not able (or willing) to match the price but IMO the would be bluffing.

    Try Commonwealth in Lawrence....Thats where I got my deal.

    Good luck.
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