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2013 and earlier Honda Odyssey Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • thanks for the info. i got a quote from capitol honda in san jose for $37,500, but not in the color i wanted, and said it was a "in stock" quote only. i told them if they could get the color i wanted, i would pay that price.
  • robr2robr2 BostonPosts: 7,744
    What should happen is when you go to register your vehicle in VA, you will pay the VA sales tax.
  • heywood1heywood1 Posts: 839
    I wish I could go back and count the number of your posts that contain this phrase, but I don't have time.

    But I also thought you said that models with NAV (not a feature anu_shri is looking for) have the biggest demand. Posts in this forum seem to prove that street prices for a plain vanilla EX-L--or even one with just RES--are well below MSRP.
  • marzomarzo Posts: 2
    I think I must be a little crazy--we have a 2004 EX-L and we are thinking of selling it and getting a 2005 Touring with RES and Navi. Am I just wasting my money or is the 2005 "worth" it? I realize that "worth" is a subjective term but just wanted a sense if you all think I am off my rocker to do this. I think I can go through College Park (Md) and get the Touring for about $500 over invoice, assuming they dont play little games with me on accessories, etc and I realize this would be a good deal itself which is really tempting me

    Thanks for your thoughts (apologize if this is the wrong forum--but at least loosely related to buying experience/price to be paid)
  • ggsggs Posts: 30
    There are some notable features in the redesign: in-line shifter (vs. steering column shifter), and additional power, interior room are a few major ones. The Touring model in particular has a laundry list of features you may or may not need like power tailgate, power adjustable pedals, and run-flat tires with tire pressure monitoring.

    That said, only you know what you can handle financially, and whether you will be "wasting" your money by replacing your '04 with an '05, though. AFWIW, I don't think it's crazy to want something better than what you already have.
  • dulnevdulnev Posts: 652
    I also bought my Touring from Pohanka and I'm surprised that you had to drive there. They delivered the car to my home in Herndon, VA for free!
  • cuongcuong Posts: 45
    Just bought a new '05 EXL (silver with grey leather) with NAV and RES for 32,500 before tax. Is this an OK price? I know it's not a best price.

    Before test drive the car, it had under fews miles. Had 12 miles on the paper and drove out the dealer at 17 miles.

    I will post my buying experience later when I have more time. Still make me mad when I about it. :mad:
  • This board helped me a lot so I thought I'd publish my price to help others. I just bought a 2005 Honda Ody EX-L (no DVD or NAV) for out-of-door including everything, for $30,504. I think I got a good deal, but more importantly didn't feel as "gross" as I have in the past when buying cars. I'm in Central Florida. I didn't even meet the dealer till he had the van for me, and then literally spent 1 hour in the dealership to sign papers. He even located the color I wanted and drove to Sarasota to pick it up and bring it back for me. I can't believe I finally had a wonderful car buying experience. Thanks you everyone for contributing to boards like these.
  • camry99camry99 Posts: 3
    Could you please tell me the dealer name, your salesperson? I just bought a Honda Odyssey and am interested in purchasing the 7yr/100000 warranty. It looks like that you got the best deal for that.

  • jjtrindcjjtrindc Posts: 24
    Yes, Pohanka of Salisbury will deliver your car on a flatbed truck for free. They did make me that offer. Since I drove out to complete the paperwork, there was no way I couldn't drive it home, lol! Overall, I felt better completing the paperwork at the dealership just in case there was a problem, then I felt I was better able to just walk away. Of course, there were no problems. Another thing I like about Pohanka is that they didn't slap one of their dealer stickers on the car like some others do.
  • Well I'm on the other side of the country (Orlando), but I can at least tell you that I paid $28,495 and that included destination of $515 for the EXL, no dvd or nav. After taxes, tag, title, doc fees, etc..was out-of-the door $30,500. Hope that helps?
  • sonyswsonysw Posts: 34
    I think that is pretty good. I call more than 10 dealership they will not give me less than $32,600. Where are you located and may I know which dealer ?
  • sonyswsonysw Posts: 34
    I am looking for EX-L with navigation in Los Angeles area. So far after calling more than 10 dealership the lowest I can get is $32,500 (excluding tax and license). Anyone knows reliable dealer or experience. Please email. Thanks.
  • sonyswsonysw Posts: 34
    Do you finally purchase the car and how much ? May I know from which dealer ? I am looking from the same car but none of them are willing to give lower than $32,500. Thanks.
  • bethpabethpa Posts: 21
    I have seen the many prices for the purcahse for the EX-L and it seems like the best deals are around invoice for this model. My question to anyone out there with dealer experience is can these purchase prices be tied to a lease as the cost of the vehicle? I have never leased before and we need a minivan. I'm looking at what GM did to their prices and the fact of the matter is there is so much potential for depreciation in any new car with the industry as cut-throat as it is today, who knows, Honda may start $2500 rebates on 1 year old models for 2006 just to stay competitive. Now knowing why I am considering a lease, how can I translate these good purchase numbers into a good lease. Does Honda have any 36 or 48 month deals on 2005 EX-L's in Pennsylvania?

    This is a great forum. Thanks for sharing all this information.
  • guzzarguzzar Posts: 2
    Can you let which dealer you bought from. I'm in the market for one in the north east FL. Locally I'm quoted 1500 over invoice which is not good imo.
    Thank you.
  • salesp1salesp1 Posts: 2
    Negotiating on EX-L and so far price = $30,000.00 (ex taxes, tags) - tried to include 'options' top carrier rails $600, Wheel lock buts $200, mud flaps $400 and rubber storage tray $200 (all seem highly inflated costs!). Finally did inlude these in price. Any thoughts - if I refuse 'options' can expect price = $28,600?
  • jacka1jacka1 Posts: 4
    I got a good inernet price on my EX-L in Maryland--$27,934 + destination, ttl. When I went to close the deal, the salesman told me the appearance package on the vehicle--mud flaps, door guards, rim protectors, and wheel locks would add $700 to the price. I said I wasn't going to pay $700 for a bunch of plastic and a handful of metal and that 1/4 the price of those add-ons was fair. He reduced the price to $200. Go to or another internet site for accessories to track down the fair price and dicker from there.
  • bdccalmbdccalm Posts: 1
    Glad you got a great deal! I am also in Central Florida and am looking to buy an EX. Did your out the door price include taxes, dealer fees, etc? What dealer did you use?
  • CCCompson:

    Would you let me know what type of mileage you are getting with your 05 Ody? We keep a fuel log and I would love to get a comparison.


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