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2013 and earlier Honda Odyssey Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • robertw477robertw477 Posts: 179
    Can you mention the dealer you got this? My brother is looking for a lease on one in S. Fla and that sounds like a good deal for the price of the car.

    Robert Weisberg
  • steveexlsteveexl Posts: 3
    What is the best OTD price for a 2006 Honda Odyssey redrock pearl (or blue, if the price is different) for the NYC area?

    I posted this question on Sunday, but while I reportedly received a response from someone, it could not be found when I searched and I think it may have been deleted. I'm looking for an immediate purchase. Dealership name and location recommendations for this rock-bottom price are requested, if possible.

    Thank you in advance.
  • rt88rt88 Posts: 2

    Yes, it was Maroone Honda just off the Palmetto and Red Road (57th.)

    Good luck !!
  • sammy2074sammy2074 Posts: 8
    I bought one two weeks back in Chicago (Ocean Mist Blue) OTD was 27059 + TTL + DOC Fees= 29310 (Approx).
  • s1ginss1gins Posts: 45
    I got a couple of prices off of the internet for an Odyssey EX-L with Navi and RES last week and visited two dealerships on Saturday. Walked out with the new car that afternoon with the deal they emailed and with them taking the last month of my lease.

    I was able to get black (the color I wanted) for $1200 under invoice at Open Road Honda.
  • mss1144mss1144 Posts: 17
    To all that live in NJ

    Planet honda and rt 22 honda offered me any style I wanted for 1400 below invoice. Doc fees for both 189, Mv 189

    thats it nothing else. If they would of had the color i wanted i would have bought. Stick to this 1400 below as your price.
  • steveexlsteveexl Posts: 3
    What is invoice for the EXL? I don't know that amount so, respectfully, I don't know the value of $1400 below invoice.
  • zmydustzmydust Posts: 2
    He's not a salesman but I am , worrying about $32 is silly . You'll spend more in gas trying to go get it. Find a deal you're comfortable with and just buy the thing. It seems most people on here are working themselves to death to save minuscule amounts of money. No one argues about 100.00 on a house, and that is a much more sizeable and lengthy purchase.

    I'll be honest , we as salespeople find this more than humorous to read. We know all the trick of this trade and when we go to purchase a vehicle we offer 500.00 over invoice minus incentives. At that price we are more than comfortable and have alot less headache with the, " could I have saved 32 more dollars " worries.

  • crmtjmcrmtjm Posts: 1
    Do manufacturer to dealer incentives count when your figuring that amount?

  • rrsafetyrrsafety Posts: 35
    Planet honda and rt 22 honda offered me any style I wanted for 1400 below invoice. Doc fees for both 189, Mv 189

    Anybody know what the poster means by: "Doc fees for both 189, Mv 189"
  • sw_ohsw_oh Posts: 23
    Just bought a Silver Pearl EXL today for $27,000 with mud guards. Add the tax (6.5%) and title/doc fee of $125 and I got it OTD at $28,880 at Castrucci of Dayton. Original offer was yesterday morning at $27,105. They called this morning and I told them I would buy today for $27,000 with mud guards. Twenty minutes later they called back and said it will be ready by 3pm. The EXL had four miles and the salesman said it had only been on the lot for six days. I am now a happy Ody owner and these forum postings have been very informative and beneficial.
  • rrsafetyrrsafety Posts: 35
    Congrats... what is that, about $1200 under invoice?
  • sw_ohsw_oh Posts: 23
    I believe invoice for an EXL with destination is $28,258. So I guess one could say it was officially $1258 under invoice. I tried to use the triple net method that s65 helped explain a few weeks back to give me an area target price. I figured $27,000 would be a real good price to shoot for in my area and was glad to reach it today with a very cooperating dealership.
  • bks191bks191 Posts: 9
    I figured that I might respond to this because I am the one who allegedly is worrying over $32. When I first came upon this forum, there was a lot of talk about 1500 under invoice and the "triple-net method." I commented that I had received a quote that was 1468 under and asked where people were getting the 1500 under quotes at. What I did not mention, and perhaps would have clarified this misunderstanding, was that once the fees were added into this 1468 under deal, it would have cost me more that the 1210 under deal which I took. Therefore, if you end up paying 300-400 padding in fees, where is it 1500 under? Seems more like 1100 -1200 under to me.

    Based, on my experience, about the only way anyone (at least in my area) is going to get 1500 under is if the dealership controls the financing and can sell enough add-ons to make up the deficit. Dealt with a dealer who entertained 1500 under until he realized it was a cash deal and I would not be financing w/ the dealership. Anyone want to guess how much longer that conversation went on. I'm not saying that it is impossible to aim for the "triple net ;" however, timing, quotas, etc must impact favorably for that to happen.

    I fully understand the magic of numbers and that one can make them represent anything that they want. I also understand that no one in business can continually sell anything under cost and stay in business. What I was frustrated about at this posting, was the inablilty of anyone I had dealt with up to that point to deal straight-up. I'm glad to say that I found a salesperson that had that ability, with over 21 years of experience at the SAME dealership who was able to give me a deal I was comfortable with.

    Now that the experience is over with and my wife and I are driving our second Odyssey, I wanted to reassure those people who were concerned with my worry over $32 that there was never any in the first place.
  • busymom4busymom4 Posts: 2
    Just curious what others are seeing in Chicago. We went looking last night and have decided (although not yet purchased) the 2006 EX-L with Rear Entertainment System.

    We received the following invoice quotes via the internet sales managers:
    Honda in Lisle
    28,706 (which includes $ 550 destination fee)
    Napleton in Oak Lawn
    Grand in Elmhurst
    28,222 (which includes $ 550 destination fee)
    Grand Valley in Aurora

    Does anyone have any other info in the Chicagoland area? Do these sound reasonable?

  • chirpchirp Posts: 194
    The invoice on the EX-L with RES is $29,146. Adding $550 destination(Lisle and Grand) makes the Grand deal the best obviously. I bought from O'Hare Honda and got $1500 off of the invoice+destination price. Your Grand-Elmhurst price is very good and if they have your color combination and are convenient for you I would go that route. Best of luck to you!
  • busymom4busymom4 Posts: 2
    How recently did you get your quote from Napleton Honda in Chicago (presumbably actually Oak Lawn)?

    You said they gave you $ 27,150+ TT. The quote from this week was $ 28,400. That is quite a difference. My quote didn't include the destination charge either.
  • chirpchirp Posts: 194
    busymom4- That quote was for an EX-L and you have said you were quoted on an EX-L w/RES. There is a big difference in price ($1,438 at invoice) between these two models and would explain the difference.
  • eln001eln001 Posts: 32
    I recommend that you do not complete your shopping until you get a price quote from Brilliance Honda of Crystal Lake in Crystal Lake,Illinois. Call the dealership and ask to speak to the Dealer Trade Manager. The DTM will forward your call to the appropriate internet salesperson. Tell the salesperson what your lowest price quote is and ask them if they can beat it. No dealership in the Chicagoland area has been as price competitive as Brilliance Honda in Crystal Lake.
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