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2013 and earlier Honda Odyssey Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • raj1raj1 Posts: 27
    who was the dealer?
  • acamatoacamato Posts: 1
    Last week I emailed 9 dealers,

    3 came in at $31,304 + Tax & DMV fees
    33,600 + Tax & DMV fees
    31,800 + Tax & DMV fees
    32,804 + Tax & DMV fees
    31,455 + Tax & DMV fees (wanted me to make an appt & test drive first)

    I purchased it from the dealer in my town on Thursday. He was one of the three lowest. The higher priced dealers never responded to my counter offer mail.

    I got it in Baltic Blue.
  • snc1snc1 Posts: 1
    Bought an EX-L with RES for 28600 in Westchester county.

    And to think I thought that the carsdirect price was accurate.

    ALL dealers are very hungry to sell so I assume the downturn is starting to pinch.
  • cambreacambrea Posts: 26

    I am going to purchase (or lease) EX-L in about a month.

    Anyone purchased EX-L model in southern California recently?
    I am willing to drive 100-200 miles from Orange County.

    Thank you.
  • The dealer is Steven's Creek Honda. I called their internet sales department. I got an e-mail quote from Larry Hopkins Honda for $26,950 and they said they will beat it. So I went there and presented the quote to them.
  • semantic2semantic2 Posts: 28
    Any prices from dealers in IL on a ODY 2008 Touring w/ pax or without pax. Debating on whether to get and ODY 2008 or wait for the 2009 pilot. Plan to test drive the 2008 ODY with the wifey to see if she likes it or not. She personally prefers SUV's over minivans but it's all the same to me. I'm the one to make the payments on the car anyway.
  • 08 Odyssey ExL Nimbus Grey.

    MSRP: 32845
    Purchase: 27492 inc destination
    OTD: 30090

    No extra equipment but came with the usual wheel locks, floor mats and first oil change free. Purchased in Orange County but I reside in LA County so 8.25% tax (ouch!!!) and ~1.1% in other fees. Best APR offered was 5.39% so I passed.

    Oh well, not the best price but I think it's okay. My hats off to you guys who are getting this in the low 26k or even into the 25k, that's incredible.

    Good luck everyone.
  • medema7medema7 Posts: 18
    Although we are not in Illinois ( I'm originally from Palos Park, IL) we purchased
    an 08 Touring no-pax today in Milwaukee, WI. as we live in Appleton, WI. BTW Wilde Honda is Wisconsin's largest Honda dealer.
    and they were extremely courteous and professional during the purchase process.
    Since we are neighbors, here are the numbers:

    Sale price $34,160.00 (includes destination)
    Cross Bars $250.00 (All options include installation)
    All season pack. $494.00 (includes mud flaps, all season mats, trunktray
    Door edge guards $86.00
    Wheel locks $101.00
    Fenderwell trim $142.00
    Darkwood trim, dashboard $250.00
    Darkwood trim window
    switch & cupholders $264.00
    Service fee $119.00
    Total $35,866.00
    2006 Odyssey EXL trade -$21,300.00 35K miles good condition
    Balance $14,566.00
    sales tax 5% $728.30
    title fee $89.00
    Out the door price $15383.30

    How did I do? My guess is somewhere in the middle. Be careful about your trade. The local idiot internet sales person in Appleton wanted to give me
    $17,700 for my trade. I politely told him where he could stick his offer. ( keep
    clear of Gustman Honda in Appleton, WI) BTW keep a sharp eye on the calculations. It appears Wilde charged me the service fee twice ( $119.00
    plus tax) I'm sure it was not intentional. I would also like to thank all of the Odyssey contributors to this website who aided me in this deal. I could not have
    done this deal without all of your input. Thank you!!!!!!! I hope this will help someone else get a good deal on their new Touring no pax.
    Also the deal was all internet excluding the visit for the trade. I was surprised to see two dealers up here who never responded to internet quotes. Wilde clearly wants the business and they earned it.
  • cambreacambrea Posts: 26
    It seems good price to me.

    Also, it seems the dealership didn't charge for other fees.

    OTD (-) Purchase Price (-) Sale Tax = $330 (.. registration?)

    Could you tell me the name of the dealership?
  • semantic2semantic2 Posts: 28
    that seems like a pretty good price. but i think the double $119 charge stems from one for the trade-in and one for the actual purchase of the new ODY. still very good deal. I doubt i would get much for my 99 accord to trade in with 122,000 miles on it.
  • medema7medema7 Posts: 18
    Sure, it is Wilde Honda in Milwaukee, WI
    The only fees were the service charge of 119 dollars ( standard when you buy a car from them) BTW, the dealer admitted the double service charge error.
    The title fee of 89 dollars and 5% sales tax. I avoided a $79.00 license plate
    charge because I'm using new WI plates that have never been used since we moved here last summer. We will finally take off the PA plates when we trade in the 06 Odyssey. I'll assume I'll have to pay the state a registration fee at some point in the future.
  • a8man1a8man1 Posts: 23
    I received this from Pauly Honda, thier internet sales gave this price:
    This is what I got:

    $34050+TTL (includes destination)
  • cambreacambrea Posts: 26
    Since my wife's MDX lease is maturing in April, I have decided to purchase or lease 2008 Honda Odyssey EX-L model. We have a new born and need more cargo room to carry lots of stuffs.

    I have intention to keep this Odyssey for at least 5 years or so. Therefore, purchase would make sense to me.

    However, while I was surfing few Odissey forums, it seems like there is $2,000 dealer cash (incentives from Honda to dealer) for lease. But, I couldn't find such thing for purchase at this time.

    In such case, it would be a lot easier to get lower price when I negotiate as lease? In other words, I can lease for the first three years, with lower capitalization cost (than purchase), and defer purchase at the end of lease term... and overally it would be benefit to me. Correct?
  • jimbob1jimbob1 Posts: 70
    From Edmunds:
    Incentives & Rebates
    2008 Honda Odyssey
    Touring 4dr Minivan (3.5L 6cyl 5A)

    Manufacturer to Customer
    Rebates There are no customer or dealer cash rebates or incentives available at this time.
    Financing There are no low APR incentives available at this time.
    Leasing There are no special lease terms available at this time.

    Manufacturer to Dealer:
    Marketing Support
    $2000 Cash to Dealer start: 03/04/2008 end: 04/30/2008
    Restrictions Dealer Cash cannot be combined with the 2008 Odyssey special AHFC lease/purchase plan.
    Comments Dealer participation may vary. Incentives and Rebates are provided subject to the terms of our Visitor Agreement.

    I don't think the marketing support is limited to leases, but YMMV.
  • correct. you can either get $2k for purchase or lease w/ the special money factor, but you can't do both.

    of course, not all dealers might be willing to share the full $2k w/o a fight since it's fact to dealer money. however, thanks to competition, most dealers will cough it up when pressed.
  • Picked up a 2008 Touring w/o PAX at Gwinnett Place Honda earlier this week.

    Pricing was as follows --

    Total Car = $34,339.09

    Trade-In = $17,000 (2005 Pilot)
    Balance = $17,339
    Doc Fees = $399
    Sub Total = $17,738.09
    7% Tax = $1,241.66
    Title Fees = $31.00
    Trade Balance Owed = $2,882.27

    Total out the Door = $21,492.27

    Hope this helps others get similar, or even better, deals!

  • traubetraube Posts: 28
    Please be warned-worst honda dealership in US-check out Better Business Bureau and on line at Paragon Honda Complaints-classic cheats
  • My local dealership still has four 2007 touring models left. They quoted me 32,500 (includes destination) plus TTL. This seemed like a very good deal until I saw that people are buying the 2008 Touring for approx. 34,000 plus TTL. I had no idea that you could buy that much under invoice so early in the model year.

    Any suggestions on whether I should even continue looking at the 2007? If so, what is the maximum amount I should be willing to pay for the 2007?
  • Can someone guide me whether i am making a right decision of buying a 2008 Honda Odyssey for $26,995 + TTL (3% tax in NC) ? It is the month of March , quarter end sales month , will i get a better deal then this anywhere else?

    I read about the $2000 which each dealer gets. On what basis should i get benefit from the dealer if he is going to get $2000 to sell the car to me ?

    Appreciate all your responses!
  • cccompsoncccompson Posts: 2,388
    If that's the price for a Touring with a navigation system, it might be worth considering if you want PAX. If not, you can get an '08 for two grand more.
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