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2013 and earlier Honda Odyssey Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • kellieslpkellieslp Posts: 6
    A dealership told us that it was 720.
  • kellieslpkellieslp Posts: 6
    We just bought an EX-L for 30600 OTD w/ special financing. I have been reading these posts for a while now and just wanted to let people know the lowest that I was able to get here in the DFW area. I have read lower prices on this forum but no dealer's here were willing to bite.
  • We used this forum to research prices and we used the email method to get bids. We just got our 2008 EXL-RES this past weekend and we feel like we got a great deal and we wanted to share.

    We live in the Nashville, TN area, but we drove to Honda of Cleveland, TN where they offered us a price of $28,200 before tag and tax. OTD we paid $30,550 and that included all weather mats!! :blush:

    They did not have our first choice of Nimbus Grey, but they got it for us free of charge from Atlanta. They were awesome to deal with and I can highly recommend!!! I think our price is one of the best I have seen! :D
  • mike20878mike20878 Posts: 58
    My wife learned her lesson with her last car and wants to get rubber mats for the Odyssey. Her heels dug a hole into the regular mats on our Jeep. Does anyone know where I can get decent mats for a good deal?

  • dodgehappydodgehappy Posts: 118
    I have also been informed of 720 and 710. Dealer I am chatting with now says AHFC uses Transunion and if you come in at 710 they can typically get a customer in at the Super Prefered level with an easy bump from AHFC.
  • dodgehappydodgehappy Posts: 118
    The deal we are working on an EX lease has the deal at 26815, which the dealer claims is right around "invoice" price. Anyone know the true invoice price for the dealer and what I need to add to that- that a dealer wont typically lower? Just trying to figure out if I should try for better then the 26815 for the lease or if that is likely as low as they go.
  • bigdadi118bigdadi118 Posts: 1,207
    free shipping, no tax.
    sign up to receive newsletter/prom. They always send in email 40% off & "extra 10% off" ... like the service. 2 best are : WEATHERTECH (more expensive), Huskies (good custom fit & cheaper) ... both have lips on sides so hold dirt, water and snow real good
  • bigdadi118bigdadi118 Posts: 1,207
    Invoice for EX is 26,229 + destination charge -
    1,000 Honda to dealer incentive, if use Honda Finance.
    2,000 Honda to dealer incentive, if not use Honda Finance
  • dodgehappydodgehappy Posts: 118
    Thank you. So if we are doing the Honda Lease program- can we also qualify for the $1000 incentive, or would we be stuck at the $26229 + destination?

    If we can not get the $1000 incentive because we are leasing then seems that the $26815 with dest included is about as good as it is going to go, yes?
  • hemant1hemant1 Posts: 1
    Hi there. This is the best quote that I have read. I have called most of the dealerships in Central Virginia, but none have come close to what you were quoetd. Please could you tell me which dealership in N Virginia gave you that quote and did you end up buying form them? Many thanks,

  • mike20878mike20878 Posts: 58
    Cool, thanks!
  • dodgehappydodgehappy Posts: 118
    Just curious, how much money is the dealer still making on the sale/lease of an Odyssey EX when they set my lease up at a 26815 cap cost (beside what the leasing company gives them)- which seems to be close to Invoice with destination? I am a bit confused as to the real cost of the car for the dealer or what they get back from Honda etc. outside of the 1000/2000 honda cash incentive running now.
  • bigdadi118bigdadi118 Posts: 1,207
    I think dealers still have ways to make profit beyond we know of, imagine their overheads. For example, Honda finance will give the dealer $500 if dealer pays off a car from lease (trade-in).
  • hiyasserhiyasser Posts: 5
    I recieved several quotes from dealers in VA for Ex. OTD price lowest i got is 26K with 0.9% finance. Is this the best deal for EX or can i get something lower. This forum is very helpful would appreciate some inputs as Iam planning to make a move this week end.
  • liminerliminer Posts: 6
    Hi, that sounds like a great price to me. I live in bay area and planning to buy the EX-L w/ RES too, but the lowest quote I got is $31,200. Could you please tell me which dealship you got the deal? Thanks a lot.
  • jesterjjesterj Posts: 2
    Got mine (08 silver Touring) from Norm Reeves @ Cerritos as well. Looks like you got an awesome deal. My OTD was $36700 w/o wheel lock & splash guards and I was pretty happy with the # at that time (end of April 08).

    Good job and enjoy your new Touring.
  • skp2skp2 Posts: 3
    Any one out there .. pls. post you buying experience and recent quote for EX-L
  • darthkendarthken Posts: 28
    I am in Minneapolis and getting quotes on an EX. Best so far is $25,040 = $27,143 OTD, although I haven't really started pushing yet. This is with the 2.9% APR, so if not taking the financing it would be $1,000 less. Anyone else out there with EX quotes?
  • lerxstlerxst Posts: 11
    I'm in the far northeast. Looking at the EX-L. I had a quote of $28400 and a counter from another dealer for $28,300. I'm waiting for another counter for the original dealer. Right now I think I'll be at about 30,388 OTD. Hopefully a little lower. This is also with the Honda financing offer.

    This is all been done via internet sales managers. I refuse to talk to anyone on the phone or in person until the bottom line is reached. Any funny fees and I walk.
  • kdoonankdoonan Posts: 6
    We live in MA and just took delivery on an EX-L with RES & NAV. We paid $31KOTD after shopping 6 or 7 different dealerships. Seems like that's the bottom price. We had one dealer willing to go $200 lower if we bought off the lot but they didn't have the color we wanted and where going to charge a couple of hundred in fees so it was a wash.

    HTH! Good Luck!

    Oh... That price excluded us from the .9% financing. (Dealer incentive was either $2000 or $1000 w/.9% financing) We got 4.34% for 48 months from American Honda Finance.
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