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2013 and earlier Honda Odyssey Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • Just picked up our white EX-L tonight. LOVE the van! :) Got 2 free oil changes and mud flaps thrown in, too. Here's my breakdown.

    25,999 (including destination of 635.00)
    1299.95 - 5% tax
    132.50 - title, license, etc

    OTD - 27,431.45
  • Hello All,

    Just picked up a 2008 EX-L with RES and NAV for 31,000 OTD in Dallas.

    It was 28,900 + TTL.

    What do you folks think? could I have gotten a better price?

    Did not try to haggle too much.

  • ephaepha Posts: 8
    That is a great price! Which dealer? I'm trying to buy this week or next in Dallas.
  • Got it a McDavid, Irving. They still had a lot of cars left. Another friend of mine bought a EX-L with RES for I believe around 28,000. Not sure about the exact amount and the breakdown though.
  • @smrdal

    I am getting EX-L R&N @ 28700 w/o TTL & TAX

    is it a good deal?
  • fieca:

    $28,700 is great deal. It is just $200 above dealer's true cost (invoice - $3500 - 3% of holdback). When you show up with a check, you might be able to close the deal 100-200 lower. Just make sure that this price includes destination and they don't ring up your bill too much with accessories.
  • fieca:

    Ok... did not read your post properly. I think it is for both Nav and RES. - 28,700 is excellent. I think they will add a bit for the dealer options.

    Your total price including options & TTL should be well below 32,000.

    that is what we did pay in the end.

    Good Luck.
  • Thanks to the previous posts about Maryland!

    I emailed two dealerships the past two days and here is the offer:

    EXL-RES: $27,099 plus tax and tags

    I also had another offer for $27,226 but just got the $27,099 offer this evening.

    Tried to get them down to $26,800 but no luck. What do you think? I'll probably pull the trigger on this tomorrow, as they have the color we like.
  • bigdadi118bigdadi118 Posts: 1,207
    Before you go down, make sure they quote you with the stock number and no other dealer add-on that will surprise you.
  • Maryland definitely has better prices than Virginia. Plus they have a much lower dealer fee.

    I spoke to one dealer who gave me som interesting information.

    He said the invoice for an EX-L with RES is $31,457 and that Honda is providing $5500 in cash to dealers. So he is selling the EX-L with RES for $25,957. Unfortunately they are the less popular colors and the ones he has left have almost $1000 in dealer add ons (luggage cross bars, wind deflector, etc.)

    I have gotten two quotes right at $26,411. That seems to be the best price.
  • Wow, $5500 off invoice cash to dealers is awesome for an Odyssey. I wish the west coast dealers could come close to those deals unless they are purposely hiding it from us.
  • Bought a LX yesterday at 19975, destination included, traded in my 2000 Ford Taurus SES, 98000 mi for 1700, the AC does not work, otherwise very good. OTD 20,332, tax is 8.0%. Dealer tried to lowball my trade in, he offered only 500 in the beginning. I responded with 2000. Haggled about an hour for the Ford. It took totally 4hours to close everything. What do you think about the deal?
  • I just purchased the2008 Odyssey with Res and Nav for $28,211 (OTD was $30,500) in the Minneapolis area. Thanks to this board - everyone was a lot of help.
  • fxguyfxguy Posts: 132
    Has anyone received a good deal on a 2009 EXL yet? An advantage it has over the 2008 model is the power liftgate.
  • Looking at an EX-L, never thought I would get one for $3,500 under invoice which is the most recent price quote I got.

    Has Honda ever gone this deep on Odysseys? Have the ever gone deeper?

    I have a Pilot going off lease in December so I don't really need something until then.... but are we at about as good as we can get right now?

    Carman? anyone?
  • Got '08 EX-L Cherry Red (in SF Bay Area) with Wheel Locks and Ghost foot print (which is a useless thing as far I think) for 26.3K+ tax + dmv
    Dealer(Stevens Creek) also sold me re-fundable extended warranty(7yr / 80 K Miles) for 1200 bucks.
    Had also quote from them for touring no pax for 33.1 K. But when I reached there they had only couple of colors which I am was interested.
  • Hi,
    I am from twin cities too :-)
    Do you mind share with me the dealer name who gave you this quote? It's a very good deal. Congrat! :D
  • I was in an identical situation. We also have a Pilot that will be turned in at the end of December. We thought about it for weeks and decided that having the two payments for two months would still save us money. We bought an 08 EX-L on Thursday for 25,999 plus TTL. Honestly, I was afraid that if we waited too long we'd be stuck with a much higher 09 Ody payment.

    Good luck with your decision!
  • You should not be taxed on that because it is a manufacture to dealer incentive.I just bought my ex-l with nav and res for 28900 and the salesman asked me if i wanted to put the cash back on the down payment . I asked him what cash back ?? "I thought it was a mfg to dealer incentive "? He said OH yes it is . I agreed on my price of 32400 and we took 3500 off that price and only paid tax on the 28900.
  • I just bought my EXL nav/res for 28,900 however I was sucked into the extended warranty pd 900 after haggling down from 1495 and the wife wanted a remote starter w/ alarm pd 600 for that the breakdown is as follows .
    price 28,900
    alarm 600 sales price =29500
    warranty 900
    tax title insurance doc fee1560
    total 31960

    good deal????
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