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2013 and earlier Honda Odyssey Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • Did you get that OTD with Honda financial offer (2.9%). Can you tell me the dealer's name since I am in Chicago area and want to buy an Odyssey LX before this offer expired. Thank you very much!
  • bigdadi118bigdadi118 Posts: 1,207
    Some said that the manufacturer to dealer incentive was passed from the delaer to you, so the buyer has to pay tax for that. I know it is gray area and loophole.

    Just another example. When you lease, there is first month payment so and so dollar amount. One dealer charged me the 5% tax on that. After that I checked my Honda Finance account and found that dealer only sent in first month payment WITHOUT 5% TAX. It is small amount 10.00 - 20.00 but really no standard.
  • bigdadi118bigdadi118 Posts: 1,207
    if you regret the extended warranty I think you can cancel it asap.
  • go to brillance honda in crystal lake, they are dealing well now on exl w res/nav Sale price: $28,654.13

    Doc Fee: $150

    CVR Filing Fee: $25

    Sales Tax: $2,263.04

    New License Plates: $143

    Total OTD: $31,235.17
  • We are planning to make a purchase today for the EX-L. I have received several internet quotes. We took the lowest one ($24,666) to a dealership yesterday who said via email that he would match it. Of course once we get there, the EX-L that they have has $795 worth of options that I didn't ask for. I have another quote from a dealer for $25K that has no additional options. Is the $25K a good price for the EX-L with no additional options? In addition we would pay freight ($670), taxes (est. $1500), proc. fee ($100) and tags (est. $290). So, I guess the OTD price would be about $27,560. Should I see if the dealer who quoted $25K would consider the $24,666 or just take the $25K from the dealer that made the initial offer?
  • So you're looking at 25,670, right? I think it's a good deal. We got our EX-L for 25,999 (inc destination) and it was the lowest in the tri-state area. They also threw in splash guards and oil changes. Dealers around here just weren't budging below 26,500.
  • For $25,999, did that include taxes, tags, freight, etc. or was that just the price of the vehicle? For me, $25K does not inlude the freight, taxes, etc..
  • Here's what we paid. We got 2 oil changes and splash guards thrown in, too.

    25,999 (including destination of 635.00)
    1299.95 - 5% tax
    132.50 - title, license, etc

    OTD - 27,431.45

    I'm in the northern panhandle of WV, so I'm very close to Pittsburgh, PA and also on the Ohio border. This was the cheapest price within 50 miles of my house. Most dealers were quoting me 26,500 and I haggled with 3 of them. The 25,999 came as an internet quote of 26,198 and we worked our way down from there. Also, dealers with a lot more stock on their lot than the one I went with weren't willing to deal much at all! I was really surprised.
  • Guys..
    Let me thank you all for making my life easier...

    I bought an EX-L for $25,920.45 OTD in VA.... Yesterday and I LOVE it...


    Options I got with this is Roof Racks, and Mud Flals. BUT NO WHEEL LOCKS

    The best part of the Vehicle which we do not know until after we paid for it is that it has a Rear View Camera which get activated in the Rear View Mirror... .

    This is what I did I got only one Quote from a MD Dealer through email for @ $25, 920 OTD. But I am about to go MD dealer and stopped at one of the Dealers in VA with my Buyers order from the MD Dealer . After 30 Mins of all whining from the Manger we Shook Hands.

    Here is the Break Down...


    Tax $782

    Processing $385

    Title and TAgs $100

    I got an additional Warranty for 7yr/75,000miles for $1200
  • Congratulations on a GREAT deal!!! :)
  • That is a great deal that you got there. $24,678 with destination included is excellent.
  • bigdadi118bigdadi118 Posts: 1,207
    The processing fee $385 is much higher than MD's $100 - $150

    I would give biz to that MD dealer since they are more honest to quote/ pricing and should not move the deal from them.
  • Did you try to negotiate the warranty we got our warranty 6 yrs 75,000 miles for 900 they wanted 1495 for it at 1st. good luck
  • No I did not get the financing offer. It is either 3500 rebate or special financing, you can not have both.BTW if you choose the 3500 rebate, you also need to pay tax for the rebate, it is 3500*8%. The dealer is Honda on Grand in Elmhurst. I went there because they quoted me in email, other dealers only called and said they could also do around the same price, so I think you pretty much can get around this price everywhere, perhaps even lower.

    I choose to apply for a new plate because my old sticker is going to expire, transfer is 80 plus 78 for new sticker. The break down is:
    19975 - 1700 + tax + 150 doc fee + 143 new plate and sticker fee = 20332 OTD
  • We purchased it from Richfield Bloomington Honda but Brookdale Honda was the first one to give us that price. I did not like the dealerships on the east side of the metro - they seemed a little slimy (wanting my drivers license even though I told them I was paying cash and also wanted me to sign a 'contract' saying I would buy it right then and there). If you have any questions let me know. Good luck!
  • I agree I wanted the same thing as MD dealers are very honest but I am 60 m iles away from them,.

    Also VA Dealers Reduced the Price of the vehicle to add their Processing fee... :blush:

    Thanks for your input
  • Yesterday I purchased an 08 Odyssey EX-L with RES in black for an OTD price of $28, 061.34 in Fredericksburg, VA. The vehicle price was $26,762, including 814 freight, wheel locks, mud flaps and a rear cargo mat. Add in $814.83 sales tax, $10 online fee, $48.75 tags and $26.76 county tax.

    Anyone in Northern VA or MD email me if interested in the dealer or other quotes I received.
  • Hi,

    This is my first post. I am planning to buy a new 2008 EX-L with RES/NAV in state of Michigan.

    Did anyone got any great offers,please let me know.

    So far the best I got is
    28972(cash price after invoice33089-3500-hold) +
    15 (title)+
    1749 (6%tax)= $ 30,924 OTD price. Is this a good price?

  • C O N G R A T U L A T I O N S.......That's an excellent deal for EX-L.

    Can you please e-mail me the VA & MD dealer's as well as the sales person names that you negotiated this price to su_hyd_07atyahoodotcom.
  • Hi

    I am looking for a 08 EX-L with RES in San Jose/SFO area. Can some one who has purchased it in the last couple of weeks, let me know the price & where they purchased it (dealer name)

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