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2013 and earlier Honda Odyssey Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • anyone tried to trade in a lease with 5 months to go on a lease? Want a honda, but need to trade in my non honda lease that is under miles. Any idea on what I can expect?
  • I don't think you're going to have much luck. I tried to get them to take my Honda Pilot with 3 payments left but it was a no go with 4 dealers.
  • Hi, can you fill in the option package, MSRP, and dealer in SF Bay? That sounds like a great deal.Does the RES come with the rear backup camera?
  • Piazza Honda in Langhorne is giving good deals from dealer stock. As for trade, you'll take one to the chin.
  • "Does the RES come with the rear backup camera?"

  • I have received quotes from several dealers and thought you would like to know. I am in the bay area.

    for the EXL 25,500 plus TTL seems to be pretty easy to get to, I have had 3 dealerships agree to this.

    on the EX, i have had two dealerships quote 22750 plus TTL.

    all quotes including 2.9% financing.
  • Had a pretty good experience with O'Hare Honda in Des Plaines (right near Chicago).

    I bought a 2008 EX-L (No Res or Nav)
    base price = 25148
    dest = 670
    doc = 150
    and the ridiculous tax in Chicago = 2747

    I wasn't going to get the extended warranty, because I generally think those things are bad ideas, and I didn't have time to research whether or not it was a good idea in this case. :( But, every time I said "no" to it, they dropped the price. I finally bit when it was 1142. There really was no pressure on this, and I could have easily stil said no - but since this is my first NEW car, I bit. (Somebody please say this was a good idea!)

    Also, as of today they could do both the $3500 back and the .9% interest if you wanted it.

    Oh yeah, and it came with the protection package (splash guards, cargo tray and wheel locks) and they threw in a first aid kit (oh, boy).

    Aside from all the outrageous taxes and fees that Chicago and Cook county ladle on, I'm very happy with this deal.

    If anyone wants to know who I worked with I'd be happy to let you know - especially since the dealer said they reward me for any references that bought! ;)
  • I'm debating pulling the trigger for an EX-L in September. I've gotten quotes from 15+ dealers around the state (Florida). Best I got was offer to beat anyone by $500. That brings my deal to:
    base = $25036
    dealer = $500
    doc = 125
    tax (6%) = $1532
    OTD = $27068
    plus $300 in random crap options i can't nix off vehicle.
    It doesn't seem like anyone is adding in Dealer fees on this forum. Should I just tell them BS, i'm not paying it? Dest is already included.
    Also, does anyone know what Oct. incentives and rebate will be? Should I wait? I'm not picky on color and most dealers still have 40 on lot, so I'm pretty safe.
  • I pulled the trigger today on an EXL (no nav/res) after much shopping and reading on here - thanks to all - really helps the confidence - all you have to do is tell the dealer you're reading this forum and they instantly have a look of defeat in their Decided I couldn't justify the factory DVD on the RES when I can have one installed by a car audio specialty place here with a 3 yr warranty for $500 less -I bought in Kansas City (Frank Ancona Honda) - no pressure dealer - straight shooter sales manager:

    Only extra was the wheel locks which were already on it -

    $26,136 (incl all fees) + TTL only.

    They had a ton of EXL's in stock (like 20) so let me know if you need my dealer name but I pretty much dealt directly with the sales mgr which was nice instead of passing notes back and forth via the helpless sales guy like other places. I wanted silver and they only had one left so I bought, but I think if you don't care on color you could easily get down to $25.5k next month. In this economy how can they raise prices (or take away financing). The Oklahoma Dealer that dol007 in an earlier post was very nice and was at $25.8 but for us that's 5 hrs away - not worth the gas/time for $300. Also Holmes Honda in Des Moines IA said he could get to $26,050 but again not worth $90 less to drive & waste 3 hrs driving. Good luck to all -
  • Which dealer is this? It looks you got the best deal. Since both of us are looking at exactly the same model, iIf both of us go there the same time, we probably get a better deal. I heard the current model is redesigned in 2005 and next model release is 2010. Seems like every 5 years is the redesign cycle.
    Waiting for your reply.
  • Thanks, desertkev.

    I searched their inventory and they don't seem to have the 08 Touring in stock. I will request a price quote and see if they're willing to go out and get one. Of course, that usually adds ~$200 for the driver who gets it, etc.

    I've been in contact with others in PA who have the car, but their deals are not as good as those in NJ/NYC (those do not seem as trustworthy though). I am discovering new things every day and things change (i.e., new advertising fees that were not included the first time, etc). Anyway, I am concerned about making a 3-hour trip to talk to them in person!

    Not much time is left for the $3500 cash back and 0.9% and 2.9% financing options, so I would have to pull the trigger soon. Wish me luck!

  • gluzgluz Posts: 10
    Folks, the 3500 rebate and 2.9 APR are real, I used it today when we pulled the trigger. The loan manager was giving me hard time about combing the rebate with the APR but at the end gave up(what a surprise).

    At any rate, I am happy with the 7000 off MSRP(34,400) and almost 4000 off Invoice price on the new van.

    We were shopping for a large SUV or Sienna but end up getting Odyssey as this deal is unbeatable.

    This is in South Bay(San Jose area).

    Send me email if you want to know the name of the dealer.
    This particular dealer had only maroon and white ones left, but I am sure there are plenty of them around.

    Good luck to you all.
  • Hello all - Thanks to you and especially giventofly. We picked up our new Odyssey base EX-L. Price paid was $27777 including taxes, documentation and title with all included in 2.9% financing. E-mail me if you need the name of the dealership.
  • bigdadi118bigdadi118 Posts: 1,207
    When you are ready to make 3 hours trip, it is not talk any more, it is the trip to sign papers. Make sure they email or fax you all the figures on a Purchase & Sales agreement with the sales manager signature and you agreed with the numbers before you start driving.

    Depending how to do the payment, cash, load or lease. You may want to supply to dealer for credit approval ahead of time. Plus you may have pre-approval on a car loan from a bank or AAA.
  • Thank you for the advice, bigdadi118. I will definitely keep this in mind before making a trip. Most of them tell me that there is no more room for negotiation over the net, and that I would have to be there to get a slightly better price. Most tell me "your presence is power" ...

    In any case, my main problem is the trade-in, which will make a big difference. Only a few gave me a rough estimate, some say use KBB which gives terrible trade-in values that would give me a much larger hit than I am expecting, one told me use BlackBook tool. I visited a nearby dealer yesterday and have gave me $2000 above KBB, which is more like it.

    Don't dealers sometimes make more money on trade-ins than on new cars? If so, that's why I was hoping they will be willing to give me a better deal overall (new car price minus trade-in).
  • bigdadi118bigdadi118 Posts: 1,207
    With the trade-in, dealer has 2 ways to make profit instead of 1, simply sliding the scale one way or the other to make overall profit.

    If dealer gives you top money on your trade-in, probably won't give you that much of discount on the new car. Dealer always insists you to bring the car down for appraisal. When you are there they won't offer top dollars, excuses of market condition and something like that to lessen the offer.

    Trade-in is always the hurdle. I will sell it first instead of trade-in in order to get best deal on your new one. If you sell the car, you can alway rent a car for a week or so in between to get the new one.
  • That's an awesome price...The lowest I am getting on base EX-L is 25,592 including destination only and no financing option.
    Can you please send the dealer's name?
    mitu_chd at
  • I'm in the market for a new EXL-RES in the Columbus, OH area. Couple of questions:

    - I've seen some posts regarding the $3500 rebate. When does this start? Is that for finance-only or cash deals as well?

    - Anyone get a good deal from a Columbus area dealer recently?

    - I've seen some posts that refer to "teaming up"... I'm new to this... wondering if I could get an explanation.

  • ohvanohvan Posts: 26
    I picked up an EX-L today in the Columbus area for $26,088 with the 2.9% for 60 months at John Hinderer Honda. In addition, they provided a good trade on my 2003 T&C.
  • Hi yogibearsd, this is a very good price, I am in South California as well and in the same boat, could you let me know the dealer and sales' name? my email is fuleyou at gmail dot com, thank you very much.
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