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2013 and earlier Honda Odyssey Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • if you didn't buy, i could have saved you at least $1k on that model. i got quotes ranging from $29k - $29.7k OTD for ex-l res. but since your sales experience was good, that's worth the it.
  • A reporter is interested in talking with owners of a 2008 or 2009 Honda Odyssey who are also parents. If you are interested in commenting on your experience, please reply to no later than Monday, November 3, 2008 and include your city and state of residence, the model year of your vehicle and the age of your child/ren.

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  • Hi folks

    Does any one have a price quote for a 2009 EX-L with RES. There are no 2008 models in the San Jose/ SFO area. (unless you know of one who has one).

    The 2009 Prices are as follows

    Selling Price $30,988.00
    Tire Fee $8.75
    Doc. Fee $55.00
    Sales Tax 8.25% $2,561.05
    DMV (Estimate) $286.00
    Total $33,898.80

    Any comments? or Any one has a better price.

    Feedback is appreciated.

  • Check with San Leandro Honda. I was at their lot and they had a lot of 2008 odysseys.
  • Hey, I don't think it was off topic. To me, it sounds like the original poster was star struck by this cool car and got a raw deal. They sounded a little unsure of whether they should have bought it, and personally, I think they're going to regret it after a few months of payments and when the "I got a cool new car" feeling wears off a bit.

    I thought the financial advice was useful insight for the rest of us watching the forum.
  • kyfdx@Edmundskyfdx@Edmunds Posts: 25,952
    I thought the financial advice was useful insight for the rest of us watching the forum.

    True... and, yet... still off-topic.. :)

    Moderator - Prices Paid, Lease Questions, SUVs

  • Thanks, Did they give you an quotes for a EX-L?
  • No, I didn't get a quote. I wasn't looking to buy the EX-L with RES. I ended up buying a 2009 silver with black touring from Honda of El Cerrito. Got $41k out the door. $1k of accessories were included in the price. It was one of the best price that I got for the 2009 model.
    The sales people there were good. The service department on the other hand decided to "throw" parts of my odyssey away after I got a running board installed from them. I thought the running board would go over the car's body without having to take apart anything but I was wrong. I only found that out when I looked underneath to check the car after the bottom scraped the floor while I was entering my garage. I asked for the parts back and the sales consultant said she checked with the service guy and he said it was discarded. I can't believe that they would not offer you the chance to keep the parts. According to the sales consultant she did not know that they would take the parts out either. I asked her to replace the parts because I'll never know if I'll take out the running board in the future. It's still ongoing on what they'll decide on but if I don't get those side boards back there will be hell to pay.
  • I'll probably post after the purchase if all goes as planned. Here's the best deal I could find.

    2008 Odyssey EX
    $22,200 - Destination included
    $149 - Document Fee
    $1251 - Milwaukee Wisconsin Tax (5.6%)
    $300 - Title, plates, registration
    $23,900 "Out the Door"

    MSRP = $28,950 so I'm looking at a $6,750 discount.
  • Glad to help. I could not have done it without prior posts from others on this site.
    Good luck with your new vehicle.
  • We're also looking for a 2007 EX-L in the Balto/DC metro area & are just starting our research. Do you mind sharing what you ended up paying? Do you they have many 2008's left? Did you get quotes anywhere else & if so, what other dealers were competitive & still had 2008's? Thanks.
  • 02 -03? Really? Mine is a 06. Try telling the six other people sitiing in the Honda pergatory here (they call it a waiting room) that the transmission problems were only on those model years. All of us are on our second or third trans. None of ours are less than two years old. Well, two of the transmission rebuilds are on Pilots though.
  • Hi

    Can you tell the name of the dealer in Upstate NY?
  • Thanks for responding

    It is interesting how the local bay area dealers in and around SJC/SFO are. I contacted around 10 of them. Most of them gave me a quote for 2008 model. Within a few minutes of acknowledging their emails, I got a follow up email saying that they are out of all their 2008! but wanted to know whether I am interested in looking at 2009.

    I think they are completely out of 2008.
  • I'm not sure. I don't think they're out of the 2008 models. I know for a fact that there are some left. If you have a chance stop by San Leandro or maybe even El Cerrito. El Cerrito had a lot of Silver EX-L models. San Leandro has an even wider selection.
  • bm4bm4 Posts: 1
    Hi, Just another bad experience with Honda on Grand, elmhurst, il. The rear bumper of my brand new Odyssey wasn't assembled properly (moving part) so, the paint on the corner peeled off. This is a manufacturing defect. Went to the service desk, the rep saw the car, told me that, the manager has to approve. Made no attempts to call the manager. I found the manager (who is walking around), he makes a comment "you have an option - we don't do body shop. You have to take it to the body shop" and started walking away. I told him it is a brand new Odyssey and manufacturing defect. He left with no reply. Went back to the service desk, stand there for another 10 minutes while rep is sitting at desk going through some paperwork. The rep doesn't pay any attention. I asked him, what's going on, what are you going to do. He says "I don't know, I can't find the manager". Still sits in the chair, makes no attempt. I said, "then you have to find him". He replies "I got to wrap - I am leaving in 15 minutes". I said "I am standing at service desk for 20 minutes, someone should attend me". He replies "why don't you call on Monday". I left. This happened at 5:15PM on Friday and they are open till 9:00 PM. Called Honda customer service - "Sorry to hear. It shouldn't happen. We can't help. You have to go to the dealer. I can find you another dealer in your location". I said "no. thanks. I have access to the internet".
  • joebertjoebert Posts: 22
    That's a terrible experience. Call Honda customer service....hopefully you kept track of names. Also, do a few reviews of them on various websites.
  • Last week, I bought a 2009 touring model for $37,191 plus TTL in Central Florida. I went for the 2009 because I really wanted the black with tan interior and Florida has no 2008s left in that color combination. I followed the approach recommended on this site. I emailed 12 dealers, not including the one closest to me. I also took my 2004 Toyota Sienna to Carmax. The dealership who gave the lowest quote wouldn't come anywhere near Carmax for my Sienna. I then called my dealership nearby. They wouldn't touch the deal. I contacted a third dealer (Coggin Deland Honda) who who beat the lowest internet deal and the Carmax deal on my used car by $3. :) I bought the car from them.
  • Ok, here's what we ended up with....

    2008 EX White w/ Tan interior
    $22,000 (base and destination)
    $169 (document fee's)
    $1241.47 (Tax)

    Milwaukee Wisconsin
  • ekdalekdal Posts: 10
    I'm in NC and I have a qoute for 27.2k OTD for a new 08 EX-L. I like the dealer and would like to pull the trigger but I invariably pull it too quickly. Does this seem like a fair price? Also, any guess if prices will come down dramatically in the next few months?
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