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Isuzu Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • boxtrooperboxtrooper Posts: 843
    Find a mechanic that specializes in Isuzu Troopers and take the 97 Trooper to be inspected. Pay particular attention to the engine / transmission since these are items that are most expensive to repair. Also, ask to talk with the mechanic that has been doing the maintenance to get any clues to possible upcoming expensive maintenances.
    That said, I think Troopers are fully able to go a half million miles. The chassis is very solid. The suspension is easy and inexpensive to upgrade (I suggest OME suspension upgrade kits) so it rides like new.
    There isn't a towing package for the Troopers that I am aware of, just a hitch. Some people add an axtra transmission cooler from a third party. Ask how heavy the trailer and how often the towing, heavy ( >3500Lb.) towing miles count double for wear on the tow vehicle.
  • mmorgalmmorgal Posts: 1
    I would not buy another product from this company. My daughter had a 2000 rodeo, and for no reason the engine siezed up. Oil was changed every 3000 miles, and the oil just left the block. No leaks, no oil on the tail pipe. I have read many stories about this happening, and no hel fron them.
  • bizeebbizeeb Posts: 1
    We have been offered to purchase a 1998 Trooper that is in good physical condition, one owner but it has a lot of miles on it. It has 160+ thousand miles. It has started using a little oil. It has the 3.5 engine. The asking price is $3,000.00. Is this a reliable car for a teenage boy?
    BTW many of the miles are miles driven on Hwy from Arkansas to Alabama and then Alabama to Florida and also day to day work.
  • rick2456rick2456 Posts: 320
    I can relate. I had a 2001 Rodeo and the engine head gasket failed destroying the engine. Luckily I was covered under the powertrain warranty, though it took 4 weeks to get my vehicle back. Other than that, I really liked the vehicle. Ya never know.
  • rick2456rick2456 Posts: 320
    I had a 98 Trooper myself. The problem I had with it was the computer failed and it cost $800 to replace. I would have the truck checked out and if the mechanic ok's it, I would go for it. It is a tough truck for sure, but be aware, it cannot be driven like a car as they have a high center of gravity and will roll over if he tries to drive it like a sports car.
  • Sounds like daughter abused vehicle as any teen would do.
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