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2013 and earlier Buick Regal Lease Questions



  • Car_man
    Posted on 7/21 in Lexus is 250 and no response yet, just trying to get your attention!
  • dl7265dl7265 Posts: 1,381
    Well it looks like the Leases are gone for August ? Only show 0% interest on a purchase... :(
  • therastheras Posts: 49
    Hi Car_Man,

    Thanks for the info, and for checking my math!! How much does the residual go up for 12K and 10K per year leases? Does GM do 10K or must I get 12K?? Thanks again, L.J.
  • eagle9595eagle9595 Posts: 7
    edited August 2011

    I found this lease advertised from a dealer in NY for a CXL Turbo online. Does this deal sound legit?

    CXL Turbo. $265 a month.
    MSRP = $30,495. 39 month lease, 12,000 miles $1,000 due at signing. Does not include sales tax. Does not include registration and acquisition fees . Security Deposit waived. Must be financed through USBANK. Must take delivery by 09/04/2011. Prior Sales Excluded. Dealer Fees included in price.

    Thanks for the great info guys! Great forum!
  • dl7265dl7265 Posts: 1,381
    I think CAR _MAN is on Vacation . :shades:

    I was told the incentives for August through USBANK were better than July. However , I was quoted a higher price.

    TO2 MSRP $30,720 , sales price $29894. 48 months, 12kmiles for $354 month with just 1st months payment down $354. They said 36 months would be about $30 a month higher.

    eagle9595, not knowing what your tax rate is there, that sounds pretty good.

    CAR_MAN can you give me the MF and residual for August on a TO2. through USBANK with 12kmiles for 36 months, and any lease cash allowance ?

  • Hi dl,

    That is an advertised lease in NY sales tax not included in that monthly quote.
  • Just picked up a carbon black metallic T06 last night in southern Indiana. US Bank lease. Details are as follows:

    MSRP $33,385
    Selling price $31,700 (apparently $1k dealer cash doesn't apply to leases)
    39 months
    Residual $14,021.70 (42%)
    US Bank lease rebate $4,450
    MF .00039
    Acquisition fee $695
    $1,140 due at signing ($425 security deposit, $403.65 FMP, $311.50 IN sales tax on rebate)

    Went with US Bank instead of Ally even though the money factor was .00039 vs .000015 with Ally. Lost $50 on the lease rebate, but the purchase option at lease end is $395 compared to Ally's $2,500.
  • CarMan@EdmundsCarMan@Edmunds Posts: 38,515
    You're welcome dl7265. Sorry that you weren't able to get the price that you were looking for.

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  • CarMan@EdmundsCarMan@Edmunds Posts: 38,515
    Hi theras. Ally's 12,000 mile per year residual values are 2% higher than its 15,000 mile per year residuals. I know that Ally offers 10k leases Cadillac vehicles, but I'm not sure about Buicks. If it does offer 10k leases on Buicks, its residuals for them would be 3% higher than the 15k resids.

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  • CarMan@EdmundsCarMan@Edmunds Posts: 38,515
    You're right dl7265. I was on vacation :shades: . I'm back now though and ready to help. See you around.

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  • therastheras Posts: 49
    Thanks for the detail Car_Man. I hope you had a nice vacation.

    I will wait a couple of weeks and see if I want to make the switch from Mazda to Buick later this month. Thanks for arming me with this information.
  • dl7265dl7265 Posts: 1,381
    Thank you Sir. Hope you had a good vacation.

    Can you give me the MF and residual for August on a TO2. through USBANK with 12kmiles for 36 months, and any lease cash allowance ?

    Also, TX pays sales tax on the total amount of the car, not just the "rented" portion like other states do. Should that be factored on the total msrp ? or the negotiated sales price correct ?
    Thanks again,
  • Hi,

    I was hoping you could look at these figures that I received today and let me know what you think.

    MSRP $29,720 (turbo + destination supposedly)
    MSRP $28,720 (from website without destination)
    Invoice $29,142 (From dealer incl. destination and ad fees)
    Invoice $27,706 (from TrueCar)

    Gross Cap Cost $29,487
    Cap reduction ($4500) Includes all rebates from Ally and Manufacturer supposedly

    Money factor with Ally .65 (does that sound high??)
    Residual $13,968

    Base pmt $316.77
    pmt incl taxes $339.74

    $1338.74 due on delivery (Gap ins. included on all leases or so I was told)

    Should I be negotiating down the gross cap cost to be closer to invoice without dealer fees? I did confirm on TrueCar that the invoice figure + dest/ad fees is within about $300 or so. What am I missing here? What else should I be asking for or is this a good deal?

    Thanks in advance for your help. :)
  • Hey iumichael,

    I gather your payment is the $403.65 embedded in your upfront costs?

    For those interested, the $2500 lease buyout through ally is accurate, however if you purchase your lease before making your last payment, it is $0 (per the manager helping with my lease).

    I qualified for GMS employee lease as my father-in-law has worked in a plant for 35 years (I think adds $1000 rebate on top of other incentives).

    TO6 Granite gray/ ebony (had to get the xenon and 19")
    $1160 due at signing
    $361/ month includes 7% Atlanta tax.
    39/ 12k

    Picking up tonight, I'll be happy to give more details on the lease if anyone needs.
  • abm2abm2 Posts: 4
    edited August 2011
    Interesting on the buy out. But, are you sure? My GMAC smart lease through Ally indicates that the purchase option is only available at lease end and thus, the extra 2500 over the stated residual applies. It would be nice if I had the option to save 2500 if I choose to purchase-which I doubt I would if I had to pay a $2,500 excess over residual.
  • 40yearfan40yearfan Posts: 101
    If I were you, I would get that in writing from the manager.
  • eagle9595eagle9595 Posts: 7
    edited August 2011
    Picked up a Blade Silver T02. One of the only in the state. They matched the $265 a month deal through Ally. $1000+++ came out to $2400 out of pocket, 39 month / 12 k a year. MSRP $30,495 sale price $29,500 and $4450 lease cash back.

    $280 w/ 6% sales tax. A steal to drive a 220bhp luxury car like this with leather and sunroof. Before I saw the Buick ad for the Regal lease specials I was considering a Chevy Malibu. I got a lease quote for $260+ tax a month on a 1LT Chevy Malibu with the base 160bhp 4 cylinder and no leather or sunroof! I am glad I waited and got the Buick!

    We were also told over the phone and in person by the finance manager when finalizing the deal that if you buy out the vehicle before last payment is made there is no $2500 buy out fee.
  • 40yearfan40yearfan Posts: 101
    Congratulations on your new car. It sounds like a great deal.

    I hope your dealer is correct about the buy out fee. I usually trade out of the lease before it ends and would hate to have to add an additional $2,500 to the cost of the vehicle to do so.

    Other than an ocassional turbo lag, I have absolutely no problem with our Regal. We have close to 3,000 miles on it now and it is really a joy to drive. Solid, handles well and causes more than a few heads to turn due to it's outstanding styling.
  • jasmith52jasmith52 Posts: 455
    Is it possible to do a regal lease with more than 15k miles per year ?

    Suppose I wanted 18k miles per year or 20k miles per year. How would that work ?

    Also, forgive my ignorance but could someone point me to a calculator or a description of how I can calculate my costs given all the MF, residual, down payment etc.
  • iuguy79iuguy79 Posts: 2
    Hey baquared81,

    Sorry for not replying sooner, been too busy out playing in the new car and havent been watching this forum for a few days. You are correct, $403.65 is my monthly payment on a T06 which includes 7% sales tax for IN. The finance guy helping us knew my problem with the ally lease was the buyout fee, but either didnt know or didnt tell me there was a way around it.

    I'm glad to see my payments aren't too far off from yours. The higher money factor from US Bank, 15k miles per year, and me not having the GM employee lease could explain most of the difference in our payments I think.

    Almost 1k miles in and still love the car for the most part. However, I must say for my first German car it has the worst cupholders I have ever seen in my life. One cup at a time works, but I have yet to find two cups skinny enough to fit in there at the same time! Gas mileage isn't impressing me much so far either, but my other car is a Prius so maybe I'm just hard to please lol
  • CarMan@EdmundsCarMan@Edmunds Posts: 38,515
    You're welcome theras. Vacations are always nice :).

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  • CarMan@EdmundsCarMan@Edmunds Posts: 38,515
    No problem dl7265. US Bank's August base lease rate for a 36 month lease of a 2011 Regal TO2 is 0.12%.

    Buick is currently providing $3,950 to $4,450 in cash incentives on leases of this car through US Bank.

    That's a good question about sales tax in Texas. I suspect that it is charged on the selling price, but I am not certain.

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  • CarMan@EdmundsCarMan@Edmunds Posts: 38,515
    Hi jasmith52. 15,000 miles per year is the highest mileage allowance that Ally publishes residual values for. If you need to drive mote than that, you will probably have to purchase additional miles on a per-mile basis. It is less expensive to do so at lease signing than it is to wait until lease-end and have to pay an excess mileage penalty.

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  • dl7265dl7265 Posts: 1,381
    Thank you Sir. How do I compute the .12% lease rate ? Wen doing the lease rate calculator.

  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 32,336
    Divide 0.12% by 2400 to get an approximate money factor.

    0.12 / 2400 = .00005 (that's right... 4 zeroes)

    That is just an approximate... but, don't worry.. at that low of a rate, any mistake will just result in pennies of difference..


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  • dl7265dl7265 Posts: 1,381
    Hey Walt, long time since the "rizzo method" days :surprise:

    Thanks, When I got that low figure I thought something looked askew.

  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 32,336

    Yeah, I'm right in the middle of shopping for another lease, right now... :P

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  • I got quoted te following and think this seems very high on T02.

    $370/month with 1099 down
    $403/month with $0

    12,000 miles at 39 months.

    Looking for some help.
  • Slightly twist with my question. I am GMS eligible but qualified for Ally tier 'B'. Consequently, the MF is 3.15%. The dealer quoted me $390 and change for $0 at signing. I've calculated this to 42% residual. Is this correct? I've seen a range of 42 - 50% residual. I've been shooting for 48% residual and payments at $310 pre-tax and should be feasible given employee and Saturn discounts. Any insight into where I am getting this wrong - I am getting frustrated? My numbers are below:

    2011 Buick Regal Turbo T02

    MSRP $30,510.00
    Preferred Price $29,758.31
    EVA $(1,000.00)
    Saturn Loyalty $(1,000.00)
    Ally Lease Incentive - All $(3,500.00)
    Ally Lease Incentive - GMS $(500.00)
    Capitalized Tag Registration Fee $71.85
    Capitalized Title Fee $77.25
    Capitalized Dealer Doc Fee $75.00

    Net Cap Cost $23,982.41

    Residual Rate 42%
    Residual $ $12,814.20

    Term (months) 36

    Also: are dealers, generally speaking, packing points on Money Factors the same way they do loan APRs?

    Thank you,
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