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2011 Audi Q5 with 2.0T

frictiontapefrictiontape Posts: 8
I had an interesting conversation with Audi Manhattan yesterday. The 2011 Q5 will also come in a 211hp, 258 torque two-litre turbo-charged engine mated to an eight spead transmission. Gas mileage is expected to be close to 28mpgs. While that not secrect, they new model will be available likely in July, meaning the Q5s currently on lot are the last ones the dealers are going to get. The guy I spoke with seemed to think this new model will account for most of the sales as Audi is segmenting out this model line-up. As for cost, thinks they'll come in under $35K and he's already taking orders and knocking 5% off.

Something to think about if you're in the market.


  • boltsfanboltsfan Posts: 18
    That is good info... thanks. Do you have any more info on the 2011 Q5?
  • jimbresjimbres Posts: 2,025
    Let me revive this dormant thread by saying that I visited an Audi showroom today & picked up a brochure on the 2011 Q5. As noted previously, the Q5 is now available with a 2 liter turbocharged direct injected 4-cyl. engine that outputs 211 hp & 258 lbs-ft. of torque. (Numbers for the 3.2 V-6 are 270/243). Estimated 0-60 time is 7.1 seconds vs. 6.7 seconds for the V-6.

    Some items that are standard on the 3.2 liter V-6 model are optional on the 2.0T model: Xenon headlights, power folding mirrors, power tailgate, driver memory settings, heated front seats, panorama sunroof, iPod interface, Bluetooth, HomeLink & auto-dimming rear view mirror. Most of these are bundled into a "Premium Plus" package for the 2.0T.

    This dealer (Huntington Audi on Long Island) had 2.0T Q5s on the lot, but I didn't have time for a test drive.
  • Thanks for the info!!! This is what I have been waiting to hear, I know its coming.

    How about the price, what are the price differences?
  • jimbresjimbres Posts: 2,025
    Pricing info for the 2011 Q5 is now available on Audi's website.
  • Cool, I looked at it 2 days ago and it still wasn't there. They seem to have just updated it. Thanks.
  • Has anyone test driven both cars and what is the actual difference in the driving experience. I was going to get the 2010 model which only comes in a 3.2L engine but the turbo charged engine sounds interesting. Aside from cost which would offer the best drive.
  • awf_axisawf_axis Posts: 136
    My wife and I tested both a 2010 3.2 (P+), and then a 2011 2.0t (P+), outfitted w/ Nav, 19" wheels and B&O.

    I couldn't tell much difference in the acceleration. I actually percieved the 2.0 to be a bit quicker from a dead stop, but that may be just because of the 8spd might have a lower 1st gear. Overall, the performance seemed similar. I didn't do any freeway accel/pass kind of driving, as the traffic was moderate both times. Seemed similar for a couple of seconds of "flooring" it getting on the freeways.

    On the transmission side, the shifting seemed less harsh on the 2.0t. I noticed abrupt downshifting on the 3.2 coming to a stop, but did not notice this on the 8spd.

    Steering on the 3.2 was a little weird because of the artificial stiffening. When I jumped the accellerator on a right turn, I actually felt the resistance kick in mid turn, which was unexpected. Didn't notice this on the 2.0t, although it could have been pure luck the 1st time.

    I'm proned to get the 2.0t since I live in Tahoe, and the charged engine ought to perform better at high elevations (so I'm told). The MPG is also a good incentive.

  • Thanks for the great info and review. Sounds great. I would need to go check it out one of these days too, but sounds like the 2.0T could be potentially be a great buy.
  • jimbresjimbres Posts: 2,025
    I actually percieved the 2.0 to be a bit quicker from a dead stop, but that may be just because of the 8spd might have a lower 1st gear.

    That might also be because the 2.0 puts out more torque (258 lbs/ft vs. 243) than the 3.2 & at a broader RPM band that starts lower (1500-4200 vs. 3000).
  • Test drove the Q5 2.0T yesterday and loved it. Am a current 2008 A4 2.0T owner and have been very happy with the engine. I haven't driven the Q5 3.2 so I don't have a comparison point, but the 2.0 had plenty of power and pickup for me. Really liked the drive and feel of the car. Was surprised at the lease quote, though, which had a 49% residual on 36 months and a 46% residual on 42 months. Compared to my A4 3-year lease which had a much higher residual percent, the monthly payments looked relatively steep.
  • jimbresjimbres Posts: 2,025
    I probably won't pull the trigger until next year - first, I have to sell 2 cars - but when I do, I'll pay cash.
  • I purchased a Q5 2.0T last week after test driving both 2.0 and 3.2. I was *very* pleasantly suprised at the quickness of the 2.0. With even more torque than the 3.2 it might not best it in seconds but it feels quick. It's a slight more raspy but not too bad. The extra fuel economy and the 35,200 base MSRP made it the choice for me. I haven't had a chance to push my new car yet as it's still in the break-in. I did notice some slight lurching when nearing a stop due to the 8 speed downshifting - - curious this was noted by one poster above for the 3.2 but not the 2.0.
  • jimbresjimbres Posts: 2,025
    Thanks for the report. Please keep us posted on your experiences.
  • I test drove the Q5 a year ago and liked the vehicle but was not pleased with the V6 MPG. Coming out of an A6 4.2 the Q5 3.2 MPG wasn't much better.

    Last week I tested the new Q5 2.0T and was extremely pleased. While no match for the V8 in my 2006 A6 the smaller engine in the Q5 felt very fast on both 2 lane roads and getting up to speed and passing on the interstate. I will definitely like the increased mileage. The Audi loyalty rebate was also a plus.

    Should be picking up the new Q5 in a few days. Is slathered in the new Teak Brown Metallic with beige interior - a Premium Plus with Nav and B&O stereo.
  • A quick update. Just drove the new Q5 2.0T from Asheville, NC to Pittsburgh, PA and back. Was great to drive, comfortable and quiet. The small engine and 8 speed definitely needed to shift more often than the old 4.2 V8 I was used to. But it managed the mountain hills and curves very well and did not feel like it lacked power.

    So far I am pretty much hitting the mileage estimates. About 19-22 mpg in the city and 27-28 on the highway. I had hoped the highway mileage would have been better since my A6 4.2 computer typically told me I was getting 26-27 going to Pittsburgh. But considering I only have 1400 miles on the vehicle now I would assume that mileage will increase with break-in as it did on the A6.
  • Any concerns about the new 8sp tranny for the 2.0? The only thing keeping me from trying to get one is all the horror stories about the 6 speed. Is the new tranny actually manufactured by ZF or is it based on their model? Is the 6 speed also made by ZF or is it an Audi product? The Q5 with the 2.0 seems to be a bargain next to the X3, but it won't matter if it is in the shop all the time...
  • allawallaw Posts: 12
    Are there any Q5 owners out there that had the car for a while, I was told that the car wears out the tires pretty quick, anyone noticed that?
  • bmwbobbmwbob Posts: 6
    Hi Allaw,
    I have a 2010 Q-5 prestige S-line with 20" wheels and Dunlap tires.
    I have 17,000 on the tires now and have about 50% tread life left. I don't like the Dunlap tires, but they were on the vehicle and the dealer had no other 20" tires and wheels in stock. I would highly recommend that you be sure and DEMAND that the dealer change the tires and wheels with a vehicle that they have in stock and get Michlin tires. From my experience on other vehicles,(my wife's A-3), you'll get 25-30% more mileage and a better looking and riding tire.
    To answer your question; no the Q-5 is not hard on tire wear. It all depends on the brand and type of tire.
  • All the reviews and stats I have read on the 2011 indicate that the 8sp tranny is"sourced" from ZF. I now have 2700 mi on my 2.0T Q5. With yet another trip up to Pittsburgh from Asheville the 2.0T and the 8sp have performed extremely well. Good mileage with smooth and responsive power. I have noticed a couple rough downshifts but only when accelerating and then quickly needing to brake rather hard. I had the same experience with my 2006 A6 and have always chalked it up to all the electronics connected to the engine and tranny trying to "learn" my driving style and adapt the systems accordingly. When you "upset" it with something like a quick stop right off the accelerator you can get a clunky downshift.
  • kurtamaxxxguykurtamaxxxguy Posts: 1,714
    edited November 2010
    Was surprised by the amount of driveline lash (clunking during deacceleration) that new tranny offered.
    Am hoping Audi fine tunes it over the next year or so before the new Q5 Hybrid gets here.

    Also, what kind of gas mileage are the 2.0T / 8 speed Q5 owners getting from their vehicles?
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