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Ford Freestyle Recalls



  • i will be contacting him! just another detail to add! my throttle body went out again! second time to be replaced. 1st time was July 09 and now the second time in Oct. 2010! this time it was the lurching it was all of a sudden I was turning right into an intersection and it just wouldn't go! had it floored and was going only 30mph. And of course the transmission light came on again!
  • As of November 4, 2010 there have been 52 complaints filed with the NHTSA about the Ford Freestyle surging. Take a look.
  • I have a 2006 Ford Freestyle with 63,000 miles and the wrench light went on last week. The car kept decelerating and losing power when I tried to enter onto the freeway. When I floored it, the car would just stutter trying to pick up speed. It's almost like the gears wouldn't switch correctly. I live in SF with lots of hills and the car was stuttering going up and down hills, trying to accelerate, etc. We drove it for 2 days before we took it to the dealer who told us we needed a new throttle body.

    We saw this forum and filed a complaint with the NHTSA which confirmed that there is no formal investigation on the FREESTYLE but that there is one open on the Freestar. I also contacted Stephen McHenry above posted by bf2136 who said that there may be an investigation opened up shortly on the FREESTYLE specifically related to the throttle body. In which case he advised me to send the old part back to him (since it is in the shop now) to be inspected and to save all receipts. If an investigation is opened, a recall could be issued in short order and we would be able to get reimbursed by the manufacturer.

    Thanks bf2136 for the very helpful contact.
  • As of today there have been 495 complaints on the 2006 Ford Freestyle alone, not counting other years
  • bathommelbathommel Posts: 1
    I have an '07 with surging issues. The throttle body has been suspect the whole time, but I was told without a code, FORD would not pay for it. It finally duplicated for the shop foreman, but will cost me over $600. There is a lot of info about this problem on the web so there is obviously something wrong with this setup.
  • akcallakcall Posts: 6
    I had to have a throttle body replaced on my 2006 Freestyle in 2009. I am now looking to have another replaced in 2011. The difference is this time I will be footing the $700 plus bill because my warranty has expired. I love my car because of the room but I have had nothing but problems with this car.
  • stevedebistevedebi LAPosts: 3,788
    "I had to have a throttle body replaced on my 2006 Freestyle in 2009. I am now looking to have another replaced in 2011. The difference is this time I will be footing the $700 plus bill because my warranty has expired. I love my car because of the room but I have had nothing but problems with this car. "

    Sorry to hear of your throttle body issue, just out of curiosity, what other problems have you experienced?
  • akcallakcall Posts: 6
    I am having the same problem.. My car was under warranty in 09 when the throttle body went out. We were driving down the road and it wouldn't go. It has been 2 years, and now we are having the same problem again. This time my warranty is gone so now I am looking at $700.00 plus out of my own pocket. I really wish ford would recall this part, it is a major safety issue.
  • akcallakcall Posts: 6
    My car was in the shop for about 3 weeks due to a problem with the traction control light that kept coming on and staying on even after I was told the problem was fixed. I would go pick it up drive it for a day or two then the traction control light would come back on again.
    The power steering pump went out on it, and had to be replaced.
    About a week after I bought it (used) the brakes were replaced by Ford and covered at no cost to me because they said they were under warranty.
  • angiefangief Posts: 5
    Be sure to file a complaint with the Feds.

    I love me to for the room. I had my intake cleaned and it has helped so far. You might think about trying the $100 fix first.
  • debbiew75debbiew75 Posts: 19
    i feel ya!!! mine has been replaced twice... less than a year apart.
  • rebecca33rebecca33 Posts: 5
    I would like the Invest. info....

    Our Freestyle would accelerate on its own and then not go like many others on here....but while we were on vacation in Branson Mo. driving on the winding hills, the car would not go and my husband was flooring it....very scary...once we returned home on flat land country it was better until we had a snow storm and were driving through it. Lots of snow on the road, slow driving and it started hills this time....for us it seems like if their is conditions that make the car work harder than normal..... there is problems...
  • By chance my wife had an issue just last night. Weather here in NC is 94+ and she was at a local shopping center started car, went to put it in reverse to back out of a parking space and the engine surged and cut off. She says this happened 3 times before she was finally able to get out of the parking lot and then roughly 1/4 mile later at a busy intersection when trying to accelerate she could not go more than 30 mph with the pedal pushed to the floor. According to her the "wrench" light stayed on. I got home a little while later I got home and the car had been off and sitting for 5-10 minutes...It started and ran fine? I had to run an errand so I drove it, @ 5 miles, parked in a lot, got back in, restarted no issues.? I happened to see your listing for Stephen McHenry and thought hmm I will give him a call and see if there is any further news. I was pleasantly suprised that he indeed called me back and has emailed me the Tech. Service Bulletin on this issue. We had a good conversation and he said that the NHTSA has opened a formal investigation about this issue and we both agreed to exchange info as we found out more. I am going to try cleaning the throttle body per the bulletin and if I do need to replace it I will be sending the original to Steve for further investigation.

    2006 Ford Freestyle SEL owner
  • So glad to hear of similar problems. Bought 2007 Freestyle used with limited warranty left. Now the wrench light, surging, stalling. All of it. Very unsafe and disappointing for a newer car. Hope to see a recall soon. Headed to the Ford dealership tomorrow.
  • akcallakcall Posts: 6
    Just wondering what the tech service bulletin stated. I filed my complaint on the NHTSA's website today. I am very disappointed with the problems with this car!
  • joslmajoslma Posts: 1
    We had the same traction control light problem. What finally fixed yours?
  • I just went to the NHTSA website and the throttle body for the 2005 thru 2007 Ford Freestyles is under investigation as of May 11, 2011. I also received an email from Stephen McHenry that is the investigator on this case. Maybe soon we will all have some kind of response to this issue. I spent over $700.00 dollars to have mine replaced and got lucky to get the last throttle body available at the time before they were on backorder. When I picked up my freestyle the man at the ford dealership told me that he had another freestyle coming in for the same problem but would have to wait until the part is available.
  • akcallakcall Posts: 6
    I can't remember the name it was some $1,200 part and three weeks in the shop to figure it out. I will look through my paper work and see if I can find the name of the part and get back to you.
  • I just filed my online complaint with NHTSA - hope to hear something soon!

    I didn't know there was a chance we could be reimbursed by manufacturer so I will look for receipts since we have already replaced the throttle body before. This time around the problem seems to be worse. Read on another post that brakes seem to be an issue too..I thought it was just me but they have had to be replaced on my vehicle more than normal.
  • kdibkdib Posts: 5
    OK after 44K miles and 17 trips to the Ford Dealer for lunging they now want to replace the Throttle Body and of course Charge me. I guess I will file with NHTSA tonight.
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