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File a complaint--2010 Outback blower issue

frogfishfrogfish Posts: 1
When the blower is set to legs only, A LOT of air comes out the defroster vents--it feels like 50/50. It's not functional, it's annoying, and it dries out eyes if you wear contacts. Three Subaru dealers have agreed with me but said that is the way it is designed on all Outbacks and it can't be adjusted. Other blower settings seem to work fine. Subaru headquarters (800-782-2783) will tell you nothing will be done, such as issuing a "fix", until they get enough complaints. So, if you agree with me please call the aforementioned number and file a complaint. Maybe eventually something will be done.

Thank you.


  • ndeborahkndeborahk Posts: 18
    I have a 2010 Outback and I am having cooling problems. When I am driving, I am fine, but anyone in the back seat can not get enough cool air to be comfortable. I brought it to my dealer and he said that there was nothing wrong. Even when I am driving and it is very hot outside, the A/C seems to be underpowered.

    Has anyone else experienced these problems?

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