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2011 Volkswagen Jetta



  • fho2008fho2008 Posts: 393
    There is a 2.0 turbo, and the base 2.0 non turbo that are two entirely different engines.
  • samm43samm43 Posts: 195
    So they have replaced the 1.8 turbo with a 2.0 turbo? Come to think of it that sounds familiar. For my use I would never buy that car with a gas turbo. If the TDI wasn't so complex and expensive that would be my choice, but I am trying to find out if the 2.0 gas engine (the old one that has been around for years) has any bad reputation with it in any way if anyone knows? I know that it is the slowest, but with a manual transmission it would probably still do the job. I think if you drove both it and the 2.5 spiritedly all the time, the 2.0 gas bill at the end of the year would be quite different. Maybe not a great choice if you had 4 people and A/C on in the mountains then the 2.5 would likely perform much better and maybe even on less fuel.

  • I have driven all my VW's with the Tiptronic automatic in both the manual mode and the "S" mode for spirited driving. The Manual does upshift and downshift just like a manual. The engine will rev up, and if you didn't know you weren't using a clutch, you could never tell. Of course for everyday driving, the regular "D" setting works well.

    I don't know if playing with the manual mode all the time would lead to problems down the road, but certainly the "S" mode would not, as that simply sets the shift points to a higher RPM level, as well as higher RPMs on the downshifts.

    Take a try in an automatic, before you decide.

    Good Luck.

    Bel Air Car Guy
  • bvdj84bvdj84 Posts: 1,721
    Good Points! Update: 2011 Jetta SE, conv, roof

    I love having all 3 options! Though, I haven't used the manual mode a lot yet. Your right, I am not sure if you used it all the time if it would wear down any more than just using the S mode or D. Though, it might if you were really rough with it. Now that I have the options, I am not sure how often I'll use them. I am pretty careful with my cars. Definitely more in the Spring and summer! Plus, with gas prices I want to conserve. :(

    The 2.5 is quite peppy! I came from an 08 G6 4cyl and the engine in the VW is night and day better!! I feel way more confident about the power. It is so much more smooth in its shifting. You barely tell when its shifting. Also, I hardly hear then engine other than a nice push in acceleration. The suspension is smoother, forgiving. I can honestly see how and why my mother has gotten pulled over for speeding. lol. Not on purpose, but when you look down it can easily be way over what you think it is!! She drives an 08 Jetta. My G6 never felt as much that way.

    I have noticed better mileage too!! It has lower RPM's when at 60. Though, it is a 5cyl and 6spd auto, so it is going to be slightly less. This engine is the reason I chose the Jetta over the Buick Regal! The GM 4cyl engine had 6spd, but still felt rough and lack of power at higher performance, it felt a bit numb! The VW engine doesn't seem exhausted like the GM 4cyl.

    Loving the bluetooth, the touch screen radio, and the cornsilk interior! The white gold is a great color! Such a classy looking car! I almost got the Regal and I am glad I got the VW. I am happier!
  • samm43samm43 Posts: 195
    I test drove a new Jetta the other day. Very impressed with that car. I wrote a post about it in Midsize. (likely should have put it here but was continuing a discussion there)
    But :( yesterday I was looking over a service rate schedule for VW's routine service intervals. There were some anomalies that raised an eyebrow or two in the money going out department. The one that jumped out at me and would affect anyone who does fewer than average miles per year, was that all the servicing (oil and filter at $200 a pop! and even more depending on model) was for every 5000 miles or every 4 months, with those infamous words which ever occurs first. Just as an example, there would be no reason that for someone who drives a half hour to town to shop etc that had a fresh oil changed in May would not still be perfect with a couple thousand miles on it come Sept. In a gas or diesel. The charges were grouped into types (A through to H and repeats) and with some of those service rips, there were a big long list of inspections like "check condition of spare tire" and in no time some of these were over $600.00! A type H on a V8 Touareg was $850.00 at 32 months or 40000 miles. And lots of 200 to 600 ones to get there.

    Even if you do your own servicing and keep track of all your bills for the expensive oil and filters etc to ensure your warranty coverage, it still would add up pretty fast. And then expose you to the possible argument if you did have a legitimate warranty claim later. It reminded me of Hyundai to be honest, because if you missed or could not prove you did (correctly too no doubt) even one of the service intervals, they could use it to not honor the warranty.

    I think it is true that EU cars are more maintenance hungry than others. It sure was a nice ride though.

  • pbrazinapbrazina Posts: 2
    I was told by the dealer (and confirmed by the customer service number listed on that I only have to change the oil every 10k miles. I'm not sure I would want to do that as I'm in the old school w/ every 3 mo or 3k... since this uses synthetic oil, I'm thinking every 6 months. Like you, I don't drive much as my last car 2000 Saturn only had 70k miles on it.

    Unless a specialty (i.e something VW specific breaks), my service (after the included 3 years) will probably be at Pep Boys.

    There is no reason why an oil change w/ synthetic oil should cost more than $50. I am being generous in that figure as I'm in NY, so I'm sure other states may vary.

    If it matters, I have a 2011 Jetta SE.
  • samm43samm43 Posts: 195
    Congrats on your new Jetta! Did you see my comments I posted about my test drive in Mid-sized cars I think is where I posted them. It is one fine car on many levels.

  • bvdj84bvdj84 Posts: 1,721
    Getting ready to take my first road trip to Florida! A 14 hour drive! Taking my car in today to get it inspected and have the tires inflated properly. This will be the ultimate test! I do think this engine is much more competent than the 08 G6 4cyl engine I had. I don't see this engine struggling like the G6 did. This car wants to drive faster too. I have looked down and see that I am so speeding!

    I should get better mileage. Anyone know if they use nitrogen in the tires? I have had the car since new years eve and they haven't seem to deflate yet. Even through all the winter issues.

    Looking like it is going to be perfect weather driving and all next week! Really warm weather too!!
  • mariobgoodemariobgoode Posts: 114
    That's one great opportunity to test the car's mettle. Good luck on the ride. Watch out for the speed traps in the Carolinas and in VA. Florida has a few of those, as well. Don't forget your sunscreen and sunglasses.

  • bvdj84bvdj84 Posts: 1,721
    Yes, it will be a great way to see what she is made of. There are a lot of speed traps down south! Especially highway 231 in Alabama. The speed limits change so quickly and they'll get ya.

    Yep, packing today and it looks to be sunny everyday next week. Around 80 mark once we get down there tomorrow in Alabama!

    Taking the car in today, making sure it is good to go, tires, etc.
  • bvdj84bvdj84 Posts: 1,721
    Wow!! I am so impressed with this car! It handled so well out on the open road! Just when I thought on the hilly parts of the drive it would up shift and it did NOT have to pretty much at all. It was so strong and smooth when it did have to upshift that you barely noticed. I know it is part of the 6pd auto and the 5cyl engine. My G6 4cyl 4spd would be abruptly shifting and lacked power. Felt really strained. This car felt strong all the way, it seemed powerful. Plus, the option to put it in S mode and manual mode assisted in quick maneuvers which my G6 did not have.

    The engine and the car felt solid! The steering is gets tight when at higher speeds. Which I am not sure thats really good, but keeps it solid. Suspension is tight and forgiving. I could see myself easily venturing up to over 80 if I wasnt carefully watching. Which my G6 wasn't like. Also, you barely hear or feel the engine at all.

    The seats were a bit tough though> Our rears were hurting by the end of the 14hr trip.

    I am very impressed! Love it! Great choice for me. Felt good to have the roof open and safe in a nice car.
  • bvdj84bvdj84 Posts: 1,721
    Update: 2011 Jetta SE.
    I am very impressed with my Jetta! I love it! The engine is so smooth and it handles so well. I look down and I am speeding sometimes! This never happened in my G6. I am loving the white gold paint. It is constantly changing. I think it looks like one of the better colors for this car!

    I have nearly 6,200 miles already! That is from going to FL mostly. It handles so well out on the interstate and rarely upshifted and if it did then you could hardly tell. The cabin is quiet and the car feels solid. I really enjoy the interior with the cornsilk! It looks better than the black! It has a more upscale look. Although, I do agree that VW made a bad move on cheapening the few areas of plastic. This was not neccessary! They even got rid of the VW icons within the head lights! :) The door handles could have been a little better! Oh well! Its all about the look I guess, rather than the feel.

    I do love the stereo system, but they did get rid of speakers too! The rear tweeters are gone, they look like they exist(even on the SEL), but gone. The previous model has 2 speakers in the front doors and the separate tweeter, now there is just the 1 speaker and tweeter. Not a huge deal, but again, why are we doing the cost cutting in areas where quality mattered? It still sounds awesome though! Alert! My stereo did have a WHITE SCREEN on Monday and I immediately showed my dealer. Apparently others have had cases like this. It is back to normal now, but this was odd and annoying! (RCD-510)touch screen.

    Gas mileage seems to be pretty good, though I haven't really checked it officially. I am really liking my Jetta! Great choice for me and my family when they are with me! Lots of rear space!

    I do think VW could have taken it easy on the cheapening! I still believe consumers would have paid the premium for the car. You can't mess with the soul of VW. They are almost doing this if they are not careful though.

    If you are looking for the 2011 Jetta! You will love it! A nice well rounded car, that still has bang for the buck! Especially the SE. However, we bought out our 2008 Jetta SE!! We love it!! VW family!
  • samm43samm43 Posts: 195
    If you would like to know real world mileage just keep track of the figures and I will do the math for you here if you'd like.

    All you need to do is:
    - when refueling, reset one of the odometer trip meters and keep it dedicated till the next time you refuel.
    - so on next refuel, simply mark down that odometer reading, and gallons you added (include 2 decimal places) then reset it again for next fueling.

    Each time you reset the trip meter, mark down the reading and how many gallons you added at that time. Hopefully the gas nozzle trips off at the same point when refueling, as some cars react to different pumps differently. I have had cars that up to 3 gallons (yes, THREE!) could be added after the first nozzle trip off. If you always refuel at the same station and pump, that helps because also the ground is the same level of grade or flat. One thing I would not do however is continue to trip the nozzle over and over for quick spurts as you do not want to overfill and risk contaminating the charcoal vent filter. When I refuel I try to listen to it. You can usually hear when the gas is getting closer to the downpipe because the sound changes. At that point I simply slow down the flow and that way you can get a more consistent shut off point without overfilling. If you refuel often from only a half tank or less, then these measure will naturally be more significant in getting an actual true reading. Keep in mind that if you keep track of all your records, you could check mileage on a monthly or even yearly basis if desired. Then you can see the difference cold weather or A/C weather makes.

    I know, too much information right? If so, just go back to the first two steps and ignore the rest. It will make sense the more you do it. ;)

  • bvdj84bvdj84 Posts: 1,721
    I might just do that! Thank you! This information is very helpful! I just do know that I don't have to fill up as much as my 08 G6 4cyl. This engine is so much more efficient and powerful.

    I am just amazing on how similar the engine specs are in terms of HP and torque and yet the VW feels night and day stronger and refined. You would think the numbers would be different.

    The stereo screen has not turned white since monday. That is good.
  • mariobgoodemariobgoode Posts: 114
    Just got my '11 Jetta TDI in red (after 5 months) and was looking for the temp gauge like you did. When you turn on the engine, the readout is there, but after a few minutes, the display changes to something else, like mpg, etc. To get the temp button at that point, there's a RESET button on the underside of the wiper control lever. Press that button once AND either the top or bottom of the end of that lever, until you see the temp display. If you can't get it this way, read the owner's manual for directions. Good luck.

    I found that if I stay between 55 and 60 mph and avoid sudden starts or stops, I can get about 60 mpg and approx 700 miles per tank. I drive a stick, so that may or may not influence my results.
  • pacs1pacs1 Posts: 2
    Got Jetta S today at Sunnyvale VW. Paid 15,700 $ (+ Tax + Title)
    The car is little sluggish when AC is on, but manageable.
    It's a good car for the money I paid.
  • Kirstie_HKirstie_H Posts: 10,810
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  • luisdiazluisdiaz Posts: 2
    Just bought a new jetta 2011 se with less than 250 miles car pulling hard right, dealer did an alignment and tire rotation which is crazy for a new car problem not fixed have gone to dealer 3 times in total, they say nothing they can do they blame it on front wheel drive and city streets. I'm left with a $24,poo loan purchase and $400 payment for a car that will wear it's tires every 6 months. I HAVE FILED FOR LEMON LAW PROTECTION WITH VOLKSWAGEN. Other people have driven my car and say my car can jump. 3 lanes on expressway right without having to turn steering wheel to the right to exit expressway. I have tested the demo at the dealer and it also pulls right salesman was not aware because he says he does not drive demo only potential buyers he said he was going to take in for alignment. This problem might cause for a recall on all 2011 jetted. I rather pay Volkswagen $1,000 to take it back than keep it drifting right. I have had 17 cars some new and some used and never have had a problem like this on a brand new car. Next step will be to get the state arbitration defected auto dept. Involved if volkswagen does not fix or take back the car
  • mariobgoodemariobgoode Posts: 114
    Contact the Natl Transportation Safety Board and see if they have received complaints similar to your. Check with your state's Attorney General and ask if they can help you resolve the problem with VW.

    Did not have that same problem with mine. I've driven it 1,200 miles already. Works like a charm.

    Good luck.
  • lahilanilahilani Posts: 1
    Thanks for your post, pacs1!

    I'm also in the South Bay and looking into getting a 2011 VW Jetta S. I've been driving a Honda Civic for the past 10 years and even considering getting another...
    But after hearing the outrageous asking prices and seeing the lack of bargaining that can be done for the new Civics (strange to say that considering the price ranges for the two car models have always been reversed), I'm now looking into other options.

    I'm still learning about the Jetta and which amenities are generally installed beyond the "base" model. Would you be able to share a liitle about what came with the car (e.g. AM/FM stereo/CD player, heated seats, etc.)?

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