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Honda Odyssey 1999 - 2004

Karen_CMKaren_CM Posts: 5,020
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  • phil47phil47 Posts: 394
    Yeah...sorry timothydavis..
  • So what was Karen's, chopped liver?
  • that you think her posts are liver-like. Bet she's polishing her scribble-stick as we speak.

    She'll be watching you, Phil47 .....
  • the odyssey! anyway, remember a few months ago we were talking about how anyone taller than 5'9" couldn't walk under the open hatch without bumping their head? well, if it opened 1/4" higher, it'd be hitting the top of garage opening, so i find it perfect. besides, what's there to complain about when you have to be under 5'3" to walk under a pathfinder's open hatch???

    we've seemed to have settled into a range of about 22-24 mpg combined city/highway which i think is great considering how we drive. i read that a car moving at 55 miles an hour can get about 15 percent better fuel economy than the same car going 65 mph. we normally go at the 70 mph speed limit (well, hehehe, since we know the speedometer is a little off, we travel at an indicated speed of 75 mph, knowing that the highway patrol will probably give us another 2-3 mph slack).
  • kuhl3kuhl3 Posts: 8
    Dear Trevor, I don't know if you got my message on XX1X but I'm looking for a diecast replica of the Honda Odyssey-like a Matchbox size or bigger. I've found a Pt Cruiser to match my brother's model but now looking for the Ody for our family. Some car model replicas are sold at dealers but don't know about Hondas.Don't know if anyone out there has seen one or if Trevor has them. I'll take any color but prefer Dark Emerald Pearl. I want to wrap one for under the Christmas tree. Please let me know!!! Thanks!
  • mtsangmtsang Posts: 70
    Keep an eye on Search by 'Honda Odyssey'. Occasionally, I've seen Ody matchbox-replica on sale there.
  • pat84pat84 Posts: 817
    I bought two tub drain plugs from a hardware store. I put them in the holes in the front cup holders in the dash. I keep quarters and $1 bills in there for tolls and parking meters. I was reluctant to use them for cup holders as a sudden stop might slosh some drink in the CD or cassette players. You store salt, or packages of soy, duck or mustard packs from Chineese food as well. :)
  • dmathews3dmathews3 Posts: 1,739
    What was wrong with the coin holders that are in front of the drink holders?
  • Those diecast Odyssey on Ebay I've seen are all of the 1st generation Odyssey. If there is any 2nd generation Odyssey model for sale, I would want one too!
  • i feel kinda stupid for asking this, buuuuuut...
    how exactly do you use the roof rails that come standard on the EX? what i mean is, what can go on top of the ody and how is it secured? do you use bungee cords or rope or what? do you need the accessory cross bars? is there some sort of mat you're supposed to use to keep the roof from getting scratched? does the load sit on the rails or do the rails only provide a place to tie the ropes? thanks in advance for not lambasting me ;-)
  • robr2robr2 BostonPosts: 7,735
    You should use either the Honda crossbars or an after market set (Thule, Yakima). I have a set of Yakima bars and bike attachments from my old Accord I plan on using next spring.

    Cost of the aftermarket is about the same as the Honda ones and in my opinion more versatile and rugged.

    Anyone else car to chime in??

  • Binky,

    It is not a stupid question, it is a stupid design. It is one of the few problems I find with my odyssey. Either give me a roof rack or don't. Most real roof racks have the rails, at least two cross bars if not more, and the absolutely necessary roof protection strips. Otherwise anything you put up there will scratch the roof. Imagine tying a cooler up there after a day at the beach and then sliding it off. Ouch. As a result, the only use for the bars is as the anchors for aftermarket components, like bike/kayak racks, or carriers. The good news is that the inside is so huge that you may never need to put stuff on the roof. If you are interested in aftermarket stuff go to or
  • I have seen the earlier posts on the Hondacare warranty here. Best price I have seen for 7/100/0 is 895 at Union Park Honda DE (Greg Allen) any better prices? Also does anyone have the phone number?

    Are there other providers that are competitive.

    Do I even need the warranty given the supposed reliability of this vehicle?

    Picking up today or tomorrow so any input would help.

    Also I have not kept up with the forum here recently any big items I need to be aware of when picking up?

    Thanks everyone this forum has been extremely helpful!!!!!!1
  • I've got a new 2001 Odyssey LX, just 1000 km on it. Noticed a persistent rattle/vibration sound from the back edge of the dashboard (where it meets the windshield) the first time it was taken on the highway. It rattled only at about 70-75 MPH and went away when the speed was reduced, but came back consistently at the higher speed. Anyone else with a similar experience and what was done by the dealer to correct it?
  • dmathews3dmathews3 Posts: 1,739
    Do you need car insurance? The answer to both is yes, in my opinion. If you get the EX w/or w/o the nav. there are alot of expensive things to go wrong. Will the power doors, seat, nav., windows, and many other things last 7 years 100K without repair. Just one repair now days can eat up the 895 bucks that the warranty can be purchased for. With repair rates anywhere from $75 to $100 per hour it won't take long to get a $1000 bill. Some of the people on the Toyota site with engine sludge problems are paying 4 to 6 grand for a new engine and Toyota isn't covering it because they say that they didn't change their oil as they should. I don't want to get in a pissing contest on whether it's covered do to the problem, what I am saying is if something that is a warrantied problem is covered wouldn't it be better to have bought the warranty then having topay out all that money? Also you would have a loaner car paid for, trip service, roadside assist. etc. I say its the best deal out there.
  • I respectfully disagree with dmathews3 on the warranty question. The purpose of insurance and warranties is to protect you from an unexpected occurrence so large that it would be a financial burden.

    You've got to look at the bigger picture. As a typical consumer I am offered warranties and extended warranties and service contracts on almost everything significant that I buy. The odds are that one of these items may break down and in that one case that particular warranty is worth the cost, but overall the odds are on my side that I will spend less money if I don't buy the warranties and just pay out of my pocket to fix the things that go bad when they go bad.

    Insurance is a similar deal, though I have to modify the philosophy to cover myself from "financial burden". So I have good coverage, but with a high deductible. The money I save on lower insurance payments (because of the high deductible) in the long run will easily cover the occasional item that falls below the deductible. Even with lower deductibles the insurance companies often raise your rates when you make a claim, so you end up paying them back anyway.

    One case where you might consider buying a car warranty would be if data indicates that a car is especially trouble prone, based on Consumer Reports surveys or whatever you believe in. Then the odds might tilt in favor of buying the contract. But it's all a gamble anyway.

  • cavillercaviller Posts: 331
    With Hondacare, figure that you're getting around $40 a year of roadside assistance which is not included in the regular warranty. Like AAA, it covers towing, emergency lock-out or gasoline, tire road hazard, rental, etc. Hondacare also covers Honda accessories and provides a loaner/rental on extended repair visits.

    That said, I suspect most people lose money on extended warranties, especially if they had put the money they spent on the extended warranty in an interest bearing account to pay for later repairs. This applies to the most or least reliable cars, since like insurance, the actuaries will price the warranties according to the risk involved.

    On the other hand, some dealers sell them at nearly half the suggested price. With such discounts, you have a better shot of breaking even. Plus, for some people, peace of mind is worth any remaining difference, and it's easier to afford if you roll it into financing.

    If you do buy one, just make sure to have all the recommended maintenance done at the correct time, and save all your receipts for parts and labor, especially if you don't have it done at your Honda dealer.
  • dlh2dlh2 Posts: 18
    I'm experiencing the same thing. Sounds like a Bumble Bee in the dashboard. Mine comes and goes at around 65 mph. Sounds as though it is in the instrument cluster or drivers side of the top portion of the dashboard. Can't zero in on the exact location, but very annoying! Maybe the drivers side rear view mirror or some trim piece? Windshield trim? Tach or speedometer cable? Advice?
  • ryuryu Posts: 6

    My ODyssey have have the fog lights installed. And I am wondering if the new fog light use the same wiring as the rounded one? If so, does Honda sell the new light housing and lens where I can just replace my housing and lens? how much would it be? Thanks
  • ...the accident that made your old van not repairable. There is apparently a rule that if you have owned the van for 8 years it has to go to the wreckers (or NY State). Then the candidate you really wanted to run is not in the race(in my play an Ody) being unavailable for elected office. You're left with the choice between a Windstar and a Caravan, with a Venture and MPV playing the roles of wild cards.

    No matter how many ways you add up the votes, you can't decide on a winner. Do you try to repair the old van? Do you have a crisis of indecision?

    You notice that Canadians don't have any problems getting quality candidates in to run in their driveways. Unfortunately, naturalized Americans cannot be elected to the highest office in the land (who put that in the constitution?)and these candidates are,therefore, unavailable.

    Windstar, Caravan, Windstar, Caravan, Windstar...
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