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Honda Odyssey 1999 - 2004



  • inkyinky Posts: 370
    I hope the Odyssey leather will not have what some reviews call shiney/plasticy leather. I refer to the Accord leathers. I compare with Sienna and Lexus RX 300. Honda leather choices have not been top quality lately. I will have to see the Odyssey leather in person to tell.
  • The leather option includes heated front seats.
  • diploiddiploid Posts: 2,286
    I like to refer to them as "pleather."
  • Thank you for the comments and suggestions, folks. It is interesting, abhair - the dealer's quote for my 99 EX was $19,500 too. I wonder if that is just a figure they toss out to everyone.

    In this case, the problem was that my Odyssey is a Canadian one, legally imported and all that of course. I had pointed that out to the dealer quite explicitly (in writing) and they subsequently appraised the car at $19,500 and wrote up a deal sheet with that figure. Then, when I went to deliver the car to them, they suddenly insisted that they had not appraised it with it being a Canadian car in mind (which meant that they thought it had 80,000 miles!) and now they could only offer $16,000. With little time on our hands before we head back to Europe, we can't run around to a bunch of other dealers looking to set up a new deal.

    Well, we checked in with our lawyer, who indicated that the deal sheet should hold up in magistrate's court, and recommended that we simply unload the car at a loss to a non-Honda dealer - CarMax or whoever, and then file against the Honda dealer for the damages (the difference between the $19,500 and whatever we get - which is looking like it's going to be $17,350).

    By the way, for any of you in the Charlotte area who may be interested, the dealer in question, from whom we had bought several cars in the past but will of course no longer be patronizing, is Honda Cars of Rock Hill - part of the Hendrick monopoly in this region.

    What I really don't understand is why any dealer would pull this sort of thing with a loyal customer, knowing that in the process they create any enemy for life? What about the money they would be making off the sale of the 2002 Odyssey, much less the profits from all the cars in the future that they now won't be selling us?

    By the way, it is interesting the difference between Edmunds' values and KBB. To me, the Edmunds' values seem more realistic - the difference between retail and trade-in on KBB is humongous. But then I have been having trouble getting a handle on these values in the real world. When we had the '99 at CarMax yesterday to get it appraised, they had a '00 LX with 30K miles sitting there marked with a "no haggle" price of $25,500. Isn't that more than the original sticker price? Will someone actually pay that? Should I really be selling this vehicle privately, despite all the hassle?
  • tag9tag9 Posts: 39
    I think I'll be satisfied with the leather in the Ody provided all the seating surfaces are, well, leather. After all, the third-row seat in the Yukon XL I looked at was actually VINYL. But, I suppose GM had to skimp somewhere; the vehicle is only $45k.
  • Will someone actually pay that? Yes, I think somone will. About 4 days ago, an 2001 Honda Ody EX (withotu NAV) was sold at same Carmax (off Independence Blvd) for $28,898. This car was only sit there for two days.

    As far as Hendrick, this car dealer is your worst nightmare. Don't order anything from them.
  • dmathews3dmathews3 Posts: 1,739
    I think you will find that ALLmost all third seating surfaces are vinyl. I suppose there may be a few exceptions. You can still buy aftermarket leather which I'm sure will even be better than what comes on the 02 Odyssey. I have the aftermarket and the WHOLE seat, not just the seating surface is leather, the headrests, and on ALL seats, even the door panels, and sliders are leather. You also get alot more colors to choose from, and even some designs availible too.
  • drew_drew_ Posts: 3,382
    The '02 Odyssey comes with side impact airbags though...check your owner's manual for restrictions on changing upholstery, adding covers, etc. Most manufacturers will state that seat mounted side impact airbags are not compatible with aftermarket upholstery, even though the company might claim special airbag compatible stiching.

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  • I don't recall if anyone has noticed that the EX-L interior pictures posted at show a CD changer. Does anyone know if this will be standard in the EX line, or an option? Apparently a 6-CD changer is now standard in the 2002 Honda CRV EX.
  • From the specs on the 2002, it appears the EX-L has a CD player with 6 speakers, not a CD changer.
  • tag9tag9 Posts: 39
    In general, I think you're correct about third-row seats being vinyl. My point was that quite a few of these vehicles cost thousands more than the Ody yet the quality of the leather (where there even IS any) leaves much to be desired. I would still consider the Ody a bargain even if the leather is not top quality. In short, I'm not expecting Connolly hides for under $30k.
  • Has anyone seen a list of 2002 Ody accessories or upgrades? There is definitely a CD Changer shown in the photos.
  • You're probable referring to the bottom item on the picture. Look at this much BIGGER picture (thanks the host allowing me to post it here), you'll see the item could be a DVD/CD player, maybe not a CD changer. Could the upper CD player be a DVD player too? I did see some DVD buttons, but could be see DVD signs like the bottom one does.

  • About 100 posts back, there was a questions about LX vs EX and the necessity of the power sliders. No, they are not necessary. They are, however a great convenience. They are also a giant hassle when they fail. After 5 trips to the dealer and over a full day of work spent waiting on-site, taking the dealer's shuttle to work and (when the dealer started to feel bad) waiting to sign out a rental/loaner car, my '00 EX was lemon'ed and I got an '01 EX. The '00's doors had a problem the day I picked up the van (and in fact, each door developed its own problem - one had closing and beeping problems, and one had opening problems) . Thus far, 5 months of my '01 have been w/ zero problems.

    In '00, only EX had TCS and driver seat height adjustment (left brain reason) plus w/ all the other toys (keyless remote and steering wheel radio controls a favorite - right brain reasoning) I went w/ the EX.

    Here's my advice; if
    1. you want the van for the long, long haul (7+ years)
    2. you can spare the toys and saving $1 - 2k is not a bad thing for you (some folks NEED to spend as much as they can);
    then get the LX w/ addition of keyless remote.

    I like having the EX toys and the doors, but when I look at my other vehicle (a 1994 model I hope to keep at least until 2004) then think about my Odyssey - I am confident my Odyssey will start, drive, stop, and play music just fine, but I wonder what will happen to those EX doors in 2008...
  • An earlier post asked for recommendations for more available vans than Odyssey. If you are in fact trading in a '99 for an '02, consider Chrysler T&C (quasi-European - Daimler name). For three years, it should hold up fine; DC quality is improved according to Consumer Reports and other sources. Also, Edmunds' minivan comparison noted that it was the best driving van. The dash looks really cool w/ dual-colored and chrome trimmed gauges. Odyssey is plain (but, true to Honda, functional). The real DC drawbacks in my opinoin are resale, long-term reliability, and company backing its products; for the former, try leasing (that way you fix the pricing and depreciation from day 1), and certainly drive a really hard bargain. When they see you trading in from an Odyssey and hear that your are on the list for another, they may really deal to steal a Honda customer. The end-of-year '01's on the lot may also offer extra savings that you will not find at Honda. For long term quality, if you also keep this van 3 years - not an issue. The warranty should keep you covered. Also, Consumer Reports has not given the usual Honda gold star to the Odyssey (esp the 1999's). My '00 EX was a lemon. With a new plant going on line in Alabama, Honda quality may again slip in '02 (can you request a Canadian-built van?).
    What Odyssey does have going for it is how well most complaints seem to have been fielded by Honda. Honda really did well by me in the end when I had a problem they could not fix.
    Good luck.
  • Thanks to Ody2002 for posting the larger picture of new CD/DVD/Cassette Unit. I'm still thinking that this is a CD changer Unit as well. Can you read the the printing on the 4 buttons flanking the rotary control? They look like: AM/FM, Tape, CDCHG (Cd Changer?), and DVDAUX. Anyone?
  • Certainly looks like a CD changer to me. In addition to the CDCHG button, notice that buttons 5 and 6 are also Disc- and Disc+ for selecting among the discs.

    But what also caught my eye is I'd like to know what that white REAR PWR button is for?
  • Thanks Diyman for reassuring me, that I'm not crazy. My thought on the rear power button is that it turns on the power to the DVD unit, LCD screen, and rear headphone controls. Also, I noticed that the DVD unit below has a light for CD and DVD, which leads me to believe that you can play a CD on the DVD unit and listen to it in the headphones separate from the main CD player above. This would allow rear seat passengers to enjoy separate CD music. Just a guess........
  • tag9tag9 Posts: 39
    .....and yet another query. Note that the LCD to the right of the rotary control reads "2-05". What else could this indicate other than Disk 2, Track 5 (audio track for CDs/chapter track for DVDs)? Also, the LCD reads "DVD" directly above the numbers. Does that mean you would load the DVDs/CDs in the DVD player?? I need answers; this CD/LCD/DVD thing is leading to OCD (Odyssey Compulsive Disorder).
  • rrr54rrr54 Posts: 14
    Does anyone know of any sites that would show service buletins relating to the Oddy.?
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