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Honda Odyssey 1999 - 2004



  • mpnpspmpnpsp Posts: 10
    Not sure how alignment would cause that problem - I would think that this would just cause the car to drift. I did get rotation and balancing but that didn't fix it.
  • user777user777 Posts: 3,341
    possibly a clogged EGR port issue. google it.
  • I've read the same thing in an EGR service bulletin for Honda Dealers about clogged EGR ports. However, I don't know what years it covered. My Honda is a 2000 and that EGR port was completely clogged. Good Luck!
  • dave594dave594 Posts: 218
    Has anyone had anyone problems with the radio and accessory plug fuse blowing on a repeated basis? For the past month, my wife's 99 Ody has had this problem and I've replaced 3 fuses so far. I suspect it's a short in the plug wiring but I may not rule out the radio either. Does anyone know how much it would cost to diagnose this problem and make the repairs? What does the dealership normally charge for a job like this?
  • sams2sams2 Posts: 3
    When I purchased my used 2003 Ody I had the shudder experience. Dealer frist thought it was a transmission problem but then found it had something to do wqth the egr valve. Hope this helps.
  • Anybody who owns a 2003 honda ody - please run a test. Put the car in park. make sure the engine is on and without depressing the brake, try to put the car in drive or neutral or even reverse. Please let me know if the car shifted into gear (again without the brake been depressed). I know if you are in drive already, you can shift up or not without depressing the brake pedal. Please make certain you do not use excessive force. - PLEASE TRY THIS TEST.
  • To anyone thinking of buying Odyssey! Check out the Odyssey Transmission Issue Forum first.

    All Odyssey models from 99, 2000,2001,2003,2004,2005,2006, 20007 have faulty transmissions.

    Dont make the same mistake....
  • rupertlerupertle Posts: 1
    CEL indicates a knock sensor problem. Since it takes a lot of work to replace the sensor I was wondering I if some diagnostics can be run first to make sure the sensor is bad. There is no pinging or preignition going on so the sensor seems to be doing its job. There is a hesitation on acceleration which may or may not be related.
  • We have a 2004 Holday Odyssey that always had a problem where the steering wheel jumps at very low speeds (as I brake) or at high speeds (beyond 60 mph). The behavior is similar to how a car would behave if wheels need balancing or tires need to be rotated.

    We have tried the wheel balancing and tire rotation thing several times over the past 4 years to no avail. My wife drives the van and for the most part in the suburbs so she does not notice this problem. It's only when we drive on highways that I notice this and it is VERY annoying. The problem actually gets worse everytime we take it to the dealer for a service that includes tire rotation!!

    My questions:
    - Is this something that others are seeing?
    - Any thoughts on a solution?
    - If this is unique to my van is it even fixable?
    - Should I buy extended warranty given that we are out of the 3 year warranty period (We get calls and e-mails from companies offering warranties)?

    The van probably has less than 30,000 miles on it.

    Thanks for your responses!
  • vgervger Posts: 30
    Wow... 2004 and you have less than 30,000??? You must not drive much. Anyway I would also check wheel bearings and the CVJ (constant velocity joint). I know this is a no-brainer, but are there any missing lug nuts, are they all tightened? What you are describing does happen when tires are out of round or out of balance. At 30,000 is not much, but do you have much tread left on your tires? Is it wearing uniformally? Any unusual wear will say a lot. Did anyone run over or up on a curb where suspension may be slightly out of whack (mind you, it takes a lot of force to bend a wheel hub, so this is highly unlikely, but possible)?

  • mymaximamymaxima Posts: 8
    "Ody Owners: Has anyone noticed the suspension on the Odyssey is very noisy especially when running over closely spaced ripples in the pavement. I notice a rattling sound much like that of a loose shock absorber."

    My '03 Ody EX makes the same suspention noise. Any resolutions from other owners? :cry:

  • Thanks Vger.

    We use the van mostly to shuttle the kids around..

    None of the things you mention have happened.. We have had this issue right from the beginning. Just haven't had a chance to pay serious attention to the problem. The dealership does not say anything is wrong with the tires, etc. We rotate tires, do the periodic maintenance, etc including wheel balancing as necessary and nothing changes.

    I really want to make sure that I don't need to buy extended warranty just in case something IS fundamentally wrong and I'll need to fix it.

  • vgervger Posts: 30
    Aside from the lousy attitude from the manager at Honda when I went back because my Oddy's tranny going out the second time, the Oddy is a good vehicle, with little issues. Most Oddys will not have major problems until it closes to the 100,000 miles mark. With 30,000 in four years, you won't come near till another 8-9 years. What will the extended warrenty cover? More years or more miles? The greatest wear and tear on any vehicle is hard acceleration and hard braking (deaccerleration), especially fully loaded with a lot of weight, on a hot humid 90 degree + summer day, going up hill, on a unpaved road, with the air conditioner on full blast. In other words, take account of what type of driving you do mostly, do you do regular maintenance... oil changes especially? Timing Belt Change is reconmended by Honda at 60,000,... independent garages reconmend at 80,000. Cost range is from $ 700 - $1500 and any damage resulted by a broken timing belt is not covered by any warrenty. If you do go to an independent garage, make sure they are trained to do Hondas, because there are special adjustments and not just a remove and replace. I bought an extended warrenty for my Honda 2000, came in handy because my tranny went out. Of course I put in 100,000 in four years, but it came out to be an even trade. As for your wheel shudder...hmmm... I still think it has to do with the tires. When you do have to change them... get Michelins, Hydro Edge. Good rain and all around tire...very smooth ride.
  • Thanks Vger! I'll keep the tire recommendations in mind.
  • tadeg1209tadeg1209 Posts: 1
    I have a 1999 Odyssey and the malfunction light wont go off even after closing the fuel cap properly. But each time I disconnect the battery it goes off and comes on again after a few days!
  • vgervger Posts: 30
    The Malfunction Indicator Lamp (MIL) tells more than just a loose cap or O2 sensor going bad. Here in So Calif, we have Autozone Auto Parts store, which will read the MIL Code and tell you what is wrong for free. Whenever the (ECM) Engine Control Module senses anything going out, the check engine light will come on. It will retain it in it's memory till what is wrong is fixed or it's cleared by disconnecting the battery. Clearing it in memory doesn't correct what is wrong, so the light will come back on. BTW, by disconnecting the battery, you will also clear other important functions that is kept in memory in the ECM (transmission shift points, based on rpm and load). It will self learn again, but I wouldn't keep doing it. Most likely it is an O2 sensor bad or some part of your Emission system going out, but best to have it checked to see what the MIL Code is, Again some auto parts stores do it free.

  • fezofezo Posts: 9,195
    Wow. No one's had anything to say for six months?

    Not that I do.....

    My 2004 EX is going along just fine. I did buy a higher mileage car to reduce the number of miles I drive on the van but it isn't quite that. I got an old Celica convertible which is way fun and gets 30 mpg. When gas was up at $4 the savings was paying half the insurance on it... Now the Celica eats up miles and the Ody only has maybe 56K on it. I should be able to stretch it out long enough that it will be my last van.

    In retrospect I probably would have been happier in a wagon with a thrid row seat because I like cars better than vans but I can't complain about the van. It's doing fine.
  • vgervger Posts: 30
    A wagon??? What advantage does a wagon have over the Odyssey? Your Odyssey holds seven passengers, doors on both side, have room for cargo behind the last bench, front wheel drive with independent suspension which makes it drive like a sedan, and gets about 25 mpg average load and driving conditions. Now why would you be happier with a wagon?
  • sams2sams2 Posts: 3
    The motor mounts on my 2003 Ody failed at about 53,000 miles. Dealer quoted $950 to repair, said even though it was an early failure it was not covered by any warranty.. I had the repair done by my own mechanic for $650. Wrote to Honda and complained and asked them to pay for the parts. They agreed and sent me a check.
    If you experiences premature engine mount failure suggest that you contact your dealer and insist that they bring Honda into the loop. You might just get a free repair. Apparently Honda Motors is more reasonable than some of their dealers.

    This is the second time that Honda helped out. I like them.
  • autowriteautowrite Posts: 221
    Actually, I changed by timing belt & water pumo and included a tune-up on my 2002 Odyssey at 154,000 kms. It cost me $1195$CN including Type II service. Dealer recommends timing belt at 168,000 but earlier would be safer. I do not know where you got 60,000 miles; should be 100,000 miles (or 161,000 kms) Only Michelin Symmetry, or Yokohama or Cooper Lifeliner Touring 225/60R16 98T are recommended. TireRack recomends the Symmetry. Remeber must be 98T and no P type otherwise you will have loaded and driving problems. I talked to both Honda & Michelin. I only use Symmetry tires I currrently have 214,000 kms and will drive it "into the gound". I changed my transmission at 180,000kms.
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