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BMW 3-Series Maintenance and Repair



  • circlewcirclew Posts: 8,245

    Now I know where you stopped in Montvale on your way home from your recent trip when the puppy had an former company was next door to Mercedes on Mercedes Drive and I lived about 3 miles from you in River Vale.

    Small world.

  • shiposhipo Posts: 9,152
    Yupper. ;-)

    Oddly enough, and unfortunately for me, my several year contract with MB-USA (down the hill next to the farm) ended just six months before we built the house on Glen Road. Go figure.

    Best Regards,
  • Thanks much. I'll write them. (BMW NA Customer Service will not give me a phone number.) The NTSB bulliten may take up to two weeks, per NTSB... but I'll share if and when I receive. Thanks much and good luck to us both!
  • Did you ever have any luck? I have same make and model, and yes, same problem!!! Just happened to me... what was your outcome? DId you receive the service bulliten from NTSA? I don't have it yet and would appreciate you sharing if you have it. I, too, have contacted BMWNA (no luck), consumer affairs and nhtsa... this is wrong, wrong, wrong!
  • Sorry for the absence; I am somewhat relieved to hear that someone else out there is hearing the same tapping that I am. I've had my 325xi back to the dealer, but of course, the sound was not reproducible. I later found that my oil sensor seemed faulty, as I was getting fluctuating oil level reads. the sensor was replaced, but the tapping/clicking has recurred despite this. When I've opened the hood, the tapping is coming from the low left side of the engine. It's certainly connected with the drivetrain given its association with engine speed. It was particularly cold here in RI today, and the noise was immediately evident. The dealer tells me that no one else has reported the problem, but that they'd put out a "bulletin" regarding this problem and track it. My plan is that the next time it occurs, I'm going to drive it to the dealer and let them hear it for themselves. I'm concerned about the long term wear and tear on the engine. It's surely shaken my faith in BMW - not sure I'd buy another.
  • circlewcirclew Posts: 8,245
    I really am concerned regarding these types of problems in this level of cars. That is why I decided to lease to align with the warranty coverage. Engine problems occur in every nameplate from a statistical view but when you get over $35K - $40K price, the stakes are higher.

    When the entire wiring harness to the steering wheel needed to be changed to correct the airbag sensor failure about 3K miles into my lease on this'06 330xi, I felt spot on that i had made a good decision to lease. Also, major repairs after the warranty expires are much higher for the nameplates in this forum.

    The current technology is giving dealers problems with repair, IMO. So, even though an engine is mechanically fine in build quality , the systems that affect it can sometimes be a detriment and that is the price that is paid. Garbage in, Garbage out. Mrs. OW's '03 Yukon had a MAP sensor failure in 2005 that the dealer could not fix until the third try and imminent lemon law procedure was presented to them (NJ is a lemon law state). The engine was/is flawless otherwise (Mobile 1 since inception).

  • caocao Posts: 2
    2005 325i 13K-miles bought new

    In the last 4 months or so, I have been visiting BMW dealers 5 times to fix various problems.

    During those trips, I had my fuel pump, fuel filter and fuel tank itself replaced, respectively.

    Still I had problems with filling fuel.

    Today, it happened again:
    1) after the fuel pump popped at ~14 gallon (about a full tank), and I pull out the fuel pump nozzle, I saw there was about several ounce of overflowed outside;

    2) then, about 10 seconds after I drove the car, there were two moments of "engine shake", each lasted about 1~2 seconds and their were about 5 seconds apart.

    All these may sounds subtle, but after considering the history in the last a couple month you won't think they are subtle:
    1) 3 months ago I first found it was impossible to pump more than 9 gallons of fuel into this 16-gallon tank;
    2) Then I took it to the dealer(s). After a couple of "denials" from the dealer(s), one dealer finally got a magic error code. So, the fuel pump and filter can were replaced;
    3) a few hundred miles later, the tank couldn't take more than 9 gallons again;
    4) took to a dealer, and another magic error code was found, so the whole fuel tank was replaced;
    5) a few hundred miles later, the tank couldn't take more than 9 gallons again;
    6) took to the dealer, and that time there was no magic error code. So, "no error code means no problem", and the dealer somehow managed to pump a full tank in by themselves.
    7) Today, now is the first time I try to fill the tank full again by myself, after the dealer did it last time.

    *by the way, the fuel pumping problem have been reproduced by myself in 3 different gas stations, in various occasions.*

    Depressed :cry: I regret didn't buy a lexus, mainly because that lexus salesman was rediculously arrogant for nothing.
  • circlewcirclew Posts: 8,245
    Very interesting because I have had occasions in my '06 330xi where the gas pump handle shuts off almost immediately after beginning to refuel. Once it happens, I needed to manually operate the handle with less flow so the pressure does not trip the automatic shut off in the pump handle.

    I assume there is a pressure problem that develops but not every time or the problem could be a combination of pressure and really sensitive gas pump check valves. It did happen at several different gas stations also but I was able to make sure the tank was full.

    I had this problem before on a 1994 Suburban. In some cases I needed to rotate the handle 180 degrees to allow the flow not to trip the switch.

    Change your gas cap. See if this helps.

  • shiposhipo Posts: 9,152
    I've had the occasional early/premature auto-shutoff thing happen on any number of cars, my two BMWs included. Like you said, normally a rotation of the filler neck or a lower flow setting will solve the problem. Regarding cao's problem, I'm really having a difficult time understanding what could be causing the issue as described.

    Best Regards,
  • dhanleydhanley Posts: 1,531
    Actually--yes. I've had the shut-off-early problem on quite a few cars, including my bmw. The vapor recovery systems on pumps have very tight tolerances.

    What i do is to set the dispenser to one or two clicks ( ie not, pumping gas out a max speed ). Then i can go inside and grab a coffee, or clean the windshield.
  • fcaofcao Posts: 31
    Thanks for all the comments above.

    I guess pumping at a lower flow-rate might avoid this problem in short-term, as suggested above.

    But my question is:
    will this kind of problem develop further overtime? I don't want this problem to be a time-bomb to explode after the warrantee expires (two years from now). I have this concern mainly because the fact that the idle engine speed did "fluctuated" significantly (the car was shaking like my old 1990 toyota camry) for two moments after yesterday's refuel. This could be an indication that the fuel system (including the tank) problem may be hurting the engine in long term.

    By the way, one thing BMW did really lower-than-standard is the fact that this same below-standard fuel tank happened on TWO consecutive tanks. What is the odd for that?
  • Last week I purchased the new 2007 328i sedan and found that the steering is very loose not stiff (a lot of play in the steering), the BMW handling is almost non existent not to mention the lack of control. Small bumps or defects in the road grade causes this car to slightly sway. To make sure this is not a defect in the 2007 models, I test drove the exact same model, the control was in fact that of the BMW. This validated that my vehicle has a defect. I've spoken with the service technician and the salesman and they seem to blow it off. I love BMWs driving them for years, the steering and handling have prevented me on numerous occasions. Now, I have a vehicle that I am afraid of driving what can I do?
  • shiposhipo Posts: 9,152
    have you taken the service manager out for a back to back drive?

    Have you tried a different dealership?
  • caocao Posts: 2
    I bet the BMW "service advisor" will tell you :"if there is no fault code in the on-board computer, then there is no problem with that car."

    It's sad, but it's the truth for today's BMW service. It funny that a car missing its hood and steering wheel would be considered as "no problem", because "there is no fault code".
  • edrnedrn Posts: 17
    Ready to purchase my 2003 300XI at lease end. Should I get the extended warranty for 2500.00? What about the maintenance warranty for 1500.00? I've read that it can be bought cheaper. If so, where? From BMW or outside source? Does the maintenance warranty cover little things, like dash light indivcators (tire pressure) and tail/headlamps?
  • cotmccotmc Posts: 1,081
    For my '05 325, the BMW dealers in my area charge between $1195 and $1495 for the extended maintenance plan. I believe it can only be purchased from a BMW dealer. It must be purchased before the car arrives at 4yr/50K.

    If you have more than one BMW dealer in your area, I recommend you contact the Service Center or Finance Office of the other BMW dealers and ask what they charge. This plan may be purchased from any BMW dealer. Although BMW offers a suggested price of $1195, I've been told this price provides little margin for the dealer. The dealer has the option to set the actual price he charges.

    I haven't purchased mine or enquired yet, and so I do not know all the details of its coverage.
  • I've seen the extended maintenance plan for a 3-series go for as low as $945... Get on the net and shop around.. You may have to FedEx your spare key to the dealer, but you can buy it from any dealer in the country..

    Moderator - Prices Paid, Lease Questions, SUVs

  • cotmccotmc Posts: 1,081
    Kyfdx: Thanks for the heads-up on the pricing. I'm all for saving a couple hundred dollars!

    Follow-up Question: How would you recommend we search the net for pricing info on the extended maintenance plan? I've attempted several Google searches on the web, but it seems as if this price info isn't readily available on the net. I also searched a popular BMW-enthusiast forum, but all I found there was the original MSRP of $995 when this plan was first introduced a few years ago. :confuse:

    Were you implying we should cold-contact several different dealers directly, via contact info from the web? Or, can you suggest any hints of how/where we might be able to search for this info more efficiently -- assuming you have some knowledge/experience in this area?

  • The dealer in Utica, NY used to have discount pricing on the plan for 'Fest members.... but, that CA got promoted to their Honda dealership, I think...

    The dealer that I hear about most often is Nalley BMW in Decatur, GA.. I'm sure there are others..

    Worst case, you should at least be able to get the list price of $995...

    Disclaimer: I've never personally dealt with either of these dealers, but they get rave reviews, mostly.... and seem like good guys.

    (not the host here)

    Moderator - Prices Paid, Lease Questions, SUVs

  • cotmccotmc Posts: 1,081
    Thanks, kyfdx!!

    By the way, I think your price might no longer be valid.

    I was told by two different local dealers that the list price increased late last year from $995 to $1195. One of the sources of this info was from the dealer who tries to charge $1495 now. (He stated the list price of $1195 doesn't provide enough margin.) The other source was from a dealer that typically charges $1195.

    Hence, I'm wondering if your info might be slightly out of date? Please speak up (or type up!) if you are convinced the list price is still $995.

    In the meantime, I'll follow up on the leads you provided.

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