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BMW 3-Series Maintenance and Repair



  • Kirstie_HKirstie_H Posts: 10,822
    Or do what I'm doing - take it to Vegas :)

    (and I'd trust Shipo AND the BMW engineers... both of them know what they're talking about)

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  • rflrfl Posts: 100
    Doesn't make much of a difference anymore regarding most major markets it's "Guess who's refinery this came from" brand. The Shell station near us pumps gas that arrives in trucks with no marking...I asked the driver where he gets the gas...seems it comes from a Valero refinery. What you see ain't always what you get (and I personally don't think it makes any difference). On the other hand...octane rating seems to be (probably) state (or locally) regulated so if it says 91, it's probably pretty close to 91. The fact that it wasn't refined by the same guys who's name appears on the sign is irrevelant. In fact, I doubt if 10% of the gas you buy comes from the refinery you think it comes from.
  • upstatedocupstatedoc Posts: 710
    "Do I trust some sales wank that doesn't know squat about the internals of the engine, or do I trust the engineers that designed and built my car?"

    lol shipo, we need to go out for a beer.
  • shiposhipo Posts: 9,152
    Sounds good, I'll buy the first round. :)
  • oh ya, point taken..premium it will be....precisely y i wanted folks opinion here...thnx a bunch!
  • jimbresjimbres Posts: 2,025
    edited September 2010
    Schwab has an Investor Checking account that pays 0.5%.. Doesn't sound like much, but it's 50 times what the MM pays...

    My credit union (Addison Avenue FCU) currently pays 2.57% on checking account balances up to $25K if you satisfy 2 requirements: (1) use their Visa debit card at least 12X/month (no minimum purchase - I meet this with my 7-Eleven coffee purchases) & (2) initiate at least 1 ACH deposit into the account from their web site.

    This is where I'd deposit the money that I would otherwise spend on an extended warranty. Not that I'd ever buy one - I was burned back in the 70s when an EW company took my money & then folded. Never again.
  • I'd just buy VZ stock.
  • I think I have a fuse problem -- my radio/CD player cuts out for a couple of seconds every few minutes and my cigarette lighter doesn't work (I can't charge my cell phone!). Two part question:

    Does this sound like a fuse problem?

    I can't find information on which fuse I should be looking for. Any ideas?

    Thanks for your help.

  • With winter round the corner, looking at getting all weather floor mats for my 2010 328 Xi. Can anyone recommend a good place to shop for these at reasonable prices?
  • In addition to my above qn, wanted to confirm one more thing, do the new Xi's come with carpeted floor mats or rubber all weather mats? Mine has the carpeted ones..
  • rflrfl Posts: 100
    I bought a pair of genuine OEM one's at my BMW dealer for $45. Don't get suckered into paying more... they discount them!
  • seekingaudia4seekingaudia4 Posts: 66
    edited September 2010
    I pump 91 at Costco. Is there noticeable difference between 93 and 91?

    Not that I am complaining about my 328i in DS/manual mode with DTC light on, but don't mind paying for extra 20 horses :)
  • rflrfl Posts: 100
    since there is no "meter" that tells you the actual horsepower you are getting, I can't say for sure. But when I find 93 octane (Sunoco sells it here in Pa.) I do feel a noticable impact especially in DS mode.
  • I used to own a BMW328i (MY 2000) and loved that car. Thinking about coming back into the BMW fold. I was looking at buying the 335i Convertible. Ideally, I wanted a car with an AWD system since I live in the Northeast. But, I am willing to give that up since I live in Boston and not in the North Pole.

    The convertible when kitted out with the sports package only seems to have the option of performance tires and not all season tires. I live in a high rise condo in the middle of the city and won't have the space to store a separate set of winter tires. I definitely want the sports package. Made the mistake of not getting it on my 328i and had to go the aftermarket route (Dinan) to get the handling where I wanted it to be.

    Has anyone run them with the 18 inch performance tires in the snow? Or were you able to get your dealer to swap them out for some all seasons 18 inch?

    For some reason you are able to spec out the 335x coupe with the sports package and retain the all season tires but that does not seem to be an option on the convertible.

    Any thoughts?

  • rflrfl Posts: 100
    Bag the sports package or stay home in the snow...or change to all season tires aftermarket.

    And that's a Philadelphia even as far north as Boston!

    Without the AWD BMWs (each and every one of them) STINK in the snow. And with the sport's package...heaven help you!
  • shiposhipo Posts: 9,152
    Hey Tom,

    I live just north of you in Cow Hamster (but work in Boston), and for a while (a very short while) I had a 530i SP with summer rubber on it. The first 1/8" snow event that we had saw my BMW barely able to make it up my driveway. I ordered a set of winter rubber the very next day. Said another way, summer rubber and snow do NOT mix, even a little.

    As for where to stash your off-season set of wheels, I know that Tulley in Nashua does (or at least used to) offer a service that included the storage of the off-season set of rubber and the twice per year swap of the wheels for a reasonable price. You might want to call around. :)

    Best regards,
  • Thank you for your responses.

    I will look into Tulley and even ask some of the other BMW dealers in the area if they have a similar service. I also looked into TireRack and they seemed to suggest a few 18" ultra high performance all season tires for the 335 convertible w/ sport package. If they are sufficient then that is the alternate option but based on rfl's input I am thinking this will still be inadequate.

    I will be traveling this week and the next. Once I am back it is test drive time just to finalize my choice and see what the competition is offering these days. Planning on checking out the 335 convertible, 335 awd coupe, G37 awd coupe and perhaps the Audi S4, E350/E550 (coupes). Can't wait to get started!!

    Thanks again both for your responses. If you have any thoughts on the choices I have outlined above I would be curious to hear your thoughts.

  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 27,650
    I wouldn't recommend trying to get by on all-seasons... :surprise:

    Just find a dealer that will store your winter tires/wheels.. You'll be happy when the winter tires are on, and even happier in the summer, with those sticky performance tires.. Plus, every mile on the winter tires is one less mile on the summer tires, so it's almost as if they were free! ;)

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  • I was just kidding about 20 extra HP with 93 octane. Although it might get you a handful more ponies? Anyone know for sure?
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