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BMW 3-Series Maintenance and Repair



  • Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright CaliforniaPosts: 44,403
    Could have to do with engine "load"--it would be interested to hook up a vacuum gauge under both conditions.

    There is only one down-side to having an engine that consumes a bit of oil---you do have to check it between those 7500 mile oil changes. But it doesn't harm the engine to burn a bit of oil, it doesn't affect emissions, and it doesn't affect longevity.


  • mylesrmylesr Posts: 9
    I received a estimate of $1500 to replace transmission fluid/filter and replace spark plugs/coils...does this cost seem reasonable?
  • srs_49srs_49 Posts: 1,394
    Seems excessive to me, though I don't know how much the coils go for on that car.
  • Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright CaliforniaPosts: 44,403
    They (the coils) are about $60 bucks a pop retail plus .5 of one hour to in my neck of the woods, that'd be about $425 + tax. Then spark plugs are about $45 for a 6 pack...let's round it at $50, plus 1.3 hours labor, so for the spark plugs we're looking at about $230 plus tax.

    So for coils and plugs we're at roughly $650, which leaves $850 to change the transmission fluid. Must either be more to this service or someone is being very nasty to you.


  • roadburnerroadburner Posts: 6,271
    edited January 2013
    The filter/gasket /bolt kit(Munich wants you to use new pan bolts) runs around $106. Depending on the transmission the magic ATF can run up to $30/liter.(!). The bill still looks to be heavily padded; I know of one dealer that wanted $900 to replace a battery that had an MSRP of @$270.

    2009 328i / 2004 X3 2.5/ 1995 318ti Club Sport/ 1975 2002A/ 2007 Mazdaspeed 3/ 1999 Wrangler/ 1996 Speed Triple Challenge Cup Replica

  • mylesrmylesr Posts: 9
    Here are the costs I received from Ferman BMW in Palm Harbor FL: Plugs $419/Trans Fluid/filter: between $852-1003 depending on which fluid is specified (need to bring in to varify), and Inspection I $500...I am now working w/an independant shop on this.
  • mylesrmylesr Posts: 9
    Lost this part when the car was towed to dealer to replace fuel pump. Is there a site I can get this part number from so I can try to get one from a junk yard? Also access to touch up paint for my Orient Blue?
  • busirisbusiris Posts: 3,490 should give you what you're searching for.
  • Hello All,

    Thought Id seek some wisdom here. Recently my 06 330xi was shaking profusely while driving, so I took it to the dealer.

    They said it was the iginition coil that needs replacing and $450 later, it is not shaking so much anymore.

    The problem is that the shaking hasnt gone away completely.

    The dealer also mentioned when I picked up the car, that the belt tensioner needs replacing as well and that would set me back by another $450 or thereabouts.

    I have two questions:

    1. Is the still slight shaking related to the belt tensioner?
    2. What is the risk of not replacing the belt tensioner?

    I have about 35k on the 06, and I dont drive more than a few miles each week on average. No daily driving at all.

    Thanks in advance!
  • Hello,

    Just wanted to check if I should buy maintnenace either from BMW or any third parties, for my 06 330xi. I only have about 35k miles on it and some maintenance items are creeping up.

    Any trusted maintenance companies out there?

    I was getting mailers from some company in Missouri in official government looking letters and I reported them to the BBB. They look fraudulent, so I want to me careful.

  • Have a 328xi 2008 with 67000 without a problem so far.

    Did all the regular maintenance in the car. Yesterday saw the service light go on.

    Can someone tell me what are the most common reasons for this light to go on?

    Will be going to get it checked out. BMW dealership stated that it will be $140 to diagnose the problem. The gas cap is perfectly fitted on...
  • 5539655396 Posts: 529
    An autozone type store will generally read the code for free and possibly point to a part. Will also give you part price. They may even know of a good shop.
  • 5539655396 Posts: 529
    edited February 2013
    Well, a belt tensioner is usually just a pulley with a bearing(s) in it and can be manually adjusted or spring loaded. At some point, the bearings dry up and the pulley can become loose on the shaft. Sometimes they get noisy first, sometimes not. One can usually check by loosening the tension and checking the bearing by turning, feeling for roughness or wobbling on the shaft. Of course most won't do this, so another method is to take a long shafted screw driver or similar item, touch it against engine metal on the front of the engine while running, then place ear to shaft and listen for roughness, grinding or squealing. Be very careful of moving parts. Auto parts stores and Harbor Freight may sell stethescopes for this purpose for 10 bucks or so. Again, most BMW owners won't do this, but you could ask the dealer or shop to demonstrate why they think it's bad. I hate to say it, but some lie, then amazingly find other 'problems' in the process. As a check and balance, ask for your old part. I mark my part to make sure they don't pull another one from the scrap bin. OK, I don't readily trust. Read these forums to see why.
  • Hi,

    Thanks for the reply. I dont hear any sounds, just a mild shaking since the iginition coil was replaced. Prior to that the shaking was pretty bad.

    Im taking it back to the dealer. See what they say.

    Thanks again!
  • 96_318i96_318i Posts: 1
    edited March 2013

    This is my situation, i was driving with A/C Heater working perfectly fine, then all of a sudden i started to smell something that smelt like burning rubber, and the A/C heater stopped working once i shut off the car and turned it back on. Since then i have switched out the blower motor, the resistor, and the fuzes. But with no luck i still cannot seem to find out the reason. The animatronix panel still works but there is no blowing air out of any vents at all. What could my problem be?
  • It could be your car has bad relay or the wiring could be burnt somewhere. It can also be both.
  • rhmassrhmass Posts: 263
    Our '02 E46 has problem keeping freon in after recharging. The technician checked it out and told me the leak was at the inside part of the AC unit, so would entail taking the whole unit out to repair. He thought it would cost close to $1,000 or more because of the labor involved. He siad had the leak was nearing the front side of the unit, it would take less money without having taking the unit out. I don't quite get it. Just based on the problem presented (inability for the AC unit to hold the freon), anyone can hazard a guess? What could be the ball park cost for replacing the AC unit. We love the car and really want to keep it. It has just reached 70,000 miles with everythingelse opreating perfectly. TIA for suggestions.
  • A quick question... Any idea what the spark plug change interval is on a 2009 335i? I read through the manual which states 45K, and that it is not in the CMS (Computer Maintenance Service), but the dealer keeps claiming it is, and that 45 K is not applicable. Has anyone else run into this issue, and if so, how did you handle it? Many thanks!
  • roadburnerroadburner Posts: 6,271
    It is definitely 45K, per BMW SI B00 01 07; if the dealer still plays dumb then escalate the issue to the regional manager.

    2009 328i / 2004 X3 2.5/ 1995 318ti Club Sport/ 1975 2002A/ 2007 Mazdaspeed 3/ 1999 Wrangler/ 1996 Speed Triple Challenge Cup Replica

  • Any idea how to get to the regional manager? I tried to call BMW customer service, who says BMW's factory rep still insists it is on the key and they don't use 45K, despite the manual, and the TSB on the subject?
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