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Nissan Maxima Maintenance and Repair



  • keetsterkeetster Posts: 1
    Just bought a 2004 SE and at a little over 500 miles, front end has a developed a squeak and clunk.
  • ccermakccermak Posts: 260
    Haven't there been posts on here before about a problem with struts on the 04's? That's what your issue sounds like.
  • pegasus17pegasus17 Posts: 536
    Hello gents, Haven't been on here in a while but wanted to post an update on my 03 Max SE. Odometer just turned 18000 and mechanically, this car has been trouble-free. There are a few minor problems that mar an otherwise great product: (1)interior squeaks and rattles have increased; fix = increase stereo volume (2)paint seems a bit thin considering multiple chips on the hood (3)occasional engine grinding noise (lasts about a second) on cold startup; known problem with this engine (TSB issued) not worth fixing IMO (4) the sheer silver color does not show dirt but it also doesn't look much better right after i wax it; fix = get a life! In summary, it seems like a good idea to buy a car in its last year of production after the major bugs have been worked out. regards, Mark.
  • bkswardbksward Posts: 93
    Anyone have any recent data on how long it takes for the dealership to get a replacement Head Unit for the Bose system?

    About 2 weeks ago they ordered me a new one for my 2002 Maxima (the CD dropping the left channel TSB issue). They said they'd call me to schedule an appointment when it comes in. (I'm still under warranty) I was just wondering if anyone knows what the current backlog is like.
  • miatamemiatame Posts: 4
    I own a 2000 GLE with 38,000 miles. A couple of days ago, on a damp, rainy day, the engine was running roughly and the "Service Engine Soon" light came on. The engine never died on the drive home from work, but acted like it wanted to. When I started the car today, it ran roughly for 10-15 seconds, and then started running smoothly again. I took it to Autozone, and the diagnostics showed a "misfire on Cylinder 5." They told me this could be a spark plug, a spark plug wire, or any number of things. Does this sound like the ignition coil problem that I have been reading about? Any suggestions on how to go about further diagnosis and repair?
  • ccermakccermak Posts: 260
    Sounds like the coil issue. An expensive fix, but recommended one if you plan on keeping the car a long time would be to buy new plugs and coils from a good Nissan OEM discount parts dealer (I know one in particular but won't solicit), and then pay an independent mechanic $$ to put them in if you're not able to do yourself. Cost would probably be around $500 I'm guessing, but then you have the piece of mind that it shouldn't happen again. That's my plan anyway when it finally happens to me, I have a 2000 SE, but then again I've got 70K on it, not only 38K.
  • blh7068blh7068 Posts: 376
    I dont know if this helps since it was awhile ago, but back in july of 2002 a new head unit was ordered for my 02 SE. It took about 2 months for it to arrive.
  • aggiedogaggiedog Posts: 238
    I've had 4. That's right 4 replaced and it didn't take 2 months on any of them. The first one was the longest, about 2 weeks. I can't remember when the last one was replaced but it's been atleast 6-8 months. The last one works fine. It may depend on where you are. I think they are shipped from CA.
  • p100p100 Posts: 1,116
    They may be shipped from California, but they are probably made overseas. I had a tuner go out on a one year old TV set and had to wait three months for the part to arrive from Europe! I guess they build these things these days to be throwaway items.
  • gtgraygtgray Posts: 22
    See post #2048
  • gtgraygtgray Posts: 22
    OK - here's a new snag with my 2004 Maxima SL (12,000 miles on car). I have 2 memory presets for the drivers seat, steering wheel, and side view mirrors. Recently, the drivers side mirror would not go back into the correct position set for memory. Actually, it would move up-and-down, but not in-and-out. It would work if you moved the mirror with the mirror control.

    Dealership told me Nissan has received similar calls. They need to replace the whole mirror assembly due to a faulty module that controls memory setting.
  • p100p100 Posts: 1,116
    Memory settings for mirrors, steering wheel and seats? Absolutely useless equipment in my honest opinion. Manufacturers today appear to be loading their vehicles with more and more electronic gadgets with questionable reliability in order to dazzle the customers. This inevitably results in problems and aggravation down the road. Having every imaginary gizmo in your car does not mean you have a high quality well made car - it means you have a car loaded with gizmos which will break sooner or later.
  • bkswardbksward Posts: 93
    Memory settings for mirrors, steering wheel and seats? Absolutely useless equipment in my honest opinion.

    For me, It wouldn't see much use. I'm the only one who regularly drives my car. But if two (or more) people share a car, or you end up using valet parking all the time then the memory settings are nice.
  • p100p100 Posts: 1,116
    And they did not offer a memory setting for the shoulder seatbelt adjustment, sunroof tilt angle/slide distance, or or the heated (or climate controlled) seat temperature settings? How tragic.
  • mpnormmpnorm Posts: 2
    I am looking into purchasing an '03 Maxima GLE. I just spoke to my mechanic and he informed me that Nissan had a problem with the oil seal leaking at around 60,000 miles dating back to '92-'02. He also said he didn't know if they fixed it in '03. The cost of fixing it is about $1200. Does anyone have any info on this for me. I would appreciate any help. Thank you.
  • ccermakccermak Posts: 260
    I've been on Maxima boards (both Edmunds and other even more popular ones comprised of enthusiastic modders) for 5 years now, and I've never heard of such a thing and I read up daily. If those were a prob, I'd bet we here would have heard that before and I know I haven't. Not to say it ain't so, but.....
  • mpnormmpnorm Posts: 2
    I appreciate your response. What other boards do you check out?
  • ccermakccermak Posts: 260
    The biggest Max board is, go into forums under 5th gen for 2000-2003 models. 6th gen would be 04's and 4th gen 96-99's. The overall rule is the 4th gens are most bullet proof, and the 2002+ having gone from 3.0 to 3.5 motors are WAY faster than 2000-2001's. Even the 4th gens are faster than 00-01 because they got fatter before going to 3.5. Most known probs are with paint chips, O2 sensors, coils, and warped rotors. If you're into mods, watch out for MAF sensors, they blow left and right with putting on aftermarket intakes which is very common mod.
  • p100p100 Posts: 1,116
    There is no such thing as THE oil seal on any car or truck. There are various oil seals, timing chain cover oil seals (or cam sprocket oil seals for vehicles with timing belts), front crankshaft oil seal, real crankshaft oil seal, axle oil seals, for rear wheel drive vehicles also transmission output shaft oil seal, etc. Then there are gaskets to prevent oil seepage such as valve cover gaskets, oil pan gasket, oil filter gasket, rear differential cover gasket,etc. And finally you have sealing washers, such as the oil pan drain plug washer (Nissan uses special collapsible copper washers which they happily retail for a mere $ 1.80 (probably marked up at least 800% over the manufacturing cost), manual transaxle drain bolt washer,etc.

    I have a 98 Maxima and I have not experienced any oil leaks, either from seals, or gaskets, or washers. So you may want to ask your mechanic which oil seal is he talking about. He may have seen some other Nissan model problems with one of oil seals.
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