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Nissan Maxima Maintenance and Repair



  • deepandeepan Posts: 342
    I had a 95 GLE and i took it to the dealer for other repairs and the technician programmed it for free. I was basically standing outside and he put the key in the ignition and while depressing the button( on the key fob) basically turned the ignition switch on/off several times. I didnt get a closer look but it took about 5 mins.
  • tiger64tiger64 Posts: 4
    I can not believe that my three week old grey Max has a scratch on the back bumper! I've been soooooo careful..............The grey is scratched off about 1/4 inch. Does anyone have any hints on how to cover up the white that's showing through????? If I find the little kid whose bike must have done the dirty work I'll *@^#%&^&*%@#*.....................

    Also, what exactly is "break in" time and what should I be doing/not doing? Forgive my ignorance. I've never had a brand new car before! And how often should you wax your car? I never waxed my old Toyota ('90), but I want to keep the new grey Max looking spiffy.

    Thanks for your help. Jeanne
  • lfd440lfd440 Posts: 33
    I'm looking to purchase an SE with the Leather Package very soon. I'm wondering if any owners with either of these combination can give me their advice on which looks better and why. Sterling Mist w/ Black leather OR Sterling Mist w/ Frost leather. It's difficult to make a decision without having one on the lot to see up close.
    Also, a dealership from Lynnfield MA. told me that it is absolutely NOT necessary to use premium unleaded gasoline this is contrary to what is recommended. What are most Maxima users using for octane in their NEW cars.?
  • beanboybeanboy Posts: 442
    From Beantown, going to start looking seriously at the Max in a couple of months, want to know what dealers I should visit and others to stay away from.

  • scook6scook6 Posts: 1
    Has any other owner experienced severe car judder
    when the lock up final drive comes in at about
    45mph.The dealer says they never came across it
    before.I have a 1995 SLE model.Thank You
  • mamapodmamapod Posts: 2
    I've had my 2001 Maxima GXE for only 2 months and am EXTREMELY particular about where I park and whom I drive behind, etc. but have noticed 3 places where paint has been chipped/scratched off. A co-worker has said that her 98 Maxima was also sensitive. Am I just being too extreme or has anyone else had problems with the paint chipping off or scratching easily?
  • lucy1213lucy1213 Posts: 18
    Hi mamapod-

    Interesting to hear you say this about your new GXE because I also have experienced this. My 2001 GXE is three months old and the first time I washed it, I was very disappointed to see paint chipped in three spots. I figured it was from people hitting the car or from gravel that had been kicked up while driving. So, you are not alone in this...Mine is the Sterling Mist. What color is yours?
  • wittbwittb Posts: 13
    I have a 1990 Nissan Maxima GXE. When I drive it thorugh a bumpy alley it makes a clunking noise from the suspension area. At first I thought it was a motor mount, and then I thought it was the struts but I had a mechanic check both of them and neither appears to be the problem. If anybody could give me some ideas on this it would be greatly apperciated. The car has the Nissan Sonar Suspension. Thanks.
  • brucer2brucer2 Posts: 157
    There are numerous rubber bushings used in the suspension, and they deteriorate over time. If the noise is from the front, first check the sway bar bushings in the lower control arm then the control arm bushings. If the clunk is felt in the steering wheel, I would also check the ball joints and strut mount bearing. Make sure all nuts and bolts are properly tightened.
  • The info at the link you sent me was exactly what I needed.
  • sgrd0qsgrd0q Posts: 398
    I got 6K miles on my 2001 GLE, and I noticed the other day that after not having driven the car for a week and when applying the breaks hard I got a vibration in the steering wheel. I heard there was a problem with the lug nuts being put too tight by the factory and I asked my dealer to re-torque them to specification. I don't know if they actually did this.

    Now does anyone know what the cause of the vibration might be? If it is the lug nuts, and if I correct the problem now, is there a possibility that I have already damaged the rotors?

    Any response will be appreciated.
  • johnk324johnk324 Posts: 6
    I have a 1988 Maxima, 5 speed. Replaced clutch, throw out bearing, etc. What type of oil is used in the manual transmission. I don't know if it's 85-90 or dexron II.
  • gnlgnl Posts: 94
    The Max should use premium unleaded. You will not get the performance from the car that you should if you use regular. And do the math - it will cost you maybe $2-$3 bucks a fill-up more with premium. If that's a deal breaker for you than look for a different car, but if you like the Maxima, then use what the manufacturer recommends.

    About color - I have the frost interior, and have to admit the lower part of it does show shoe scuffs and so on probably more than the black would. I live further south though and can't stand the idea of a black interior in the summer. In Massachusetts you might want the exact opposite! Surely the dealer would have enough cars on the lot that he could show you what both interiors look like, even if it's not the exterior color that you want?

    Whatever you buy, I think you'll enoy the Maxima. Good bargains to be had on price right now too.
  • qx4qx4 Posts: 99
    after 190,000kms on a 1995 GXE the ride is now very bumpy (not bouncy). it seems to be mostly from the back end of the car.

    any solutions?
    i heard that they could be the bushings in the suspension joints and so on.

    i'm debating if i should keep the car or get rid of it. its still very reliable and drives good except the bumpy ride lately.

    car still running on original battery since july 1994 as a 95model and the above indicated kms.
  • txcarbuyertxcarbuyer Posts: 19
    What aftermarket 6-CD changer works with the factory head unit for a 01 Maxima GLE?

    Does any one know which aftermarket 6-CD changer works with the 01 Maxima GLE? I know Honda head units work with Alpine, but I don't know which brand matches Nissan.

    It would be very helpful if you could tell me the brand and model number.

  • edwardh5edwardh5 Posts: 130
    My 99 Maxima pulls to the right. Does it even when tires have been rotated twice.
    Dealer has aligned it twice, and gives me a Factory handout about road crown causing pulling to the right. All the other cars I drive also pull to the right but not nearly as much, the Hondas seem to go where you point them, same for my camry and most rental cars.
    Dealer says only "toe" is adjustable - is this true I though camber caused pulling?
    - do maximas have caster and camber adjustments?
    Seemed odd the dealer had a handout on road crown - like maybe they get a lot of complaints.

    Anyone else had this problem/
  • sgrd0qsgrd0q Posts: 398
    Mine pulls to the right too. A wheel alignment helped a little, but the problem is definitely still there. Initially I was more eager to pursue this, but now I sort of got used to it. I need to find a good wheel alignment specialist in order to see if anything can be done.

    I think the problem is in the rear alignment. Basically, I have a fairly large negative thrust angle, and I believe the main reason for this is that I have a toe in on the right rear wheel, and a toe out on the left rear wheel. Both values are just within the specification limits – but only just. However I’d rather have toe out on both rear wheels or better still – a toe in on both of them. The pull to the right is particularly exaggerated under acceleration, when both rear wheels experience more load.

    Unfortunately, there is no easy way of adjusting the rear toe.

    Right now all camber, caster and toe settings are within their limits, and this is as far as most dealerships will go to adjust the alignment. The car still pulls to the right, though. I believe a good alignment specialist may be able to fix this by adjusting the toe on the front wheels, even if that means setting the front toe out of specification.

    I am mostly speculating here – I am not a mechanic.
  • arcxerarcxer Posts: 2
    Yea, it's there. Although when I bought my 96 Maxima in 1999, I didn't notice it. But then after some time it developed. Several alignments and wheel rotations helped a bit, but it never went away completely. I guess I got used to it.
    And I also believe that decent alignment job may help, but I didn't succeed to find a good specialist to do that.
    In my case I believe it is camber on front and rear, which is inside specification brackets, but not equal between left and right. That is, I have more negative camber on left front then on right front, and vise versa in the rear. And yea, only toe-in is adjustable, not camber (at least, without some special quirks).
  • alcanalcan Posts: 2,550
    ... there's no such thing as negative thrust angle. The split of both rear wheels' toe angles determines rear thrust angle. It's either left, right, or (ideally) parallel to the vehicle's geometric centreline. Preferred toe setting on both rear wheels for most vehicles is zero. A pull to either side under accel with fwd vehicles is referred to as torque steer, a phenomenom which can be amplified by excessive front wheel toe. Aftermarket kits from Moog, Federal Mogul, Dana, etc, are available for many makes of vehicles to make front camber and rear camber/toe adjustable if not originally equipped.
  • edwardh5edwardh5 Posts: 130
    I though it was real strange the dealer had a handout on "road crown" - purpose of which was to get you to accept the sensitivity to road crown, which does not exist as much in Hondas and Toyotas I have owned or even in some rental cars.
    The few times on other car I had any alignment problem, I had it aligned and the problem went away.
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