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Nissan Maxima Maintenance and Repair



  • Thanks again. The tech that has been working on my car was not in Saturday, so I am hoping to provide him with this additional information on Monday. The dealership, if I didn't mention this before, is now waiting on a "specialist" to come in and see the car.


    I'm curious, since the vibration doesn't start until approximately 20 minutes or so after driving the car, will the items you noted still hold true??


    I did speak to a Goodyear store manager who stated that the GY tires where created specfically for the 04/05 Maxima and he has seen nothing but trouble from them including cracks and was not surprized by my comments about the car's behaviour.


    He said the only other tire he knows that will fit the car are Bridgestones, as the Continentals are worse than the GY's.


    Thanks again!
  • max05max05 Posts: 29
    open the center console and remove the tray to access the area where cd's can be stored. At the bottom of this there is a black cap which can be removed....there is an outlet there, which does not have a lighter, but looks like one would fit.
  • I have replaced 7 coils on my Nissan Maxima 2000. The first went at 30,000 miles, the next two went at 67,000 miles. The dealer persuaded us to replace the additional remaining four to avoid additional labor charges. I have filed a complaint with Nissan at 1-800-nissan1. I encourage all to do the same. This will help to get a recall, at which time I was assured by Nissan that all who have spent hundreds of dollars, as I have, will get reimbursed. The individual dealers should be held responsible as well. I was leaving the dealership when my third coil blew!!! What a coincidence. They wanted to charge me again for the labor on the additional coil, and I wasn't even out the door! They ended up only charging me for parts after some heated discussions. A complaint was file against them as well.
  • merdiemerdie Posts: 12
    We've had our 05 for 2 months, 600 miles. Vibration is bad, begins at about 70 mph and above. Contacted the dealer and one of the service personnel rode in the car and acknowledged the problem. The technician, whom we have known for several years and thru 4 Maximas, knows there is a problem. He called the Tech Line Specialist and got no help and called Nissan North America and was told since the problem happened above 70 mph, the posted speed limit, that he was not to do anything to fix the problem. So Nissan knows there is a problem but doesn't want to admit it. We had an 04 with the problem but thought it was fixed in the 05. Last Nissan we will buy and like you, we might be getting a Consumer Advocate attorney.
  • Have you read about the complaints on this on the website? Many people have complained about this to them. I hurt a lot of people had strut problems also.
  • gtgraygtgray Posts: 22
    I picked up a 2004 SL with all the goodies in October 2004 - my 3rd Maxima. I am becoming increasingly concerned over Nissan's quality - as I have had a strut replaced, a side view mirror replaced due to faulty motor / memory mechanism, and now one of the steering wheel radio buttons is acting up. Nissan is replacing the whole steering wheel for that one (about a $3000.00 item from what I'm told). The car has 18,000 miles and is still under warranty.


    Has anyone purchased an extended warranty FROM NISSAN (not one of the independent services I receive daily spam about)on a vehicle this long after the original purchase? What can expect to pay for that? (i.e. - I don't really expect to pay full price - I realize that extended warranties can be had at roughly 50% the first price the dealershipos give you when you negotiate the price of a vehicle.) Thanks!!
  • hdaohdao Posts: 20
    It may be the time that you might need to learn how to read the code and change these faulty ignition coils. It could save you alot of $$$. The link below is an sample of how to get the flash code.



    I also bought a Haynes Repair Book for Maxima. Changing a ignition coils is not really hard. I changed one of my coils instead of the dealer wanted to changed all six. Yet, I have been driving for 30k and have yet seen the problem again. When you buy a new replacing coil, make sure that the part number on the new remanufactured coil different than the part number of the orginal old coil. Tell the dealer allows you to look up on his computer database or catalog... I believe that the new one has the last number with "2" where the original one is "1"
  • I purchased my 04 SE when they came out in the Spring of 2003. I only have 9500 miles on our huge F-250 diesel on trips....anyway for about 6 months now I get a rattling sound coming from the back window area? At first my husband and I thought it was because the brake light cover was not secure and hitting the window after having the windows tinted? But, it is secure. Anyone else having this problem? Thanks for any ideas? Yes, it will go to the dealership if we cannot find the problem.
  • alcanalcan Posts: 2,550
    Might save a trip to the dealer if one of you drives while the other sits in the back seat and see if you can track down the source.
  • I made the same mistake with my 00 Maxima. I believe the owners manual warns against using any type of cleaners on the cover. There's really nothing you can do about it besides replacing it with a new one if its really bothering you.
  • Yep, my husband sat in the back seat and cannot pin point the noise. He is going to get into the truck and check and see if there is anything loose around the speakers? When I'm seating in the driver's seat, to me it sounds like it is coming from the brake cover? Hopefully we can find it. It is driving me up the wall!
  • alcanalcan Posts: 2,550
    When I was an apprentice I used to get driven around in car trunks with a flashlight listening for noises while one of the licensed techs drove. It pinpointed lots of rattles and squeaks, but not the hot setup if you have motion sickness. LOL
  • Wow, I just entered the forum and was blown away by all the folks that have had ignition coil problems with their Maximas! I'm in the same boat!

    I had all six coils changed @36,000 miles. The dealership treated the service as if under warranty. A year later #2 coil went bad. I paid for replacement. 10 months later #6 coil went bad. So I replaced that coil and remaining four. I've spent over $700 total for repairs! Thanks for link to determine service engine warning and ECU code diagnosis. I will not take car to dealership for repair if it happens again. Seems as though Nissan should offer a recall with this many people experiencing the same problems!
  • nrydernryder Posts: 2
    I purchased a Nissan Certified used '99 Maxima in 2001 and went ahead and picked up the Nissan extended warranty while I was at it. Funny thing is, I never had anything happen with the car while it was under warranty (other than brake pads and the usual regular maintenance). I now have just over 100K miles on the car and some things have started happening (timing chain tensioners have failed, drive axles needed replacement)...but alas, my warranty expired at 100K. I've seen people say it's not worth the money or you can bargain the price down.


    However, I say if you can get the price on the warranty dropped and have it included in your financing, why not buy the very least for the peace of mind. I know it helped me rest easier at night knowing that if the engine dropped out of the car for some reason, it would be covered.
  • nrydernryder Posts: 2
    Ok...let me start by saying I'm a poor college student needing the ultimate in car advice right now. First off, my '99 Nissan Maxima has been in the shop for a little over two weeks now. The first issue was new drive axles. They were quite noisy...lots of bad noises when turning. After those were replaced, my mechanic indicated that he heard a noise that indicated to him my timing chain was slipping. His shop got down to the timing chain and said that the tensioners on the chain were not working properly. Thus, the chain slipped. Does this sound unusual for a '99 Nissan Maxima with a little over 100K miles? I'll admit, this car has been driven very hard...lots of road trips, etc.


    Secondly, I told him to go ahead and continue looking at the engine and before I know it, he's sent my heads out for re-machining (without even telling me or asking before-hand). Why would those need to be re-machined and is it plausible that it was caused by a timing chain issue?
  • suydamsuydam Posts: 924
    To both of you who have Maxes with over 100,000 miles: they are going to need things. CV boots split, timing chains loosen, batteries die. Older cars with lots of miles cost money; the question is, how much and how often? If you haven't had much problems up to now, that's a good sign and all you can go by.
  • I have always wanted a nissan maxima but the cost was outrageous. I have found a used one that is a 2001 and has 104,000 miles one owner I am carrying it tomorrow to have my machanic look it over. I have been reading alot of bad things about maximas that scare me. I was told to make sure to have the timing belt or chain checked. Is there anything else that I should have checked before I decide to buy the car.
  • ccermakccermak Posts: 260
    The most common failures on an 01 Maxima are going to be the coils, 02 sensors, MAF sensors, tranny and the brakes. Beyond that, they're pretty solid and should go 150k easy. I've got 75K on my 2000 and so far needed an 02 sensor and an altenator. That's it, nothing else, not even brake pads yet at 75K!! Yes, you heard me, I'm on original brakes, pads and all, at 75K. Had them inspected recently and mechanic was astonished and said don't think twice until summer, and the rears are more worn than the fronts.
  • SO true about the struts...I had mine replaced last week after less than 2 months on my '04 SE, roughly 4300km.

    The shimy I have felt as well but only around 80-100km/h (50-60 miles/hr) and the tires were caked with snow. Very cold out as well. -24 degC.

    The only other things about mine that are suspect are the mysterious water dripping from the upper console (sunglasses holder) and the cloth on my headrest un-stitching. The dealer has given me no reason to complain about them though. Very helpful, so far.
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