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Nissan Maxima Maintenance and Repair



  • my '95 turned 200,000 miles yesterday. It's never let me down, ever, and still looks great and everything works. (more than i can say for me)

    That's not to say I haven't replaced a lot of things as they needed to be. I replaced the starter last fall because it would make a strange noise after cranking that indicated it wasn't letting go of the flywheel for a bit. it had made the noise for about 50,000 miles, but started to get worse.

    Other than that, I'm on my third battery, 4th set of tires, change the water pump last year, and had a funny intermittent noise problem for years that was finally fixed by replacing the right front wheel bearing. The interior looks and works great (except for the stupid cupholder design). Amazingly, I've never needed change a marker or brake light! Headlamps yes, about six.

    Lesson Learned: Leather upholstery is not a luxury: It's a necessity if you want your interior to hold up.

    Since buying it as a young newly married guy, i've jumped several customer segments and am now expecting a third child. Any suggestions for vehicles you can put 3 kid seats (1 can be a backless booster) into and not be an SUV?
  • suydamsuydam Posts: 885
    Yes. It's called a minivan. And if you have 3 kid seats you will want one!
  • roar1roar1 Posts: 193
    For front marker lights, you need to take a small screwdriver ( wrap a small rag around it to protect the paint ) and slide the marker lens forward ( to the front of the car ) and off. This will expose the bulb.

    Same deal for a rear marker light except that you slide the lens to the rear to take it off. Btw, I believe this info is in the manual.
  • ccermakccermak Posts: 260
    Thanks, I'll give that a shot. I kept looking from the inside under the hood thinking hmmmmmmmm......

    Manual, that'd been too easy.
  • merdiemerdie Posts: 12
    What model/year do you have and what is the major problem/complaint? We have a car that has been in the shop quite a bit also. An 05 Max. Thanks
  • rahmanrahman Posts: 2
    To fix your car go and read message#1621 and you will find the solution to your problem. You need to change the AIRE MASS METER ( Aire Flow Meter).
    Good luck. :) :D
  • rafarafa Posts: 35
    Hi we have a 2001 nissan maxima se fully loaded with 76,000 miles last night we were coming from the store on the highway and the service engine soon light came on so we took it to auto zone to check the codes and two codes came as p171 which means replace the oxygen sensor they didn't have it in stock so they reset the codes and drove it home going to drive it tomorrow and see how it feels then going to replace the sensor should i go to the dealer and buy it is it bad to drive like that and wear is the oxygen sensor located at is it difficult to replace or should i take to a pro can someone help that you :mad:
  • alphadogalphadog Posts: 5
    Finally, After 28 days at the dealership I finally got the call to pick up
    my 01,Max. SE, Here's what they replaced:

    1. Volume Air Flow Meter
    2. Heated Oxgen sensor
    3. Oxgen Sensor
    4. Throttle Chamber
    5. ECM

    The major problem was stalling and hesitation during stop and go traffic.

    WOW, big difference the car feels brand new.
    Due to length of time in the shop and getting the owner involved I got all this
    done for under a grand. The customer relations manager also had a big hand in
    this matter.
    Good place to get parts is

    :) :) :) :)
  • ryanpdxryanpdx Posts: 1
    The "Check" light for emissions just came on. I have a 1996 Maxima 3.0 with 105,000 miles. Anyone venture to guess what the problem might be before I take it to the mechanic? I would at least like to know what the possibilities are before I enter the dance...
  • dirkworkdirkwork Posts: 210
    Take it to Autozone and they can pull the code if its a standard ODB-II code. These cars eat O2 sensors, that would be my guess.
  • morehpmorehp Posts: 30
    The majority of the times when my CEL would come on, it was an 02 sensor, although one of the times it was BOTH an O2 sensor and a knock sensor.

    The 02 sensors on these cars are indeed disposible, it would seem. Good luck.
  • suydamsuydam Posts: 885
    If you consider a component that lasts over 100,000 miles to be disposable, I guess so. /emo_smiley.gif
  • suttonj01suttonj01 Posts: 2
    Anyone have a good guess?
    I have a 99 Max with 95k. I just failed Ma emissions testing with three error codes. I looked the code descriptions up and wondering if anyone might have an idea of what I might be looking at. I knew I might have a problem before with my service engine soon light coming on.
    p0450 - EVAP system pressure sensor or circute failure
    p1444 EVAP canister purge volume control valve or circuit fault
    p1446 - EVAP canister vent control valve closed.

    Thanks for any help.
  • reddiva24reddiva24 Posts: 3
    Im currently going thru the exact same problem with my 95 Nissan MaximamGLE. Its been spitting out all my cds and says CD ERR. Its been fustrating and I was wondering if you found a solution to the problem yet or did you have to replace the cd player all together. If you did have to replace it, was it difficult? I have another cd player on hand and was wondering if it was a difficult task.
  • dirkworkdirkwork Posts: 210
    You have a problem with the evaporative emissions system, that is what those codes are telling you. The systems are supposed to trap gas vapors that build up in the gas tank and if my memory is correct it routes it to either back into the tank from the canister or it gets burned in the engine, and that eliminates the unburned hydrocarbons from being released like if you had a open cup of fuel and let it evaporate.
  • dirkworkdirkwork Posts: 210
    The reason I and others have complained about the maxima O2 sensors is that they burn up. One of mine (the car has 3 that I know of) went out when it was still under warranty, and others have had them go about every 30-40k miles. In contrast, I had a Dodge Shadow which went 140k miles and never needed it replaced. I eventually replaced it out of guilt that it was too old to work well. The fact that the VQ engine needs frequent 02 sensors is an issue, however minor it is depends on your perspective. Otherwise, my '00 has been pretty decent except for the usual issues of paint, rattles, etc.

  • dennis10dennis10 Posts: 2
    Have a 2002 maxima SE with 6-speed manual at 17,000 miles.Recently began to hear a howl or whine when the clutch pedal is about engage.Any ideas ?
  • Im not sure if I have similar problems to alphadog.
    1) Car stalls at lights 2) Jerks when revs are pushed to 5000 3) seems to have lost power and accelleration. A "diagnostics" turned up nothing. Mechanic suggested I may have a fuelpump problem
    Any thoughts?
    Celticvoyager :sick: nissan maxima 2000 se manual
  • mastjmastj Posts: 14

    From what I've read, there seems to be alot of problems with the '04's and '05's.

    I have an '05 SE that I've had for 4 months now. I love the styling, ride quality and interior space of the Max. However, the whole drivetrain could be much smoother, especially shifts during light acceleration. The car is also very noisy over sand and salt on roads. I've also had the "hard start" problem that the dealer has been unable to fix despite several TSB's on the issue.

    Its hard to judge whether the new Max has more problems than other cars, but overall, after owning Buicks for the past 14 years, the Max is a disappointment (other than styling). We'll see how it does long term.

    Good luck making your decision!!!

  • 92max192max1 Posts: 4
    Does your Max have a BOSE system. If so the systems from that year and the ones before that all have problems. I have a 1992 Maxima SE and mine wont play CD's period. It's a wiring problem that I haven't had the time to figure out so I'm not worried about it. Look around on the internet and see what you can find.
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