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Nissan Maxima Maintenance and Repair



  • kagedudekagedude Posts: 407
    The car is still at the dealership. I called 800-NISSAN-1 and they moved up the issue to their regional dept. They said they will be calling the dealer about the problem. I insisted someone from Nissan come down to the dealership to see why the dealer would think that the cause of the ECM burnout is the wiring harness. Why would a wiring harness be defective in the first place? That is the first I heard of that. Hopefully, the main part which is the ECM can be covered under the warranty. Thanks.
  • cjeffcjeff Posts: 1
    I'm a newbie to the forum. Have a '97 Maxima with about 68K miles. Generally it's been fine except this week the car won't start -- no clicking, nothing over a 2 hour span. Took to local service station and it wouldn't start there either, yesterday or this morning. Then a few minutes ago, it started for them -- no idea why, or whether it will in the future. Any ideas? The keyless entry is probably close to shot so perhaps it's an electrical issue. Thanks.
  • vbkatvbkat Posts: 1
    I have a 2001 Nissan Maxima that I bought new in May 2001. In July 2003, I had a problem with my gas door where it got out of alignment (skewed up on the top right and skewed out on the bottom left). This interfered with the opening and closing of the door. I brought it to the dealership (Barry Nissan, Newport, RI) and they said they could fix it. They also said that the door needs to be lubed from time to time (has anyone ever heard that???). They lubed it and as they were moving it, it cracked, so I had to buy a new one (I was not happy since THEY really broke it!, but the warranty had run out).

    Now, it's June 2005 and I have 85,000 miles on it, and once again, the same exact situation has occurred with my gas door! Both times, the door would squeak while being used for a period of time and then stop a few months before it got out of alignment.

    Personally I think putting a new door on will again result in this same situation about 2 years down the line! My 1990 Acura Integra with 215,000 miles had NEVER had a problem with the gas door and I have NEVER lubed it!

    Has anyone else had similar problems like this? The dealership near me (which I do not like) told me that they replace gas doors 1 -2 times a week there! What's up with gas doors on Nissans!!!!!!! Has anyone had this problem found an answer to this cycle??!!
  • you should just have to replace the rear motor mount to correct the problem
  • it will most likely be a o2 sensor or the vent contol valve
  • you need a new starter
  • fan speed will not go to high untill the car is warmed up because it would be blowing cold air
  • the dealer will need to reset the limit switch on the window motor
  • you also need to have the ecm reprogramed by the dealer
  • dirkworkdirkwork Posts: 210
    Shaking engine on start

    Could be fuel mixture related, something with fuel injection, a sensor, etc.

    Could be something serious like coolant leaking into cylinders from head gasket and taking a second to burn itself out the exhaust.

    You might want to get it looked at.

  • Thanks for the Re: :)

    The engine doesn't shake on start, it shakes when its really warmed up (10-20+ min of operating).

    I had my mech. check the cooling and sensors, and I had a bad Knock sensor, so I replaced it, and nothing... :confuse:

    This is really frustrating :( :mad: I also had all my rotors, and brakes replaced, as well as all my calipers and hoses. and right now the car passes a computer diagnostic with flying colors. But the problem persists. Please help.

    Thank you.
  • drdannydrdrdannydr Posts: 1
    I have a Nissan Maxima 96, and I had the starter replaced a few months ago and after it was replaced the check engine light came on. But the car runs fine. Also had a tune up done and replaced both front axels. Today the battery and brake light turn on. checked brake fluid and its full. Also checked all my fuses and they are all ok. What can make the battery light and the brake light turn on?
  • johnf2johnf2 Posts: 2

    Did you ever come up with a solution to your problem?

    I am having a similar problem with my 96 Maxima. It has 113K miles on it.
    This problem started occurring over that last week now that we are getting
    80 degree weather here in New England. In the morning when its around 60 the car starts fine. It sits in the parking lot at work all day in the sun and when I
    go home it won't start. The only thing that seems to work is put the key in the
    ON position in the ignition and wait around a minute and then start it.

    There is an after maket alarm with the car. I suspected the relay between the
    ignition and starter may be affected the the interior heating up during the day.
    But keeping the windows open when it's parked didn't help. So I bypassed the
    relay by rewiring the ignition back directly to the starter but no luck there.

    I saw some notes in the forum that said the 95-99 Maxima need periodic starter replacements. I already replaced mine back in January 2002 but it is not too hot
    in this neck of the woods that time of year.
  • hankshanks Posts: 1
    Hi, there. I recently have a strange problem with my Maxima. When I start the car, sometimes there's no response at all. The engine doesn't beep but the brake is OK to push down. I happen to find the solution to this problem is just to change the shift from P to R ( the car will not move as the engine actually not work yet), then back to P, then turn off the key and turn on again. Although this solution works, it is really annoying.

    A related symptom is that when the car is started already, I reverse the car, and then begin to drive by changing the shift to "D" and pushing the gas pedal, the rotation speed will be very high but the car moves very slow. I'll have to change the shift to "2" to make it normal. After the car is moving, I can change the shift back to "D" and drive smoothly.

    I suspect it's something wrong with the transmission system. Someone told me the inhibit switch might not work. However who are familar with this part? I google it but no luck! Any help will be appreciated.
  • mastjmastj Posts: 14

    I have exactly the same problem - there are other posts on here as well with the same complaint. Look back 6 months or so to find them.

    I've not yet complained about it, since it sounds like its just a part of the 5 speed auto tranny. I've heard in one prior post that the dealership reset the ECM so that it had to relearn its shifts (non-technical version). This person reported that it seemed to help, but then the abrupt shifting returned in a few days.

    I know this is disappointing, and I don't think's right, but I will say that after having mine 6 months now, I tend to notice it less. But I have to say it still bugs me... because my driveway is about 250' long and just as I get near the garage I let of the gas and I always get that abrupt pulsation.

    Please write back and let us know if your dealer comes up with any solutions. I've got other fish to fry with my dealer right now.

  • elecboyelecboy Posts: 2
    If the mechanic does not know how to find your problem, do not let him work on your car.
    Check the inhibitor switch on the transmission.
    Ground from the switch goes to inhibitor relay in engine compartment.
    To find all this your mechanic should get the ALLDATA software. :cry:
  • rtyrty Posts: 1
    the problem is the alternator if you have a wiring diag you will see that the brake lights and battery lights are connected together the way you can tell is if both lights are are and you raise the emergency brake and the brake ligh gets brighter its the alternator
  • warrior_prwarrior_pr Posts: 28
    2005 Maxima SL Auto- transmission got the same problem. My dealer say that is part of the new shift logic feature that Nissan is proud to announce in their advertising, so they don’t believe Nissan its going to do any fix about it. I want to know who was the Japanese engineers that convince Nissan to say that that transmission programming will be a successful one. My Ford Explorer get better transmission shift than my new Maxima. That is embarrassing. That is my first and last Nissan. I am very frustrate with my Nissan Maxima. :( :mad: :cry:
  • bschottbschott Posts: 2
    Can anyone offer advice for my 98 Maxima? My a/c was not working and I went to the dealer who recharged my system and subsequently told me my compressor was broken inside and needed to be replaced. I did that today and recharged the system. Plenty of air blowing, but it is not cold. Seems like the flapper valve is stuck and will not allow cold air to enter the car. I have checked all fuses and relays seem to be fine. Also did the self-diagnosis (hold down "off" when starting car for 5 seconds and going through the diagnosis). Does show code 25 (sunlight sensor) which I replaced. Would that stop the whole system from operating?


  • kanakana Posts: 2
    Hi, I have a 2001 Max, and I have a rotten egg smell coming from my car's exhaust. I heard there could be a potential problem. Is this true and did anybody have any experience with it??? It might be useful to know that I noticed the smell after driving the car for a long time with AC on. However, I smelled it when AC was off.
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