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Nissan Maxima Maintenance and Repair



  • robbie05robbie05 Posts: 2
    I just bought the car in May, and the owner doesn't mention changing timing belt or spark plugs. By the way, Maxima has timing chains and 100k miles spark plugs.
  • wcislowcislo Posts: 3
    My '96 Maxima's check engine light came on and showed tps, knock sensor and 2nd gear a/t - they did a band adjustment ($35) for the 2nd gear a/t and cleared the codes. A week later light came on again for tps, knock sensor and 1st gear a/t. Now they want to do a diagnosis ($100+). Should I just have the tps replaced? What about the knock sensor? How are these codes related?
  • I bought my 2002 Maxima SE used last year from a dealer. The fuel cover was sticky even then, but I didn't pay to much attention to it - my mistake. After filling up last night, I couldn't close the door properly and had to remove it entirely (held on by two screws) this morning. The hinge was totally seized, and I had to damage it even more to remove it. After seeing the posts here, it seems like this is a common problem. Hard to believe given the relatively high quality of the mechanical parts on the rest of the car. Wonder how much this is going to cost me replace.
  • dobrydobry Posts: 7
    i write allready why was the problem it was ignition lock.It cost me 150$+labor.I have the same symptoms when hot i couldnt start the car over 70 degree weather.
  • hominkahominka Posts: 1
    Did you look at both sides of the dipstick? I was a little puzzled about my 95 Maxima at first as well, but soon found the markings on the other side of the stick.
  • maxine6maxine6 Posts: 1
    Aikido2, I have a 98 GLE, and while I haven't had this specific problem, it's happened to me on a different car. The solution, replacing the starter AND ignition switch. Just like with your issue, my car was stopping right in the middle of the road. Hope this can help.
  • amandashamandash Posts: 14
    I had a similar problem on a 93 Maxima. There is a temperature sensor on behind the glove compartment on the evaporator. Mine had an aluminum heat sink attached. Hope this helps
  • wcislowcislo Posts: 3
    An update to my original message - after being on for the past 5 days, my check engine light went out - does that mean I shouldn't do anything??
  • turbojazzturbojazz Posts: 1
    Hello there.

    I have a 2004 SE as well and have experienced the shut down (Fail Safe Mode) 5 times. First time was less than a year after I purchased the car. I have taken the car in 4 times for repair and decided that this is ridiculous so I contacted Nissan North America Consumer Line. This resulted in no action when I asked that this car should be exchanged or repurchased. So - had to contact BBB and am set for a hearing date in a bout a week from now. Two occasions were really dangerous. This happened when attempting to accelerate on a freeway during rush hour. Almost got hit by three cars !!! Seems to be something with the Throttle Control system ... and the last repair attempt - they replaced the main electrical wiring harness. Still happened once after that. The Service Engine Soon light comes on, the car goes into Fail Safe Mode which gives you just enough power to move off to the side of the road. After waiting about 2 minutes with the engine off, the car will start and run but the Service Engine Soon light remains on. I have been a long time loyal Nissan consumer but I am having second thoughts about Nissan now. :lemon:

    Have you had any resolution since posting your message?

  • ccermakccermak Posts: 260
    My 2000 SE just took a rock to the windshield and it needs to be replaced. Looking for advice. Are all the places pretty much the same, meaning Harmon, or any of those that come to you to fix? Do they use aftermarket windshields, or is there a Nissan OEM one you can get? Does it matter??
  • ammo267ammo267 Posts: 1
    I have a 96 Maxima GLE. My A/C compressor is getting no power. I checked at the relay block and there is no power on the switch side there. The coil side has power and the relay is working but the switch side has none. Does anyone know where the power is fed from to the relay block?? Please help!!
  • aggiedogaggiedog Posts: 238
    Most places are pretty good. Just look for those that have been around awhile. And it doesn't matter whether they do it at their shop or your own place. They typically use aftermarket windshields which in my experience are as good if not better than oem. It may cost you more than just your deductible to get that oem.
  • pjnpjn Posts: 4
    Greetings. I have a '97 Max which runs very well and for the last couple of years my SES light has come on and stayed on for months, then would go off for month then come on again and so forth. The car has always run fine and rec'd very low emissions readings back as of last AIMs test in 2003.

    A colleague who also owns a Max gave me the following website:

    Click on "Check Engine Light" and there are detailed instructions on obtaining the codes yourself as well as turning off the dreaded SES light. I did it last evening, it took less than 5 minutes and it worked.

    I received three codes that were decoded on this same website. Anyone familiar with EVAP canister vent control valve, knock system and EVAP System?

    Ivan">link title
  • gengen Posts: 5
    169k miles with CEL code 0303, and was due for a tune up. Starting problems were occurring frequently where it took several tries b4 the engine would start, whether hot or cold. Often I had to press the gas pedal in order to stay at 1500 rpm for a few seconds, or it would stall immediately after starting.

    Symptoms seemed like a flooded engine, so I did some reading, bought parts and got dirty.

    LH O2 sensor, NGK platinum plugs, K&N air filter, fuel filter, throttle body cleaning, and oil change.

    I thought the starting problems were due to the bad O2 sensor, and I now had an all-clear code 0505, but the problem remained. Thanks to this forum, along with a couple others, I pinpointed the source down to the coolant temperature sensor. I bought a Wells 3/8” thread sensor from Autozone and the car is starting up fine. All the other tune-up work was necessary as well, and the car runs very smoothly.

    Note: for the O2 sensor, it was a tight spot, so I used a 6” wrench with 1” jaw. You need 13/16” min. jaw. And the spark plug in the back, near the driver side is tough to get out, and tougher to put back in. I had to wedge it slightly in order to get the coil back in without snapping it. Be careful as they do snap at the joint if bent too far. You'll hear a sharp crack. Yep, I know from experience.
  • detrmnd2detrmnd2 Posts: 1
    The a/c works fine in my 1990 Max until I put the blower on position #4. Air continues to blow but it is no longer cool. I move the blower to position #3 and it works fine once again. My Haynes repair manual isn't much help in this area. Any recommendations?
  • guadvasguadvas Posts: 2
    Hi guys,
    I made the mistake of messing with the thottle stop adjustment (factory set) when I was having problems with my idle. Well, I fixed my idle problem and now have to reset my throttle stop adjustment. Does anyone have a simple way of doing this or do I have to take it to the DEALER? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    lupe vasquez
  • bingsbings Posts: 1
    HI everyone.
    I have a modified '96 maxima with a "98 infiniti I30 engine. It was a straight swap with no major adjustments. engine runs great but recently developed a problem when starting. It takes a few cranks from a cold start to get it going but once you drive and try and restart there's no problem. mechanic checked the fuel pump,filter and found no problem with either, egr valves were cleaned, faulty knock sensor replaced and the starter is new???? need help please
  • leonoraileonorai Posts: 1
    2004 Nissan Maxima SL

    Initial problem was the car did not start on the first try from purchase. The Service engine light went on. 3 fuel injector replaced and that did not solve the problem then the dealer replaced the fuel pump, the car started but the car still had no power and was shifting horribly. Dealer then said it was a internal valve in the transmission. They opened transmission and then dealer stated it needed a "new unit". They then replaced the with a " new unit" and car was shaking and still downshiting and not shifting properly at all. Then back to the dealer and the transmisson was leaking then they told me an axel seal would fix the problem, they replaced an axel seal. I drove it home and parked the car. Now the car wont start and the dealer says its the battery. My maxima is not a year old yet and has 20,000 miles on it. The service engine light or any kind of warning light did not go on during the last few problems. Is this a lemon or what? I need help please. Thank you :lemon: :cry:
  • highrollerhighroller Posts: 351
    In my opinion, nissan makes some really good products for tuneups but their maximas are really disappointing. I would advice anyone who are attempting to purchase a car to stay away from maximas. Disagree or agree anyone?
  • suydamsuydam Posts: 924
    Totally disagree. I have an '01 GLE with 49,000 miles. Total repairs so far: one drive belt and the gas cap door. Pretty minor for 4 years.
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