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Nissan Maxima Maintenance and Repair



  • univmdunivmd Posts: 3
    I have a Maxima 97 too, with 140,000 miles. Trouble free from 0 to 140,000 miles until this year. SES light came on. Replaced the evap control module. Light went out. After two months, the light came on again. Codes relating to transmission control module, engine knock, and throttle contol came up. 3 codes. Car is fine, except on some days, car will seem to stall but doesn't, at the first stoplight of the day. Regular mechanic said that I can ignore the engine knock code since it will be very hard to fix. But he said that I need to take the car into the dealership to get the transmission's computer checked and maybe replaced? Diagnosis at the dealership will cost $140. I am willing to fix this car, but I am wondering what you would do? Drive the car into the ground without doing anything? Or get a diagnosis and fix the car immediately? --jAmEs
  • bigstorybigstory Posts: 1
    I also have a 2001 Maxima and I had the same experience in that just the other day my ABS warning light came on. I checked the local repair shop and they want $139 just to look at it. I am trying to search were I can buy the ABS control module myself and install it. I would also need to know where the module is located in the car. Any experience in knowing what the warning light really means?
  • debbie731debbie731 Posts: 10
    I wish I would've read your message before buying my 2005 Maxima. I can't sit in my car at all - I've tried everything and essentially I am now driving my husband's car because I can't sit in my car at all. Sad to say I'll never buy a Nissan again. I've never had this experience before.
  • magdocjrmagdocjr Posts: 3
    To anyone that can help:

    I have a 2000 Max SE with a bad attitude. It drives like it has a mind of its own. It does not matter how fast or slow I am driving and when I need to accelerate it refuses. I would say it is starving for gas. The SES light came on, I took it to a dealer for diagnostics. Replaced O2 sensors and said it was 100% ok. The said that with the O2 sensors were the cause of the problem. A week after having them replaced the car is doing the same thing. If anyone knows where I need to start looking please let me know. Thank you.
  • victord1victord1 Posts: 94
    Hello all Maxima experts and fans. My '03 Maxima is approaching 36,000 mile, and I'm thinking of having the 37,500 mile schedule maintenance done. Is there anything I should watch for or tell the dealer to do?? Besides the O2 sensor and the gas tank cut-off sensor which were replaced under warranty, the car has not given me any problem.

    I want to to care of any possible future problems before the warranty period expires. I welcome any suggestions. Thanks.

    One more thing. The cabin air filter: should I let the dealer change it (and charge $200+) or change it myself and save the money?
  • univmdunivmd Posts: 3
    To continue with my story, I took my 1997 Nissan Maxima 140,000 miles to the dealer today to get the SES light checked. He said there were two codes, the throttle control code and the engine knock code. He reset the light and said no problem with either. Also no problem with the transmission control module like my other mechanic believed. So everything is fine now. He said warming up the car a little before driving off will help with mysterious near-stalling problem on some days, but he could not recreate the near-stalling at the shop. So that's that. My car is fine now with no SES light. But I'm sure it will come back on again in a couple of weeks. The dealer said that he could replace the knock sensor for $485, just because it's old, but I think I will pass. Wondering if mechanic would be willing to turn it off completely or at least make it ignore the knock sensors. Hmmm. He also told me that he could clean the battery terminals for me for $55. I passed. I heard that it is easy to do at home, using Coca Cola, anybody clean their own terminals before? --jAmEs
  • highrollerhighroller Posts: 351
    Use a premium gas, if you are, then try adding a can of BG44K into your fuel tank. In my experience with hesitation, this stuff really works. Not only it stops hesitations but can also stop knocking and pinging, and also rough idling. You can get this at your nissan dealership just by asking for it. Costs about $15 a can, its a little bit of an expensive fuel cleaner product, but i guess you get what you pay for.
  • highrollerhighroller Posts: 351
    Same problem here about 4 months ago. After check engine light went on, i took it to the shop to replace oil pan, gaskets, and sensors. Afterwards, light was still on. But, a couple days later, AFTER HITTING A HARD BUMP DRIVING UP THE ROAD, the light suddenly went out. Weird stuff eh?
  • bkswardbksward Posts: 93
    wish I would've read your message before buying my 2005 Maxima. I can't sit in my car at all - I've tried everything and essentially I am now driving my husband's car because I can't sit in my car at all. Sad to say I'll never buy a Nissan again. I've never had this experience before.

    So you're saying that someone else who said that the car seat was uncofortable after 10 minutes of driving would have stopped you from buying? (A message that was posted over 6 months ago.)

    Did you test drive the car before buying? I test drove a Saturn before buying a Maxima. Within 1 minute I realized that the seat cushion was the right length for a 5'4" woman, not a 6' guy...

    So you blame Nissan for making a car that you can't get comfortable in that you bought? Why would you buy a car you couldn't adjust the seats to a cofortable position in? A friend of mine didn't buy a Mazda 6 because he couldn't get the side mirrors into a suitable position for his driving position...
  • roar1roar1 Posts: 193
    Before I buy a car I always test drive it for at least 30 minutes. ( Is that the salesman I hear screaming , lol ) . Back in 1999, Acura came out with a new TL and Nissan came out with its 5th gen. Maxima. I wanted a TL sooo bad I could taste it ,HOWEVER, after 20 min. of driving the car my back hurt. I went to 5 different dealers and drove 5 different TL's.......same problem. My 'back' and the TL seat were incompatible. That's life !!! I didn't buy a TL. I bought the Max which fit me like a glove!

    You would be amazed at how many people buy cars un-driven and sight unseen.
    Look at the '05 Ford Mustang GT. It's virtually impossible to find one on a dealer lot, BUT, people are ordering them so fast that Ford's production can't keep up with demand. How many of these people have driven a Mustang GT ?? Darn few !!!
  • magdocjrmagdocjr Posts: 3
    Nissan did the carbon flush and the 60k major service at the same time they replaced the O2 sensors. The SES came back on and has been on since. Yes, I always use premium gas even though the prices are going through the roof. The engine will not rev past ~4200 rpm either; it acts like it wants to but will not. If you have any more ideas let me know please.
  • ccermakccermak Posts: 260
    Per the hesitation, did you have the plugs checked? Even though they're supposed to be 100k, I've heard many enthusiasts say they need to change every 60-80k for optimal performance. Also, what about the MAF sensor? I've heard that's a very common cause for the 5th gen maxis to perform sub-par. Try the other message board,, and look around their 5th gen forums. You need input from the experts over there on the approach to take. That's just my .02 of course. Not that there aren't experts surfing this board, there's just a whole other level of detail going on over there due to modification freaks.
  • highrollerhighroller Posts: 351
    Also, make sure if you have a clogged up, dirty air filter; it can cause hesitations also.
  • danmandandanmandan Posts: 1
    I have an 89 maxima w/ only 295k. Just started to have idle problems in the morning when I first start the car. Runs fine until you have to stop, then car has a hard time staying running. Does this until the car warms up, then no problem. Idle control valve? Cylinder Temp. sensor? can anyone help? Thanks.
  • Where can I get a Factory Service Manual for my 1996 Maxima? What would be the price range? Is there any place to get this besides Nissan?
  • highrollerhighroller Posts: 351
    Do you mean an Owner's Manual? You're in luck, because here's a link to the manual... it has manuals from 1996 to 2005.
  • Thanks, but I mean FACTORY SERVICE manual.
  • debbie731debbie731 Posts: 10
    You give some solid advise and I will never buy a car again w/o at least a test drive of continual driving for 30 minutes. I would have re-considered the car if I found someone found the seats uncomfortable due to hardness -but there is really no review that speaks of seat comfort that I have found. I checked the edmunds regular review site and everyone pretty much loved the car. I test drove the car three separate times and had no problem; each test drive was for 10-15 minutes. Interestingly I also drive the new TL since I was ending a lease on my old one which I love(d). I drove that car for 10 minutes (same drive as the Maxima by the way since the dealers are down the street from each other) and found the seat incredibly uncomfortable. I went back and test drove the TL again, with the same response; which is why I was looking at other cars. Having never had a problem with any seat in any car and we own a Nissan Sentra-which is my daughter's but I drive also -I never really thought that a seat could be so incompatible that a person could not be able to drive the car. I am by the way not alone in this as I have now found a number of people who have had this problem only with the Maxima seats. We are all different shapes and sizes so it doesn't make sense to me. Perhaps our "lot" of car seats was made differently?
  • debbie731debbie731 Posts: 10
    Do you think that I am a complete idiot or what? I find your response to be demeaning and offensive. I think that roar1's response was more productive - that people should test drive a car at least 30 minutes prior to purchase and to heck with the salesperson and the 15 minute test drive. I drove this car three times with no problems, researched it on the regular edmunds site and others for consumer ratings and read every review about it - so I did my homework. If it took me 1 minute to know I couldn't get comfortable I wouldn't have bought the car. The problem is that it took over 30 minutes to realize this - when I drove a long distance with it after I had already purchased it. And to answer your hypothetical question, yes if I had read a review or reviews that people were finding the seat hard and uncomfortable after driving the car for a distance I would have insisted on a longer test drive. Given that I have driven many different cars and models with and without power seats and never had a problem it did not occur to me that a car with an 8 way power driver seat with multiple positions and a power passenger seat as well would be incompatable in any position for sitting in this car for over 30 minutes.
  • dude if you dont even know where it is on the car you cant put it on by your self
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