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Nissan Maxima Maintenance and Repair



  • Hey, can you share your different solutions with me? I don't think my problem is exactly yours, but here is mine:

    91 Max.... 190k miles... runs great.. never any problems.. EVER.. perfect car.

    For no good reason (so far), the beginning of the summer, my car just didn't start. My battery is good... it just didn't start. Radio works very well, good speed on windows and sunroof.... but no start. So I go back inside, wait 10 min. Come back out, it starts. So over the summer, it became increasingly worse. My car wouldn't start if I hadn't been driving it within the past few hours. Come to find out, now, 3 months later... it still happens. I hear a click, but it doesn't start. So, I've narrowed it down a little bit... It only happens when it's hot outside (88degrees or higher... more or less)

    When I park in the shade, it's a little cooler, and car usually starts on one time, or if not on 1st time, 10 min. later. It's the damndest thing. I take it to the mechanics, and it always starts for them.. with power. When it DOES start, it shows no hesitation at all. Been happening all summer now. Have a great bit of doubt that it's the starter or battery. I think it might be something electrical. Do you have any clues? Please share what other people have told you about your situation.

  • Hey, I have the same problem, but mine is a 91 max. It only seems to not start in hotter weather. I have no clue. I have to go give it a few tries and then wait 10 min. or so, and usually it just starts up. Did you ever find a resolve?
  • ltudorltudor Posts: 1
    Using a voltage meter we have narrowed the battery drain to the security system but what do we do about it now? Help would be appreciated.
  • highrollerhighroller Posts: 351
    Usually is the starter.
  • highrollerhighroller Posts: 351
    Happened to me also, i took it to the auto mechanic shop and disconnected the wires. That's the only way to stop draining the battery.
  • y2zay2za Posts: 7
    I answered my own question.
    When i turned off the TCS, there is even more wheel spin upon hard acceleration .
    I guess i just had higher expectations of the TCS.
    I hope there is eventually an AWD version of the Max - one that is not as expensive as the Infiniti G35.
  • Yes, I have a 2000 Nissan Maxima (worst car I have ever owned) and the same thing happened to me, though my scenario was a bit different. I had the service engine light come on three different times. The first two times the dealer did transmission repairs(solenoids, coils) to the tune of about $900 but then for a third time the light came on. I took it back and this time they replaced the gas cap which seems to have done the trick. My car had about 60,000+ at the time. So in my case, it was the gas cap. Seems like our mechanics were on the same page at least. At least they didn't charge me for it since it was the third time within 2 months the light came on. Unfortunately, at the time, they also told me the automatic transmission may be wearing out(the car seems to jump between 2nd and 3rd) so I'll probably be out another $3,000 soon. Good luck.
  • I have a '95 SE, and have a very similar problem. The car has a lot of trouble starting when it's hot outside, especially if it's been parked in the sun. Once it's been running for a while will generally restart fine.

    Perhaps relatedly, i feel a hesitation when i accelerate - there's a noticeable delay before it takes off. I'm thinking it has to do with the fuel injection somehow. If you've learned anything, please let me know.

  • vynomvynom Posts: 11
    My clutch just starting making a clicking noise today when I depress the pedal, then again only softer when I fully release the pedal. This causes some concern to me, yet I haven't noticed anything different in the driving or the shifting. I have 53K miles on it, the car has a 60mo/60k drivetrain warrenty, does this cover the clutch as well? Will they look at/fix for free? Any help is greatly appreciated. Thank you
  • merdiemerdie Posts: 12
    Don't count on getting help from Nissan. They know there is a problem but they will not admit nor respond to you, except to say they are not going to help. Good luck, as for us, we are going to cut our losses and get out of the Nissan products, after owning 6 new ones in a row. Some of these 05's definitely have problems, too many people complaining on various forums, but Nissan doesn't care about the consumer. Ours vibrates so bad, you can't drive over 65 and then you can't get it to quit vibrating once it starts. Local technicians experienced the problem but Nissan N.A. told them not to fool with it other than to tighten the steering, thus making the car impossible to drive.
  • dkjk4dkjk4 Posts: 3
    I'm experiencing the same thing - The dealer has changed a wheel, replaced the rotors/brakes and still is going on - they are now telling me it doesn't vibrate - they've had it four times for the same thing in the past four weeks. Purchased car 7/26 and they've had it four times - considering the 'lemon law' on this one. This is the 05 SL Maxima - I really liked the car with this exception - I just can't believe they can't fix it!
  • I just spent another hour at the dealer discussing the future of my 2005 SL. Fortunately, the dealer recognizes that there is a problem but Nissan keeps guessing as to what the problem could be. After 3 sets fo tires and multiple adjustments to the suspension system, we are going to "try" new wheels. Nissan has suggested that the suspension be replaced with an Altima suspension because the bushings are tighter. If this fails it was recommended that I pursue the lemon law, but you don't need to wait to long because the excess miles can work against you.
  • My 200 maxima SE has been experiencing hesitation for quite some time (last 50,000 miles). It has also shown signs of idle problems in mornings and requires a couple of minutes to warm up, but then it runs fine the rest of the day.
    However, yesterday I began to experience idling problems even after warm up. I have to put the car in neutral and shut off A/C at red lights and the rpm varies from about 600 to about 1200 at idle. I know I have had a bad 02 sensor for a while. Could this be the cause of the idle problems I am having now? The car has approx 115k miles.
  • Now my Maxima SL 2005 starts having shimmy and vibrations problems. Every time I press the brakes, front wheels start dancing. Every time I accelerate and stop; dry/hard noises start, like a little rock hitting Maxima chassis or something like that. What my dealer said about it???? Wait more miles because front pads look new no matter they dance and for the dry/hard noise....ummmmm No idea.

    This is my first Nissan. I think would be my last. I noted something about all people said Nissan Maxima is an excellent car....all of them have Maxima previously, all of them have only Nissan..... I believe its time they start seeing other brands. say GM .... Believe or not... My last Pontiac Grand Prix GTP, smooth transmission, good torque, my current Ford Explorer...believe or not better transmission shift than my SL Maxima..... I read something saying transmission shift goings better, I say ... No it's not... you start "used" the Nissan way.... Take a ride in other car and going back to your maxima.... :lemon: :cry: :mad:
  • gabaritgabarit Posts: 1
    Hi ,

    I live in Montreal, Canada and I'd appreciate it if anyone can give me advice on this.

    I have a 96 Maxima with the original Bose system. I had a problem recently where the battery died and I had to jump start it. Everything worked fine since then - including the battery - but when I start the CD player , it shows CD , if I press EJECT it turns off. I can use the radio and the cassette player without problems. It's as if there is a CD stuck in the player.

    Any advice how to fix this ? remove the CD ? If not , a name of a trustworthy repair shop who can fix this for a reasonable price.

    Thanks a lot !
  • dkjk4dkjk4 Posts: 3
    PLEASE..keep me posted. I LOVE this car with that exception. I just picked mine up again yesterday (8/15) - took it in 8/12 - they stated they didn't do anything; however, I noticed the two rear tires were discolored (white) because I had armor-alled the front ones - then I noticed the front passenger 'wheel' is on the back driver's side - the bill stated 'warranty work' -nothing else - I asked them what they did because of these things I noticed - they stated 'rotated the tires'. Also noticed the tires are Continental and stated 44 PSI and they had them at 30. I drove home and it rode nice. I drove to work today and fine again, but tonight on the way home it did it again - My husband had inflated them last night back to the 44 PSI. This is driving me crazy because it's an 'emotional' roller coaster. I did file a complaint with the BBB and NHTS. I've got a letter written to Nissan and also getting ready to file with the attorney general, but was pending this last trip yesterday. I'm going to try & deflate the tires back down to 32 and see if that helps. Mine was vibrating anywhere between 60 MPH and 80 MPH. Tonight as I was approaching 70 it vibrated rather rapidly and then went away?? I wish I could explain it or they would just FIX it! There's another person on with the same problem - Keep me posted on the 'wheel's. My husband questioned that also - They did give me one to drive this past weekend while working on mine and it also vibrated! That wasn't very promising..
  • I have a 2000 SE and I have about 77k on it. Are you having any problems with your transmission?
  • Yes, I certainly will. I am leaving my car with the dealer all week while I am on vacation. I told them to do whatever it takes to try to get rid of the vibration in the steering. In the beginning my car began with the steering wheel wobbling from 50-57 mph and then settled into seat vibration at 73-82 mph. I am told that if the steering wheel vibrates it comes from the front suspension, if it is in the seats it is in the rear suspension. The car is on its third set of tires, compliments of Nissan, but the third set are Michelins Pilot MHX. That did make a tremendous difference int the vibration in the seats but not the steering wheel at a lower rate of speed. The dealership is concerned with what do they have to do when it comes time to rotate and balance the tires now, because all the settings are thrown off. Do they have to go through the extensive road force tests again?! I am told that Nissan's acceptable rating for tires is 22 but the service dept. would not accept anything higher than a 15 which is what the Michelin tires delivered. I was told that the vibration issues is in the top 10% of all Maximas and I guess we are the lucky ones. If you have not gotten in touch with Nissan Customer Relations do so immediately, their number is 1-800-647-7261 to get the ball rolling. Keep a journal of everything that has been done and who you talked to to begin building your case. I honestly feel that this is an engineering problem that will ultimately be a recall when they have a sollution and we are the guinea pigs. I hate paying on this nightmare for 6 years! I will purse a the legal route when all else fails. You keep me posted on your progress.
  • The service engine soon light has come on at 800 miles on my brand new SE. I hope it's just the gas cap or something goofy, else I am bummed.
    Cracked windshield, too, after I got a tiny ding from a pebble.
    Off to a worrisome start.
    Too bad, cause I love the car!
    For some reason the phrase "extended warranty" has been popping into my head.
  • biobugbiobug Posts: 1
    I've been having trouble with my 96 Maxima lately. The symptoms are:

    --Engine stalls while it is warming up, often happens within 10 minutes after i start the car and it happens during driving...

    --The engine can be restarted after 2-3 tries, and will continue to run just fine...

    --Loss of power and acceleration across the gears..

    Just wondering if anyone else have similar symptoms, and what could be the causes of my cars problem... thanks... :sick:
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