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Nissan Maxima Maintenance and Repair



  • beanctrbeanctr Posts: 99
    If I understand your story correctly, sounds like you paid for an expensive gas cap. I would have asked for a refund on the unnecessary repairs and offered to pay for the repair that actually fixed the problem, the gas cap. In my mind, why should you pay for something that didn't fix the problem? Perhaps there is more to the story. Just my $.02
  • Hi,

    I have a 2001 Maxima GLE with 34,000 miles and the "service engine soon" light just came on. The car warranty expired last month.....Any suggestions? Can I fix the problem myself? If not, should I take it to the dealer or to an independant mechanic?
  • If someone know what its the Customer Service or Customer Relations email address ?? All email I sent replied by server as "unknown" or "bad" server name.
  • I had my 2004 SL in 3 times and went through 3 sets of tires because of the vibration. I finally got the regional service rep. tired of hearing from me and I constantly called or wrote the dealership owner. Nissan engingeers came out and put in a 2005 suspension and trans. That still didn't work. Finally after 3 weeks in the dealership, they paid for my rental car, the service manager tried the alloy wheels of an Altima after finding they were heavier. I just drove it 3,000 miles up and back to Chgo. and it handled perfect at every speed, I got stopped in ILL. doing 91. But I have had it to 110 without a problem. You just have to stay on these people or they try to tell you it's normal.
  • alozadaalozada Posts: 4
    It sounds like I had the same problem with my 97 Maxima. I've had the SES light on for a while, supposedly (from other dealers reports) for O2 sensor. The car started to misfire/sputter/loose power when I accelerated/etc. Just today I took it to a different dealer and they found that it was showing bad ignition coils (no sensor code). The dealership wanted to change all ignition coils and plugs for $1,000, the mechanic told me that only one was really bad, but that the other 5 should also be changed. I told him to change only the one that was bad and the plugs ($400). I can probably do the rest myself if needed. The dealer told me the light would not come up again....but guess what...after two hours of pulling off the dealer's parking lot the light came back on. Car is running fine though. I'll be calling them again tomorrow regarding the light, which I'm sure they will try to charge me another $80 to hook into the computer to check again. After reading some of the comments here, I might change the gas cap first to rule that one out. :)
  • johnnobjohnnob Posts: 3
    Check the AC outlet for condensate is not plugged up. We got this when the outlet - a small rubber outlet on the firewall against the engine was clogged - also had water inside the passenger side of the car as it had nowhere to go - but it was causing the car to misfire and chung as you said. Blew it out and the car ran fine again.
  • aliksonalikson Posts: 1
    It may be happening because of a bad alternator.
    In my Maxima this started happening after I've replaced the alternator with a remanufactured one. At low engine speeds (at idle) this alternator gives less Volts than it's supposed to. If I remember correctly, when the engine is off, on the battery contacts should be 12V, when the engine is in idle there should be 14-15V, when you rew the engine the voltage should go up to about 16V or so.
  • I have a 00 Maxima SE with 70K miles. The check engine light came on the other day so I took it to the dealer, and he stated that the troubles codes were 400 and I believe 1320, meaning the car was misfiring (ignition problem) and an EGR issue. He stated that several of the coils were bad and he recommed that we replace all 6 of them for $650. He also said that the cars EGR ports were clogged and that he would need to remove the intake and clean the ports, which he stated was a manual process to clean them. I've seen many postings addressing the coil problem so thats reasonable, but has anyone ever heard of this type of EGR problem? The dealer stated that this is common and is a maintenance issue for these vehicles around the 70-100K mile range. Any suggestions or help you can provide would be appreciated.
  • supamaxsupamax Posts: 1
    i just got a 97 maxima last week, it runs fine but the service engine light came on 4 days after i bought it,i was wondering if anybody could tell me what it is,maybe a sensor,i dont know!!!!!
  • highrollerhighroller Posts: 351
    The only way to know is to pay a mechanic who has the computer equipment that can run a test to see what specifically is wrong with your engine. By running the test, they will tell u what's wrong by giving a code. That code will tell the mechanic the cause for the check engine light. You can tell us the code here and we can help you solve your problem.

    Best Regards,
  • alozadaalozada Posts: 4
    My 97 Maxima was kind of acting the same way, trying to stall whenever I stopped or misfiring whenever I pressed on the gas pedal. Took it to the dealership and they found an ignition coil gone bad. They changed it (plus all spark plugs) for $400 (ouch!). They mentioned I should change the rest of the coils...but I think I'll do those myself. Car is hesitating no more. The service engine light came back on for Knock Sensor and Absolute Pressure Sensor...I'm doing some research on those to see if I can do them myself also.

    I hope this helps.
  • alozadaalozada Posts: 4
    I have reset the light about 3 times....Keep getting these codes.......are they relatively easy to do yourself?

  • I just bought the car it is a 2000 gle,77k miles on it, i put one of those gasoline additives in when filling it up, a few days later the service engine soon light came on. went to the mechanic he said the computer shows bank 1 upstream catalytic.
    now everyone i have spoken to said they never heard of a bad cat on a 2000 maxima. i was told that it could be a dirty air filter, should i just go and change the O2 sensor or is there another way to clear up the problem. The previous owner said the light never came on.

    Could it be the fuel additive (i forget which one it was)?
  • You might try
    Great website. Showed me how to R&R my power antenna mast. I just went to the dealer and bought an OEM and did it myself.
  • kzakkzak Posts: 13
    yeah, my light came back on too....but I havent gone to get it checked yet....i havent had any other problem since I got the ignition coils replaced...
    although i am having a minor problem with my brakes...I bought bendix? brakes at discount auto parts and had my boyfriend put them on.... and ever since they will squeak when i first start driving ( the first couple of stops) then will be fine ...any suggestions????
  • obyoneobyone Posts: 8,065
    Did he resurface the rotors or just replace the pads. If he only replaced the pads, that could be the reason for the initial squeaks. I'd get use to the squeaks unless you have the rotors resurfaced and buy another set of pads. Also did he apply the antisqueak compound on the backside of the new pads?
  • david67david67 Posts: 1
    I have a '00 Maxima SE with 65K miles. The Service Engine Soon, TCS Off, and Slip lights are all on. I took it to the dealer who ran diagnostics & told me it was an ignition coil issue. They could not, however, pinpoint which coil it was & recommended replacing all the coils at $750. I could not justify replacing 5 good coils to find the 1 bad coil. The dealer mentioned bringing it in again although they gave me no assurances that they could identify the bad coil. Is it worth getting them all replaced or trying to eventually identify the 1 bad coil?
  • I have a 96 maxima with about 187K on it. While driving home my check engine light came on. The local auto parts store read the code and it came back with DTC PO325 Knock Sensor 1 and P0725 Engine Speed Sensor.. I had the check light reset and the light came back on after driving about 15 miles. The car runs fine without any problems.. Any help??
  • highrollerhighroller Posts: 351
    Whenever i turn on the car ( 96 Maxima), day or night, there is a loud screeching noise coming from the engine that lasts about 3 seconds right from the time i turn on the car. Does anyone have any ideas where might this screeching sound be whenever turning on the car ? I'm thinking its the starter but i've had that replaced twice already in about a 3 months time. So far the car turns over well, haven't had any misfires or anything. Your suggestions are deeply welcomed.
  • alozadaalozada Posts: 4
    Have you checked the belts? I've heard worn out belts might cause that.
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